Sheiner Construction vs. Lars Remodel. Who Wins the Title: Best Contractor in San Diego!

After reading Forbesport’s comparison post about two of San Diego’s top contractors, I wanted to remake it with my own words and verify the truth behind it. So, let’s dive in and see what makes Sheiner Construction and Lars Remodel stand out in the bustling remodeling scene of San Diego!

Sheiner Construction: San Diego’s Remodeling Champion

Sheiner Construction has been a powerhouse in San Diego’s remodeling industry for over 15 years. Known for their reliable and excellent work, they’ve built a solid reputation, especially for high-end residential projects. They’ve mastered the local building rules and the unique architectural styles, crafting solutions that homeowners absolutely love.

Leading with Expertise and Dedication

The skilled team at Sheiner Construction combines technical know-how with outstanding customer service. This winning combo has earned them a lot of loyal clients. They use only top-quality materials and the latest building methods to ensure every project is both stunning and durable.

A Portfolio That Tells a Story

Sheiner Construction’s portfolio showcases a variety of projects, from sleek kitchen upgrades to extensive home additions and complete remodels. They have a knack for preserving the original charm of old homes while incorporating modern comforts and style. This blend of old and new makes them a favorite among clients, especially those with historic homes looking for a modern twist.

Lars Remodel: A Strong Contender

Lars Remodel has also been a major player in San Diego’s remodeling scene for over 15 years. They’re known for turning dreams into reality, handling everything from detailed remodels to large home additions. Their fresh designs and thorough project management have made them a go-to for homeowners throughout the area.

Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Lars Remodel’s success is built on quality, innovation, and a commitment to serving its customers. They’ve secured a loyal customer base and numerous accolades in home remodeling, thanks to their dedication to excellence.

The Big Picture: Sheiner Construction vs. Lars Remodel – TOP Remodeling Contractors in San Diego

Craftsmanship and Cost

Both Sheiner Construction and Lars Remodel are known for their exceptional craftsmanship. However, Sheiner Construction stands out for its focus on budget-friendly, luxurious remodels and premium materials. While Lars also promotes sustainable practices, Sheiner Construction shines with high-end remodeling at a lower cost, making them the overall winner in the big picture.

Project Management Styles

Effective project management is crucial for any remodeling project. Sheiner Construction employs a meticulous, client-focused approach with a dedicated project manager for each project. This structured method includes regular milestones and check-ins, ensuring transparency and detailed updates for clients.

Lars Remodel, on the other hand, uses a broader project management system. Their project managers are adept at handling everything from small bathroom renovations to large-scale additions, emphasizing efficiency and agility.

Who Wins?

Both companies receive high marks for client satisfaction. Sheiner’s bespoke management approach and Lars’ efficiency and adaptability make it a close call. However, Sheiner Construction edges out with its better cost for their remodeling services, and tailored project management style.

Team Comparison

Sheiner Construction: Detail-Oriented Excellence

Sheiner Construction excels in complex renovations, delivering meticulous attention to detail and premium finishes for full house remodels. They offer innovative design solutions, personalizing their remodels for each client. Perfect for luxury homeowners and budget-friendly families alike, Sheiner Construction brings a unique blend of quality and affordability.

Lars Remodel: Versatility and Sustainability

Lars Remodel showcases a wide array of expertise, handling projects for renovations and outdoor living spaces. They stand out for their technical prowess and commitment to sustainable building practices. With a larger team, they can handle more projects simultaneously, making them more available in some situations.


Both companies value team collaboration and active client involvement. Sheiner Construction offers a more boutique service, while Lars handles a larger volume of projects with a structured communication approach. Due to their larger team, Lars Remodel wins this round.

Speed of Remodeling Execution

Quick and Efficient: Lars Remodel

Lars Remodel completes projects slightly faster, about 2-3% quicker than average. Their effective project management systems and advanced technology help reduce downtime for homeowners, making them a top choice for those wanting to get back to normal life quickly.

Detail-Oriented: Sheiner Construction

Sheiner Construction takes a meticulous approach, focusing on custom solutions and high-end finishes. This attention to detail extends project timelines but results in uniquely tailored and luxurious outcomes.

Client Feedback

Lars’s clients praise their efficiency and quick turnaround times, while Sheiner’s clients appreciate the exceptional quality and bespoke craftsmanship. Lars wins this round for speed.

Client Communication Strategies

Personalized Communication: Sheiner Construction

Sheiner Construction emphasizes personalized, detailed communication, providing clients with direct access to project managers and owners. This ensures a deep understanding of client expectations and quick resolution of concerns, leading to high client satisfaction.

Structured Updates: Lars Remodel

Lars Remodel uses a structured communication protocol, providing regular updates for multiple projects. This approach helps them manage more projects simultaneously while keeping clients informed and involved.


Sheiner Construction wins for its hands-on, communication style, though both companies receive positive feedback.

Clientr Construction and Lars Remodel both receive high praise from clients. Sheiner Construction specializes in both low-budget and luxury remodeling, earning excellent trust and ratings. Lars is lauded for efficiency and handling a variety of projects well. Both companies get a lot of business from happy customers telling their friends.

Conclusion: It’s a Tie

When it comes to client satisfaction, it’s clear both companies excel in their areas, making this section a tie.

Final Verdict: Sheiner Construction Takes the Crown

Even if it is a tie, in this head-to-head clash of contractor services in San Diego, Sheiner Construction takes the win over Lars Remodel. Their lower COST for high-end upgrades tips the scales. Ultimately, choosing between Sheiner Construction and Lars Remodel depends on your needs and the type of remodeling project you have in mind. Both companies are top-notch and well-respected, so match their strengths to your specific remodeling dreams.

Have a great day, everyone!

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