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Spotify Duo

Music streaming services such as Spotify are a fantastic value for your cost, but what do you do if a family subscription is too much for you and you don’t want to pay twice as much for one subscription? The Spotify Duo might be just what you’re looking for if that is what you are looking for.

What is Spotify Duo?

Spotify Duo is simply a subscription plan that gives the Spotify Premium account for two users for less than two Premium memberships, or even the premium Family Plan that provides the Spotify Premium service to six users.

Spotify Duo costs $12.99 a month. Contrary to that, a single subscription costs $9.99 and The Family Plan comes in at $14.99. You save a significant amount in comparison to the $20 cost for each individual subscription. It’s just two dollars less than the Family plan but you’ll have to forfeit four slots. If you only require Spotify to stream for two users, then there’s not much need to spend the additional two dollars.

One of the cool features that are unique to Spotify Duo is that you can make the option of having a “Duo mix” shared playlists with a partner Similar to the “family mix “family mix” of the top-tier service.

There are conditions and terms that apply to Spotify Duo. The service is intended to be used by two people living in the same house. This means that roommates, couples, or any other pair of individuals who reside in the same house are qualified. If you have separate addresses, you’re not allowed to utilize Spotify Duo.

Spotify Duo’s eligibility for Detail

There are three primary requirements that anyone using Spotify Duo must fulfill to be considered eligible.

  1. The second is that those who are the “primary” owner of the account as well as”subsidiary” account holder “subsidiary” owner of the account have to be located within the same physical location.
  2. The other condition is to have both accounts holders give their addresses for home. If the addresses do not match, then you cannot make use of Duo.
  3. You must also accept the possibility that you might be required to confirm your address from occasion to time.

The terms and conditions of Spotify state that they have the option to cancel or suspend the Duo membership if they suspect that you’re not adhering to the guidelines.

The Perks of Premium Spotify

Whatever one of Spotify’s Premium subscription tiers that you pick, you’ll get the same benefits But what exactly are these perks? Why don’t you just go with Spotify’s free subscription?

The main reason you should sign to upgrade to a premium plan is the fact that you don’t get advertisements. If you’re not nostalgic about the musical experience you get in broadcast radio it’s likely that you’ll appreciate an absence of ads. We believe that podcasts benefit due to the absence of advertisements which is why Premium is a more appealing option for those who are someone who is a fan of podcasts.

This free-of-cost version of Spotify does not allow you to select the music that is played. It’s a limited amount of skips. This experience is more like radio than the premium one and might not be a good fit for your preferences in music.

You can download music on your smartphone, and listen offline anywhere, without the cost of mobile data or having to be concerned over signal quality. Play the music that you have saved and ignore signal bars. You can also get premium streaming, or downloading. This is apparent in more expensive headphones.

We think that Spotify’s free tier is too limited to function as a primary streamer of music. For a fuller analysis on Spotify Premium see Does Spotify Premium really worth it?

What is the best time to make the family Plan better?

If there are greater than 2 users who would like Spotify Premium, the Family plan is the most affordable way to go about it. Even if you use only three slots, it’s an excellent deal. Of course, the greater the number of people in your family plan the lower the cost on the basis per person.

Spotify Account Sharing Enforcement

Of course, if you’re using the family plans (or Duo) you might be enticed to split the cost with those who aren’t living with you. If you do you are in violation of these terms of your contract and could be subject to suspension of your account.

Green Spotify logo. Spotify logo vector on an isolated background to design your designs. Vector EPS 10

It’s unclear exactly how Spotify could be able to detect and enforce these rules. In the year 2018, Spotify experimented with the use of GPS to validate however this concept has been abandoned as of now.

Also in other words, as it appears it is based on an honor system. The extent to which you make use of this reality is up to your morality. But what “duo” and “family” signifies is up to interpretation however it doesn’t appear to us that Spotify pushes the idea too hard.

Be aware that later on, you’ll be without recourse in the event that Spotify decides to enforce its rules.

Spotify Duo Alternatives

There are a variety of different streaming services to pick from today, but none of them is an immediate competitor to Duo at the moment of writing. While some services such as Apple Music, Amazon Music, or YouTube Music provide families and single-person subscriptions, there aren’t any two-person options.

Of course, if you’re a Spotify user, and you’re looking to add another subscriber you’re aware that you’re satisfied with what Spotify has to offer.

It’s only a problem when you’re trying to decide between various services prior to making the leap. There’s more to consider other than the price alone.

For instance, YouTube Premium includes both an ad-free YouTube as well as a music service.

It’s also essential to join the platform that plays the music you’d like for listening to. If the artist you love isn’t available on Spotify it’s time to look elsewhere.

Does Spotify Premium Duo right for you?

With all the pertinent details on the table now is the time to decide whether the Spotify Premium Duo plan is the right choice for you rather than having two separate accounts.

If there are two of you living in the same house that is interested in Spotify Premium, put a mark within the “yes” column. If you’re content with it you’ll be happy with the price.

A small note is that the account holder is the one who pays the total amount. If you’re sharing the cost with someone else, you’ll need to pay the cash and receive it returned to them. In the event that you’re an additional user, keep in mind that the account holder who is the primary one has the authority to ban you off. Therefore, be kind to them!

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