Chelsea Braces for Enzo Fernández’s Call-Up for Argentina’s Olympic Team

 As the English Premier League side Chelsea deliberates over whether or not to loan out their star midfielder Enzo Fernández to Argentina for this summer’s Olympics in Paris, clubs and leagues across Europe have a choice: can we wait or not? 

Fernandez’s Ambition and Club’s Decision

 Enzo Fernandez has said he wants to play at the Copa America and the Olympics: Chelsea are fine about the Copa America, but not the Olympics, says journalist Uriel Lugt. Chelsea need him back in London for pre-season training after the Copa America.

The Underlying Reasons

The club’s decision is based on several key factors:

 1. Team Preparations: Chelsea Football Club’s new manager Enzo Maresca is making preparations ahead of the season, which is why key players such as Fernandez, coming back after an injury break, are important in building the team-bond and implementing a new strategy. This can be done during the pre-season, and so Fernandez’s absence is more important at this time.

 2. Physical conditioning of the player: Fernandez was operated on for a hernia injury he played with throughout the season. Chelsea fears that playing in both tournaments would hinder his recovery and physical conditioning in preparation for the new season.

Fernandez’s Perspective

 Enzo Fernandez, as sure as he is going to be an Argentina starter once he steps on the field, has declared he wants to play in the Olympics. In an interview with ESPN, he discussed the verbal he has had with Argentina’s U23 coach, Javier Mascherano: If he [Mascherano] calls me, I want to be in the Olympic Games. I spoke with him [Mascherano] and I told him that I want to go … let’s see with Chelsea if they let me go.In spite of Fernández’s enthusiasm, Chelsea’s management is said to be absolute in his words.

A Broader Trend in Football

 Chelsea’s stance is not atypical: Real Madrid are refusing to release Isco, Mesut Ozil and Raphael Varane, while Manchester United have asked Rio Ferdinand, Nani, and Olympics rookie Davide Petrucci to withdraw their names from Olympic consideration. With Big Clubs making it clear that preparing for the new season takes precedence over playing for their countries at the Olympics, putting this strategic move in the future-oriented, growth-associated habitus would depoliticise the clubs’ muscular approach.

 What’s Next?

 First things first, Chelsea. As the Blues prepare for next season, they’ll work to make sure all their teammates return to London in peak physical shape, like Making Copa America his summer goalNow, Enzo begins pre-season training with the rest of his Chelsea teammates. His Olympic dream will have to wait. Although it never came to fruition for him, Chelsea will soon benefit from collecting two prized ‘gems’ in the months ahead. Chelsea fans can look forward to the Blues rocking the Premier League with an impressive new look.

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