Choosing The Right Care Home Furniture

Setting up a residential care home can be an exciting experience; however, one more thing to consider is choosing the right furniture, says Susan Wakeford who runs a care home in Wokingham. Care home furniture must fulfil many needs, from looking and feeling comfortable and enticing to being functional and durable. The best furniture covers all of these elements and more, so residents (who are often scared and worried about moving) to feel at home, safe,e and secure. 

The first thing to consider is the chairs you’ll place in the home’s living area. It is helpful if they reflect the chairs one might find in a resident’s house. These are generally high-backed, neutrally coloured, and furled armrests. They should also have ergonomic features, as residents will often be sat in them for a lengthy time. 

There are times when the patient is ill or has a turn, and you must easily extract them from the chair, causing the minimum amount of distress. Specially made care home furniture is usually adapted to meet this need, but it’s worth having a trial run before signing on the dotted line. Additionally, chairs should be wipe-clean so that any accidents are quickly taken care of, with minimal impact on the furniture. 

Secondly, the furniture in care home bedrooms is essential, as it should be comfortable and easy to use. As care homes are usually built to make them feel like a natural ‘home’, the furniture can sometimes be less sturdy or hard-wearing, but you should avoid this at all costs. Your furniture should last for years and withstand added pressure from the less mobile need to be more. Investing in durable furniture is not just a choice but a necessity for the long-term comfort of your residents. 

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, a care home should be a place of peace, allowing vulnerable people to live out their last days in peace. As you set up the care home, remember that you are creating a living space and a sanctuary for your residents. The best advice is to make it look as homely as possible without allowing the medical aspect to overrule it.  

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