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As with most internet slang terms, what is the significance of the term “Yeet” is likely to not be immediately apparent? If you’ve ever heard the word when it was in context, then you may not know what it might mean.

Yeet is among those slang phrases that are definition-defying that are used in a variety of ways and is more of an exclamation point than anything else.

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  • Definition of Yeet. Definition of Yeet
  • What is the place where Yeet Get Its Name?
  • How to Utilize Yeet

But, the word has a history and meaning that a majority of people can agree on. Find out the meaning behind Yeet is and how it came to be popular and how you can make use of it.

Definition of Yeete! Definition of Yeet

As time has passed, the word”yeet” has evolved to encompass many different meanings. But, when the word first came into use it was used to express an exclamation when throwing objects. One Urban Dictionary user defines it, as “A word one may shout when throwing an object into high air in alarming speed and heights, etc.”

The popularity of yeet grew, and people began to use it in a variety of situations. For instance, you could utilize yeet for an exciting confirmation, more like “yeah!” You can also use it to express happiness with the outcome of something. There aren’t any set rules to using the term, however, those are the main meanings that people are familiar with the term.

Yeet soon became so popular that it grew to include a variety of kinds of speech, and is now an official verb. For instance, one could claim that they “yeeted the soda bottle.”

What is the place where Yeet Get Its Name?

The term has been used for a while. The word was first used in 2008 by Urban Dictionary defined the term as the “term used to convey excitement, particularly in basketball when a player shoots a three-pointer they are certain will go into the “hoop.”

It’s likely that the term was used prior to this point but it was not as well-known as it is now.

The term slang became popular in 2014 after”yeet” or “yeet dance” was first created, and the first video of it was uploaded to YouTube.

In the following days, on the social media site Vine there was a video uploaded by one child known as “Lil Meatball” performing the Yeet dance. The video was viewed by millions and the word “yeet” became a part of the vocabulary of a lot of teenagers.

There are a variety of Vines after the one you saw (not in the first application, however the app has since been closed) of other Vines with the word “yeet” in them. One of the earliest films on Vine established the modern meaning of the word, displaying the girl who was handed an empty container and shouted “yeet” while she threw the can down a hall to the faces of her peers.

One YouTube commenter wrote on the clip, “Imagine being handed an empty bottle of water before changing the lexicon of a whole generation.”

The word was then beginning to be used in online conversations and memes that circulated via social media other than Vine. Since then, the word started to have an identity of its own and was employed in all sorts of scenarios.

The most confusion was created when the users of the word created a variety of varieties and tenses for”yeet,” like “yeeted” as mentioned earlier. But, it could also use in the current tense, as “yeeting,” and some even altered the past-tense”yeet” to “yote” in certain situations. There’s some disagreement about which form of the past tense is appropriate for”yeet..

How can you utilize the word “yeet” to describe yourself?

How to Utilize Yeet

As mentioned previously the most popular usage to use “yeet” is to make an exclamation used when throwing an object. However, the term isn’t only used to refer to objects. You could even say “I’m about to jump into the pool” and “I just did a yeet on my cats in the air” (not recommended.)


Also, you could make use of the word in instead of “yes,”, especially in the context of excitement. Examples:

“Would would you rather see the new film tonight?”


It is possible to use the term in connection with other people or things in the event that you notice something that has been yeeted or someone who is currently yeeting something. “He just received a yeet” as well as “they are screaming about soccer” are both valid uses for the term.

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