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Emojis are an excellent way to express emotions and thoughts to someone else without words. Additionally, they can save you lots of time and effort. Nowadays, if you send a message to someone using simple text, they could believe that you’re angry or upset at them. Particularly if it’s someone you consider to be a close acquaintance.

Emojis are probably something you’ve used before in text messages, or even in any of those social networking applications. If you’re unable to express your thoughts in words or simply to lighten the mood of someone else. However, Snapchat Emojis aren’t the same. If you’re just beginning to learn about Snapchat, you may find them a bit confusing. They’re much more multi-purpose than other platforms and are utilized to express more than your feelings in text messages.

For instance, you can determine how close you are to an individual by taking a look at the Snapchat Emoji. You can also make your Emoji (or Bitmoji) in the application.

Let’s look at what Snapchat Emojis are and what you can do to comprehend and utilize the emojis.

What Do Snapchat Emojis Mean?

What’s the difference between Snapchat Emojis? The primary difference is that they’re not just used in your text, but you can use them to learn about your relationships with Snapchat friends. Snapchat friends.

Emojis in the app can be used to keep track of the activity of you and your pals. You can set them by hand and automatically. If Snapchat assigns you a chat Emoji the metrics they analyze comprise the number of snaps you send one another, and the number of times often you respond to messages from one another.

Let’s take a look at what you can discover by taking a look at your assigned Snapchat emojis. To view the emojis you need to open Your Snapchat profile and navigate into your Friends section.

Baby Emoji


Baby faces are a simple emoticon. This means that the user and you have just become friends through the app.

Birthday Cake



Birthday cakes are also simple to understand. It signifies that today is the birthday of your pal. It won’t show unless they’ve included their birth date in their account.

Some people are not comfortable sharing this kind of information on social media sites. We recommend that you know the security tips for Snapchat before you begin using Snapchat.

#1 Best Friends Emoji


We’ll now look at the heart emojis that are available in the app. The first is an ordinary yellow heart. If you can see it right next to your friends’ names this means that you’re the most popular Friend on Snapchat. That means you’re at the top of each other’s contacts lists. This is the person to whom you send and get more Snaps from.

BFF Emoji


If you see the yellow heart beside the name of your friend changes to red, it means that you’ve reached a new height in the quality of your Snapchat communication. The red heart emoji signifies that the user has been your friend on Snapchat for more than two weeks.

Super BFF Emoji


There’s an upgrade for BFF status. You can upgrade to Super BFF on Snapchat when you and your buddy keep their BFF status (the Red Heart) for more than two years. You’ll notice two pink hearts next to the contact’s username.

Best Friends Emoji


There are a variety of smiley faces on Snapchat Emojis. Each one is utilized to establish your relationship with the people you’re most close to on Snapchat.

The simple smiley faces indicate both of you are Best Friends. Both of you send plenty of pictures to one another. This also means that, even though you’re not on the top of your friend’s list, you’re in the top eight.

Mutual Best Friends Emoji


This is the time when things are beginning to get a little tricky. The smiling face with glasses on indicates that someone on the list of your Best Friends list is also on your person’s Best Friends list. In essence, you have a mutual friend to who you frequently send snaps to.

Smirk Emoji



The emoji with an expression of a smirk instead of a smile appears when you’re listed on the user’s Best Friends list while they aren’t on your list. This happens when a person sends you more frequently Snaps than you do.

Grimace Emoji


This emoji with a snarky smile is meant to inform you that the #1 Best Friend you have on Snapchat is also your most popular user’s Best Friend. Both of you share an enduring connection.

Snapstreak Emojis


If you swap Snaps with another person for a few days You’ll notice a fire emoticon next to the friend’s name. This is known as Snapstreak. If you’d like to keep following the Snapstreak you’ll have to talk to Snaps only. Messages don’t count.

The longer you keep going the longer you go, and the more fire emojis will appear beside your friend’s name, with each signifying a single word for the entire streak. If you complete one hundred days’ Snapstreak and you’ll notice it changing to 100 emoji.


The hourglass Snapchat Emoji is a reminder that you must send a Snap to the person in question in the shortest time possible to allow your Snapstreak in the future to go on.

Sparkles Emoji


Sparkles suggest your and the other user have joined a Snapchat group chat.

Golden Star Emoji


Be attentive to users who have the golden star emoji beside their username. It indicates that someone responded on the Snap-in less than 24 hours. They could have something of interest to share.

How To Use Emojis On Snapchat

The above-mentioned Snapchat Emojis are the standard options for every person on your friend list. You may also choose to assign your own emojis that are unique to specific users. This can only be done with friends already having Friend Emojis given to them via Snapchat.

To make your emojis for friends Follow these steps:

  1. Log into Your Snapchat profile.
  2. Open Settings.
  3. For Android Scroll down to look for Modify Emojis.
  4. For iOS Scroll down to locate the Additional Services > Manage > Friend Emojis.

So, you could change your best friend’s emoticon into a slice of pizza. Ideal for that pizza-loving friend of yours.

When you use Snapchat to keep in touch with acquaintances or monitor your child’s online activities It’s important to know what Snapchat Emojis mean. It’s a great way to keep the track of your contacts on Snapchat and determine how you’ve gotten rid of some users, and then get too invasive for other users.

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