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Opal Jewelry

Opal Jewelry is the source of fascination for many jewelry lovers. It is obvious that people tend to get attracted to its kaleidoscopic beauty after focusing on it. Opal Gemstones are the source of light, purity, and play. With its unparalleled shine, it has managed to become the substitute for diamond. The minute tinges of multiple colors shining through the surface of this mesmerizing crystal make it absolutely appealing. Let’s dive in this gem’s properties to understand better what everyone ought to know about Opal Jewelry.

What Is An Opal Gemstone?

It is a semi-precious crystal that comes in various colors, shapes, sizes, and properties. The most valuable include the name of Black Opal. Its composition consists of silica-rich water and gets its name from the word “Upala,” which means precious. Opal Meaning is often related to love, security, and peace. The beauty of this magnificent crystal invites one’s heart to dance with the flashing lights coming out of its surface.

Value of Opal Jewelry

Opal Jewelry is one of the most stunning pieces in Gemstone Jewelry. The value of any jewelry depends on various factors like the shape, size, color, and cut of the crystals embedded. The pattern of colors and hues are different in each crystal, making it unique. The value of opal jewelry is measured in the same sense

Another factor that determines the beauty of this gem is its cut. The proper cut given to the crystal in your accessories will enhance the shine and luster, allowing light to refract through its surface effectively. This will make your jewelry more appealing and mesmerizing. But when it comes to jewelry, it is not just the physical aspect that determines its value. Your emotional side attached to the jewel makes it highly valuable.

You might be highly attached with the Opal Ring gifted by your partner to you. This is the reason we believe that a piece of jewelry is forever.

The Beliefs That Makes Opal Magical

People believe in and include this gem in their lives to experience various benefits it possesses. The rock is popular to provide immense power and financial prosperity to its wearer. In addition, it helps in improving the intuitive ability and helps create a positive impact on others. It also goes by the name Opal October Birthstone and provides unique benefits to the people born in that particular month.

Today many couples exchange Opal as their wedding band instead of traditional diamonds. The gem represents love, commitment, and forever long-lasting relationships. This adds value and meaning to the gesture of exchanging wedding bands.

Ways to keep Opal Charged

With stunning jewelry pieces comes the great responsibility of keeping it intact. First, you need to properly cleanse your gem to eliminate all the negative energies your crystal has absorbed. To effectively do this, try to run it under cool running water. Whether it is an Opal Necklace or any other accessory, don’t leave it for too long and properly soak all the water from its surface using a soft cloth. By following this regularly, your crystal will be able to transmit its positive energies to you in an effective manner.

Also, note that you need to charge and activate your gem constantly. You can either rub it between your palms or leave it under the moonlight overnight. This will help you activate the positive energies of the stone again.

Opal is the master in absorbing all the negative energies from your surroundings to protect you. Thus, these rituals are essential to follow to ensure that they work out for you in just the right way.


Opal Jewelry is an excellent gem for anyone to include in life. Whether you intend to start with more of a simple accessory like an Opal Bracelet, it will bring lots of happiness to your life. So, now that you know everything about opal jewelry, what are you waiting for? Grab your hands on the most exquisite pieces of this incredible gem.

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