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What Are Snapchat Streaks and Why Do They Matter

Snapchat streaks are the number of days you have managed to send a snap or photo to a friend on Snapchat.

Snapstreaks are a way for high school students to express their friendship. It is a way for two friends to keep in touch by sharing snaps every day. It’s possible that you heard your children talking about how they need to send snaps quickly so they don’t lose the streak. But, you didn’t understand what they were talking about.

It is important to keep track of your children’s activities. Here, we will tell you everything about Snapstreaks. How Snapstreaks work and whether they should be considered a concern.

How do you start Snapchat streaks?

To start a Snapstreak, you must send your friend snaps and have them send back snaps for three consecutive days. If you are able to share a streak with a friend, you will see the fire emoji next to your Snapchat friend’s name.

Snapstreaks also has many Snapchat Emojis. As you share your streak with friends, you will also see a number beside the fire emoji.

Snapchat will give you a red 100 Emoji if you have a streak of more than 100 days. If you have a longer streak with your best friend, you will see a mountain emoticon next to their name.

If your Snapstreak is in danger of breaking, meaning that you and your friend have not sent snaps within a 24-hour period, the hourglass emoticon will appear next to your friend’s name. You can’t keep sending snaps by yourself and keeping your Snapstreak alive; your friend must send you a snap every day.

If you think you and your friend have exchanged snaps but you still don’t have the streak, contact Snapchat support.

How do you keep the Snapstreak going?

Snapstreak can be kept going by simply sending photos or videos to friends and receiving them back every 24 hours.

Snapchat doesn’t count any other activities you do while using Snapchat. Here’s a list that won’t help you keep your Snapstreak alive:

  1. Chatting with a friend
  2. You can send a photo or video to a group of Snapchatters. This could increase your Snapchat score.
  3. Snaps that you send to Snapchat users using your Memories (i.e. you don’t click on them before you send them).
  4. Add stories to your Snapchat account
  5. Videos recorded with your Snapchat spectacles

Why is Snapstreaks Important?

A long streak can be a sign of friendship and strength for young people. A streak is a numerical value that indicates how close two friends have become. It almost feels like a competition between young people.

A longer friendship is considered stronger if it has been shared for a while. Everyone wants to have the longest streak because it shows the strength of their friendship. This could lead to problems.

It’s important to respond to snaps without regard to other factors, as there is pressure to keep streaks longer.

Children who believe that snap streaks are stronger than their friendships may have self-esteem problems.

Should Parents Worry about Snapstreaks

Sometimes, not always. Not always. Snapchat can actually be a valuable tool that provides data to parental control apps about children’s interactions.

You may want to reconsider if you notice something that you don’t like or if your child is interacting with someone you aren’t particularly confident in,

Children can easily get distracted by something they find emotionally rewarding. For instance, if they are trying to break the Snapstreak record in their peer group for the longest Snapstreaks, it’s easy to become obsessed. Obsession can be a problem.

Is it a good idea to keep your child from using a snap streak?

Snapstreaks are, in most cases a sign of your child’s close friendship. They aren’t necessarily harmful. You can have a discussion with your family about why Snapstreaks isn’t rewarding and what the benefits of going the extra mile really are.

A Snapstreak is likely to break at some point. You can expect your child to have a visit from family, a birthday, or a vacation to distract him.

You may be able to make small adjustments to your child’s schedule to reduce their time on certain social media platforms. To stop your child from obsessively using Snapchat, you can set parental controls.


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