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Tribit Storm box Micro Portable Speaker Review

It’s sometimes hard to tell if it’s like Bluetooth speakers are available in a jumble which makes it difficult to decide which ones are worth the purchase or not. Tribit recently introduced their StormBox Micro, a tiny, compact Bluetooth speaker that not only produces amazing audio but also has to be weatherproof as well.

Tribit provided their StormBox Micro to us to conduct a portable Bluetooth speaker review We tested it to see how it does in a range of real-world scenarios.

Table of Contents

  • Appearance: Lightweight, but convenient
  • Sound Quality
  • Features and Functionalities
  • Bluetooth and battery life
  • StormBox Micro: Worth the Price?

Design: Compact, but Convenient

The speaker is true to their name. It measures 3.9 inches in width, 3.9 inches tall, and only 1.4 inches thick it doesn’t take up any space and its weight doesn’t hinder moving it. The black exterior doesn’t make a statement but it made it difficult to identify the buttons on top in an inclination.

It is a tribute model. Tribit StormBox Micro has three buttons on the top which include a volume down button and volume up button along with the MultiFunctional Button. On the front of the portable Bluetooth speaker, you will find the power off and on the button and it has a Bluetooth button, as well as an array of LED indicators that indicate the level of volume and connectivity.

One thing worth mentioning about the outside of the StormBox Micro is the integrated strap. It snaps onto the lower part of the speaker and is secure which makes it suitable to wrap on your belt while active.

If you’re searching for glowing, pulsating LEDs that move in sync with the beat then you’re out of luck. This model StormBox Micro forgoes the bells and whistles in favor of a simple minimalist design, but whatever it is lacking in fashion, it compensates for with its quality of performance.

Sound Quality

Sound quality

The first thing you will notice regarding this model StormBox Micro is the sound quality. Despite its tiny size, this speaker can really crank into the highs. It’s incredibly loud at lower volumes and will fill the room when fully blown.

In addition to its volume in addition to volume, addition to volume, StormBox Micro produces a surprising amount of bass. Speakers this big usually aren’t as good because of the insufficient space for subwoofers, however, it’s StormBox Micro excels even in the bass-heavy electronic music. While it’s not as good as having a dedicated speaker that has more powerful woofers however at this price, this StormBox Micro is hard to beat.

Even the most strenuous songs such as Bob Marley’s “Turn Your Lights Down Low” sound fantastic with the StormBox Micro speaker. It’s easy to discern the instrumental location in the playback in addition, the StormBox Micro maintains a good sound quality with no distortion.

The most common issues that came up in playback were lower bass-heavy tracks sounding blurred when more powerful frequencies were the dominant sound during the song. Naturally, issues such as this are normal when working with speakers that are compact.

Features and Functions

StormBox Micro StormBox Micro has several notable features. It was designed to work on a smartphone since its Multifunctional Button also known as MFB features functionality that is tailored toward phones. It is a StormBox Micro that has two main playback modes: Music Mode and Conversation Mode.

When in Music Mode, the MFB acts as a play and pause button when pressed for a short time. Double pressing skips onto the following track when pressing three times in succession returns to the previous track. If you hold the button for a second then MFB will activate Siri on your phone. MFB will allow Siri to be activated on your phone.

Conversation Mode is different. Pressing the button for a short time on the MFB will end or answer an incoming phone call. the press for a second will block the call. A quick press during a call will place the call on hold so that you can answer an unanswered call. subsequent presses will enable users to change between two calls simultaneously.

Combine two StormBox Micro with another and you’ll have access to more options, like party Mode or Stereo Mode. When you set the two speakers into Party Mode, you can play the same track simultaneously from both whiles spreading the sound over a wider space.

Stereo Mode can be where the audio quality really shines, however. The sound quality is already amazing for a device that’s this big and by itself, it offers an excellent spatial representation. When you switch to Stereo Mode However the speaker will inform you which has left, and the other one is right.

Stereo Mode provides an audio experience comparable with speakers that cost a lot more. It’s impressive for tiny devices, but it’s best if you own an expensive set of headphones, they’ll surpass that of the StormBox Micro.

However, If you’re looking for the best way to experience high-quality audio quality, even in your shower then the StormBox Micro might be your ideal choice. With an IP67 weatherproof rating, its StormBox Micro can handle a number of punishments. It’s water-resistant for up to one meter for about half an hour.

Bluetooth and battery life

The Bluetooth capability in StormBox Micro’s Bluetooth capabilities StormBox Micro is worth mentioning. It is able to be paired with up to eight devices in total, and up to two devices at simultaneously. It means there’s no requirement to connect an aux cable, as it were. If you and your friend are playing music together the only thing you have to do is stop your playback so that the other person can begin playing their own music.

When fully charged it claims that it claims that the StormBox Micro portable Bluetooth speaker promises up to 8 days of life from its battery. Although the tests did not give an exact figure it played songs for hours without taking a break, and it was able to keep plenty of battery in the battery. It is simple to charge the speaker and the USB-C cables and five-volt plug is all you need.

StormBox Micro: Worth the cost?

Tribit StormBox Micro Tribit StormBox Micro packs plenty of features in a compact package, yet it comes with an equally low price. With a price of just $50, it’s impossible to imagine the best Bluetooth speaker at this price bracket. There are many options that are louder and feature more functions however they’re more expensive as well.

StormBox Micro is a great choice. StormBox Micro is loud, and surprisingly effective as far as it comes to bass, but offers enough features that it can compete against the bigger brands. If you’re looking to find a way to get your music on while showering, then this model is the best choice.


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