You might have heard about a dating movement happening these days that is called Passport Bros. If you haven’t, then finding out who they are is a must. 

Passport Bros are Western men usually from the US, Canada, Europe and Australia, who have had enough of the disappointing dating scene in their own country that they have decided to travel to remote destinations to find local women for dating, marriage or companionship. 

Apparently the dating life is extremely hard for men in the Western world. Men get constantly rejected by women because women are looking for a “perfect guy” and in many cases, they don’t know what they want. Men feel tired of the games, spending thousands of dollars on endless dates that go nowhere. Not to mention thae fact that online dating doesn’t work for 99% of the men as well. 

All these facts, created what is called now The Passport Bros . These men love to travel to Asia in particular to The Philippines and Thailand where women there speak excellent English, are very feminine, very loyal and kind but mostly they are not effected by the social media of today. They absolutely love foreign men and prefer them over a local guy. 

More and more men these days are realizing what’s going on and they are travelling not only to those 2 countries in Asia but also to Cambodia and Vietnam. In many cases, Passport Bros that speak Spanish, travel to Colombia, Costa Rica and Mexico where they have no problem speaking in the native language. 

On TikTok and Instagram, there’s plenty of videos about Passport Bros travelling overseas. They are indeed having a good time and they feel happy about their choice. Many of them end up bringing back home their new girlfriend, but some of them prefer staying in Asia and working remotely or they just open a local business. 

It’s only 2024, but for sure we will hear more and more from these Passport Bros

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