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What is Sonic Update Manager and How to Remove It

This is another technical guide on how to fix that pesky tiny issue caused by computer companies like Dell as well as HP! In essence, they install too much junk on your computer after you purchase it, and you will get a ton of junk software on your computer including Sonic Update Manager. You should go through my previous post about the removal of junkware from your PC by itself.

What is Sonic Update Manager?

Sonic Update Manager is not an actual software program it’s just a third-party software or service that works in conjunction with Sonic RecordNow software. Sonic RecordNow lets you create DVDs and CDs, so you don’t have to eliminate them from your system. You may find that every time you boot your computer, you receive an amazing notification coming from Sonic Update Manager to open into the Sonic CD, which you do not have as Dell did not provide it to you. you then press Cancel will only frustrate Sonic RecordNow more as it pops up repeatedly and will not go away! What a hassle!

How to Remove or Uninstall Sonic Update Manager?

There are several methods to fix the issues the Sonic Update Manager, and I’ll discuss them in order. The most basic and easiest approach, if it’s possible is to open the Control Panel and click Add or Remove Programs. Find Sonic Update Manager and if you’re lucky enough, simply hit remove it to remove the program.

Be aware that you shouldn’t remove Sonic RecordNow because it’s the software that you employ to record DVDs and CDs. The other option is to deactivate Sonic Update, the Sonic Update service that starts the moment your computer starts. This is done by selecting Start clicking on Run and then typing into Microsoft Configuration and pressing the Enter key.

Click next to next to the Startup Tab, and you’ll be able to see all the processes that begin each time your computer boots. You can disable any of them to stop it from loading in the boot process. To install those using the Sonic software, you’ll need to look for any startup item that is named stray or with any of the terms Sonic Update Manager or Update Manager in the path of the command or the location.

If you also see the names of isuspm and issch then remove them too as they’re both responsible for this problem too. If you also see something known as “UpdateService” and “InstallShield” on the Command column. Be sure to remove those only if the path to the command contains Sonic in it. If the path to the Windows System32 folder, for example, C: Windows Don’t remove it since it could cause the system unreliable.

Sonic Update Manager Hotfix

It is also possible to download the Sonic Update Manager hotfix from Roxio the company itself. This hotfix may be able to solve your issue. After installation, you can go ahead and reboot your system to determine whether the pop-up is gone.

Microsoft Fixit

If you find that the Sonic Update Manager installation has been corrupted, this issue can also happen. In this situation, you should attempt to fix the issue using the Microsoft Fixit solution that will attempt to correct any problem on your computer experiencing difficulty in uninstalling the program.

One of the solutions above will fix your pop-up issue! Sonic software is older and their company doesn’t create the software now. The best solution is to remove Sonic completely and then go through my previous post on the most important freeware websites to locate the most suitable freeware to accomplish your task. Enjoy!


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