Sun. Oct 1st, 2023
The 'New York Times' is changing Wordle's rules

Take a seat, Wordle players: The well-known word-guessing game is undergoing adjustments at The New York Times. And that can make it harder to figure out the five-letter term. The newspaper revealed that Tracy Bennett(Opens in a new tab), an assistant puzzle editor who joined the Times in 2020, is now Wordle’s devoted editor.

Changes to the game’s rules and word bank are inevitable when an editor is in charge. Instead of the word list that Josh Wardle, the game’s original designer, created, the Times will now use. The Times said in a statement(Opens in a new tab) on the improvements that “the game will have a Times-curated word list and will be developed and tested like the Spelling Bee and the Crossword.”

Take a seat, Wordle players


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Wordle’s gameplay will remain the same, and the answers will be taken from the same core dictionary of response words, with a few editorial changes to make sure the game’s emphasis on entertaining, approachable, vibrant, and diverse vocabulary is maintained. The Times joked that long-standing concerns about the publication making the game more difficult may finally be accurate.

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The message stated, “It will finally be our responsibility if Wordle is tougher after over a year of conjecture.” What is genuinely altering, then? The answer will never be three- or four-letter plurals with a S or ES as the last letter. However, if you want, you may still use them as educated estimates to focus your search. The Times said, “That is, the solution won’t ever be FOXES or SPOTS, but it may be GEESE or FUNGI.

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FOXES or SPOTS may be used as a guess word to help narrow down the answer, but they won’t be the solution as the game is now set up. Oh, and you probably already know a lot of profanity. Despite the fact that the solution list has been carefully selected, the study said that “what solvers choose to utilise as guess words is their private option.”

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