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Facebook isn’t only a social media platform. It allows you to keep in touch with your loved ones as well as keep up to date with your newsfeed, promote your business, and many more. However, no matter how well-known it may be, there are times when Facebook does not work and it’s not always your fault.

In this post, we’ll help you discover the cause of why Facebook doesn’t work. We’ll walk you through easy-to-follow troubleshooting methods and give you the best solutions.

1. Verify Your Internet Connection

A poor Internet connection or WiFi signal could stop you from using Facebook. Verify that you are connected in a correct manner. It may seem like a simple task however, make sure that the ethernet cable you have connected is into the router and is connected. Also, take a look at our guide for beginners on how to set up Internet connectivity.

2. Is Facebook down?

Before setting or resetting your iPhone and restarting the router determine whether Facebook has gone down. Similar to any other app or site, Facebook might have server-wide issues that have caused you and others to be disconnected from the platform.

If you’ve got a second device such as one of the iPad or Android smartphones that are compatible you can log in to your Facebook profile to determine whether it’s functioning. However, a better option is to test the DownDetector.


It is a website where users can report down Detector is a site where users can submit reports of connection issues on a variety of websites and online platforms. If there are a lot of user-generated complaints, it’s likely that there is an outage. In addition, you can also utilize Down Detector to check if Netflix is down. It can also be used for other services, such as Whatsapp, Xbox Live, Gmail, and many other services.

3. Refresh Your browser

If you’re using Facebook’s Facebook site instead, you need to refresh your browser. This will fix nearly every browser-related issue. All you have to do is click Reload or Refresh when you’re on your Facebook page. It’s located in the upper-left corner of the majority of browsers.


If Facebook remains inactive shut down all browser tabs and open Facebook from the Facebook site in a new tab. You could also try another browser, such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari as well as various other web browsers that you’ve never known about. Sometimes an issue or glitch software update may temporarily stop you from accessing your Facebook account.

4. Log out and restart the Application

If you are using Facebook’s Facebook site instead of Messenger or the app then you are able to skip this step.

Sometimes, all you need to solve a problem with Facebook for your iPhone, iPad, Android, and Microsoft Surface tablet is to close and reopen the application. A lot of Facebook issues are the result of an error in the software that’s almost impossible to trace. Log out of your account on Facebook, then close the application and then restart it and log back in.

5. Clear Cache and Data


Web browsers gather and store lots of information in the course of time. Sometimes there is a glitch that prevents you from logging in to your Facebook account. The solution is to clean your browser’s cache and cache data.

The procedure to delete cache and delete data is dependent on the type of browser and the device you are using. The steps to follow on Apple Safari will be different from Chrome or Firefox. Luckily, we have put together a thorough tutorial on how to clean the cache from any internet browser, and make sure to read it prior to proceeding to the next step of troubleshooting.

6. Restart Your Device


If your laptop, computer, Android, or iOS device is running all the time, strange issues begin to occur. The services, apps, and other operations that are running in the background may create a variety of glitches. This is why it’s important to restart your device immediately and afterward.

7. Install or update the application on Facebook.

Be sure to run the most recent version of Facebook‘s application. Look for any notifications soliciting you to update the application. If not, you’ll experience problems with compatibility, and Facebook stops working or behave differently. It is possible to update your application via either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, respectively, or remove the app and install it again completely from the beginning.

  • For Android visit the page on the official Play Store page.
  • For iOS visit the Official App Store page.

8. Clear the DNS Cache

DNS issues may be causing trouble when you try to connect to Facebook. It is possible that the Domain Name Server receives a request from your device when you type in a URL and transforms it into an IP address of the server. Your device saves information about every website you visit in its DNS cache. This is why websites load quicker when you return to them.

A glitch within the DNS cache could stop you from accessing Facebook. Facebook website. To resolve this issue it is necessary to clear the cache. Here’s how on Windows:

  1. Press on the Windows key and press the key combination for the Run window. Enter the command and then click the OK button.facebook4.4
  2. In the Command Prompt console and press Enter:

ipconfig /flushdns

If you’re using a device that doesn’t support Windows or Mac, check out our thorough guide to clearing DNS caches in Windows, Mac, Android as well as iOS.

9. Facebook is down for maintenance

If Facebook does not work for you, or you are unable to access your Facebook account, it could be in maintenance. There should be an alert or message regarding this issue, and all you can do is sit and wait.

Other Facebook issues that are annoying


Are you able to connect to Facebook’s website application, website, or Messenger, however, something’s not exactly right? There may not be an issue however, is Facebook actually working when you’re unable to play videos or upload images? Let’s examine three problems that hinder you from using the social media you love.

You Can’t Upload Photos

Facebook with no capability to upload pictures isn’t Facebook. This is a frequent issue, however, there are some options to address this issue:

  1. Make sure you update your browser or your Facebook application, based on the software you’re using. Incompatible software could cause problems that aren’t expected because it’s not compatible with Facebook’s features.
  2. Find out the format of the image. Facebook allows JPEG, PNG, BMP, and, TIFF among others. of the most popular formats. Make sure that you save your images in a compatible format, and limit them to 15MB or less.
  3. Be sure to check for any messages that come from Facebook.Facebook may block users due to uploading material that they consider to be inappropriate or abusive. The block stops users from uploading any images or other files.

You Can’t Upload Videos

The information in the previous section concerning uploading pictures applies to videos too. Make sure your Facebook app is updated, export videos in a format supported by Facebook, and ensure that the size of the file is below 4GB.

You Can’t Play Videos

Sometimes, videos stop playing because of a browser issue or an app glitch. All you have to do is reboot your web browser. If that doesn’t work use a different one and/or restart your computer.

Have you solved your Facebook problems? Tell us how you solved it via the comment section below!

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