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In this modern world, nowadays there are many different platforms for entrainment fighting is one of the most highly paid platforms of the modern world. This platform contains several different fights but is one of those, for internet users, it is very easy to register online on this platform. Wpit18 is an online registration platform for rooster fights. By sitting around the world you just have to register online in you want to participate in this. It organizes very big tournaments for rooster fights. You can participate in it by simply registering online.

Every sports platform has some advantages and disadvantages. These are part of that game, sometimes it looks good while watching it only, but sometimes it’s there is a second picture also what is looking in front of all. By keeping this all in your make your mind clear before participating in this event. Now let’s move to Wpit18 to find out what is it.

What is and how does it work?

It is a Philippines event and Wpit18is the main source to register for WPS. The word WPS means, World Pitmaster Cup. It is the biggest event for roster fights and many peoples who love this event can arrange the rooster fights by registering online.

An event can only be successful if the rules made by organizers are followed by all. Following rules and regulations make that event successful. It looks good on turn wise, don’t make it rush in any event. Wpit18 & WPC have also some rules and regulations which are compulsory to follow by all to make it a better event. You all should know these rules and regulations.

  • Firstly open your browser to register for WPS on Wpit18
  • A suitable day will be selected for a cockfight by WPS
  • On, WPS broadcast it online and makes it live for viewers
  • The Philippines loves the rooster fight a lot, that’s why it is very famous there, that is the reason they want to make it live for the public to watch and respond to them.
  • All the players come out on that day with their cocks on the day of the event
  • At the end of the game, the referee announced the winner first and then present the reward
  • Wpit18 is the only one responsible for making this event secure by instructing all to follow the rules of an event for WPC

Wpit18 com Login and Registration Process

Now a day’s Online registration is very easy to be used, by sitting anywhere you can register on WPit18. By following these simple steps and instructions you can easily register online.

  • Open the web browser and type and you will go on live
  • A new sign-in page appears in front of your screen, fill in your “Username” and “Password”
  • For creating a new account Wpit18 team will support and guide you.
  • Just click on the option of “Contact Us”
  • After clicking on contact us, a new screen will appear in front of you “Viber & WhatsApp Number”
  • Further information is required after this they guide you
  • You are login into your account from now onwards, congrats!
  • Luck plays an important role in every person’s daily routine life, now you are all in and men and women both can participate if their luck remains with them. There can be 5000 to 15000 dolor earning according to a registered user

Is WPC AND Wpit18 is legal & safe?

You have seen many games all around the world and may participate in those as well, but here it’s different in this event animals are part of the game, and somehow it is against natural rules, animals fights are banned by many of the countries due to violation of animals rights. But it is only for the enjoyment of peoples who love this kind of event like rooster fights, bull fights, etc. you already knows in the start how Wpit18 works and what it means. Harming natural animals are strictly prohibited but in some countries, this event is mostly liked by peoples, that’s why it is so popular event to be watched in many other countries online. But a large number of countries are against this event too. Wpit18 and WPC are only legal in the Philippines because they can easily be handled by them through Wpit18 by following their instruction and their rules and regulation are compulsory for everyone.

Final Thoughts

Rooster fight is a famous game in the Philippines, but it is against animal rights, it is harmful to natural animals. In some countries, animal fights are strictly prohibited. In my opinion, it is harmful to the animals because in Islam it is not allowed to harm natural animals. We all should avoid these kinds of events in which these kinds of animals are harmed. We should follow the Islamic rules as well putting money on these kinds of games are strictly not acceptable in Islam. This is not the right way of making money by harming the bird and other animals.

FAQs about Wpit18 and WPC

What is the full form of WPC?

WPC means “world Pitmaster”. It is an online platform for cock fighting to get other to register themselves to fight their cock in an event. WPC is responsible for managing all these events.

Is legal and safe?

Wpit18 is the only legal game in the Philippines and around the world, and there are some other countries where this event is strictly banned, they avoid this kind of game. Wpit18 is only safe in the Philippines because it is legal there and that’s the reason they manage this event very well according to their rules and regulation.

What is the main difference between Wpit18 and WPC?

There is an only online webpage Wpit18 for the registration of cock fights in the Philippines and this event is only held by Wpit18 giving all the rules and regulations to make it a better event to watch.

What do you mean by cockfighting?

In the Philippines, the only famous game or event is cock fighting. It is the most loved game by their people. Money bets are mostly a part of this event, whenever this fight is arranged money bets are on and that person will be rewarded for who’s cock win the fight.

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