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ABOUT BLANK: If you’ve noticed the possibility of opening a new tab within your browser that has the URL “about blank” You might be worried that it’s some type of unusual virus or that something isn’t right in your browser.

What exactly is blank and why does it appear in the URL field of your browser? We have good and bad news.

The positive side is that the page with no content isn’t risky. It’s a default page that most browsers display, just like about cache about settings or about the about. The downside is that in a few very rare instances, malware or viruses can trigger the page with a blank background to appear within your browser.

In this article, you’ll find out more about what empty space is and how you can configure it, and the times you might need to think about it. Be sure to take a look at the quick video clip on YouTube in which we sum up the entire article.

What is the meaning of blank?

The about: blank screen in a browser isn’t actually a page. It’s not like other built-in pages, such as about: settings, or about: about, it’s just a blank screen that appears in your browser.

What is the reason why Chrome or Edge needs to add the white screen? It’s really useful in the following scenarios:

  • If they want to start their browser but not load an actual page on the internet as their start page.
  • To stop that the web browser is not using excessive network or computer resources in the beginning.
  • The browser doesn’t know what it should display, so it shows the about: blank web page.
  • When you click on a link, it opens a new tab in your browser for downloading a document for another purpose.
  • A malicious link on the internet opens a new browser prior to downloading an application or application.

It’s clear that the majority of these aren’t dangerous in any way. The only risk is the possibility of clicking on a hyperlink that isn’t legitimate. Sometimes, this opens another tab in the browser window, however since there’s not a page to show (only the file to download) The browser shows something like: blank.

Why do browsers display an about: blank page?

It might not make sense to have a web page that does not display any information, but this feature is essential for every web browser.

In normal use the browsers function as follows:

  • Type a URL in the URL field or click on the web link.
  • The browser connects to the server that hosts it, asks for the desired page, and then receives it. the code that lets the browser display the webpage for you.
  • The browser interprets HTML code or PHP.
  • The browser will then display it in the same way as the code was intended.

It is evident that in normal operations, the about blank page isn’t required, and you won’t see it. In the scenario below the about blank page is required.

  • Are you looking for games that are free to play online? choose a link to install the game.
  • This link has the target=”_blank” parameter within the tag that is used to generate the download link.
  • This code instructs your web browser that it should download this file, but it also displays a blank page on the screen of your web browser.
  • The file you’ve downloaded on the page that says about blank (or any other place your browser stores downloads of files)

This is a nagging method used by web developers to code links to download files (because it displays an unneeded blank page) However, there’s no danger or danger to it.

However, on the flip the other hand, if someone has clicked on a link that is malicious on the internet, the file that downloads may be malware or a virus.

The browser may also show the about blank webpage if the code the server sends to browsers isn’t properly formatted (or doesn’t contain the proper code) in the manner that the browser interprets it. This page will be the default page that is displayed in this situation (since it isn’t able to display the page requested ).

What is the time frame for blank Do you need to use it?

In general, if you’re using the Chrome browser the default home page is This will differ in other browsers.

Many users choose to set the default homepage to about: blank in order to stop any website from loading within their browser until they wish it to. This stops any type of software or startup scripts from being run when you open the browser.

How to set About the blank page as your Start Page

If you want you, simply by choosing blank as your personal browser starting page. Chrome: the Chrome:

  1. Input chrome://settings into the URL field then hit Enter.
  2. Scroll until the On the startup section and then choose the option to open a specific page or group of pages. open-page
  3. The URL will be displayed that is the current default home page. Click on 3 vertical dots to the right side and then select Edit in the drop-down menu.start-page
  4. In the URL of the Site field in the Site URL field, write about: blankChoose Save after you’re finished.setting-about-blank

When you start your browser, it’ll go to the about:blank web page, and will not display any website or execute any scripts. Many believe that this speed-up the opening process for Chrome as well as other browsers.

Within Firefox:firefox-home-

  1. Click the menu located in the upper right-hand corner of your browser, then select the options Options in the drop-down menu.
  2. Choose “Home” from the navigation menu on the left.
  3. Choose custom URLs… in the Homepage and New Windows section.
  4. Enter the word “home” in the search box.
  5. When you close the menu, it will preserve your Homepage settings.

Note It is also possible to choose the Blank Page option in the dropdown menu instead of Custom URLs, and this will achieve the same result.

On Apple Safari:

  1. Choose Safari > Preferences > General General
  2. In the homepage section in the Homepage section, in Homepage section, type about the following: blank
  3. Close the tab, and your settings will remain

Within Microsoft Edge:

  1. Click on the three dots menu icon located in the upper left.
  2. Choose Options and then browse through the On Startup section.
  3. Choose to open a particular webpage or page.
  4. Click on the three dots to the right, click Edit and then write in the space: blank.

In Internet Explorer (if you still use it):

  1. Choose the gear-shaped icon of the menu
  2. Choose Internet Options
  3. Within the Home page section In the Home page section, write about “blank”
  4. Click OK to close the window.

How do you remove blank as your Start Page?

If you really need to get rid of about: blank as your current homepage follow the steps above for your browser, but replace about: blank with the URL that you would like to use as your startup page for your browser.

Do I have malware?

If you’ve got about: blank set as your default page, but you’ve never set it in that manner, or your browser keeps opening a new tab called about: blank when you’re not doing anything, you may be infected with malware or viruses on your system.

If that’s the case, then make sure you follow the steps necessary to get rid of the malware off the Windows PC or take malware off the Mac.

If you’re experiencing this issue on your Android there are apps that can help get rid of malware on Androids too. When you’re on an iPhone generally, you won’t be concerned about viruses or malware.

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