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In the world of Martial Arts, there are various logos that create a strong look with a meaning portrayed cleverly. You should be able to tell your story, who you are, and express quality and professionalism through the custom logo of your company. 

You will find thousands of Martial Arts logos online but the good ones are always hard to find. Don’t worry, Designhill has listed out the top 20 martial art logos that will punch inspiration in you- 

  1. Koryo 

Koryo has a smart, modern, and unique logo design. Koryo is a Korean Taekwondo and Hapkido logo that uses a Korean flag’s color and design and a simple first icon. The logo design of Koryo is simplistic and has a huge connection with nationality. It is very simple to look at but the meaning hidden behind makes this one special. 

  1. Fight Factory

The logo design clearly depicts what they care about through the name and the symbol used. The custom logo of the fight factory has two fists in a cog. It is a symbol of fighting and the other is a manufacturing nature of a factory. It clearly does the work of depicting the name of the company in symbols. 

  1. Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

This logo design is a very simple and effective one. It has a triangle in a circle which creates a badge look. It can be used flexibly over different Gracie Jiu-Jitsu aafliates. The triangle is creating the ‘G’ shape which is connected to the name ‘Gracie’ in an effective manner. 

  1. Grapple Fightwear

This logo clearly has an emphasis on the usage of words to describe everything. The word, Grapple says Jiu-Jitsu, and another word fightwear speaks for itself. The font style used and the way that it was used are quite iconic and can be spotted anywhere. The logo design is a simple and effective one with a short and descriptive name. 

  1. MMA Warehouse 

The popular logo of MMA Warehouse has a huge connection with Mixed Martial Arts fans and this connection is brought about instantly. Using the image of an MMA fighter is a strong use of symbols. It grabs the attention of the audience immediately and the wording builds a connection with the fans. 

  1. Edric Martinez

Edric Martinez has a logo that has smart use of symbols and letters. They both are used cleverly to create the impression of an icon, ‘fist’. Edric Martinez, initials E &M are used to create that fist shape. Plus, using the red color adds passion and aggression to the logo. 

  1. Middle Easy

The Middle Easy logo does not portray MMA qualities but it uses a large ape symbol. This symbol creates a unique logo as it is a raw and effective style of promoting Mixed Martial Arts. This custom logo is iconic and stands out in the competition effectively. 

  1. Ultimate Defense Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a Military Martial Art based in Israel. This martial arts logo has a strong font with a stencil style. This gives a sense of a clear military look. In addition to this, the letters, stripes, and the star are all other elements inclining towards a military design. This logo portrays the idea instantly that it is about combat and reality. 

  1. Sherdog 

Sherdog has ranked as the highest Martial arts website in the entire world. The logo represents a sense of nature about what the site works on rather than just speaking about martial arts. The dog in the logo represents the strong, fighting nature of Mixed martial arts and attracts people who love this side. 

  1. World Series of Fighting

World series of fighting has quite a cool badge logo design. The words are carefully organized which creates an iconic layout. It has a crown on the top which brings a sense of royalty to the company logo. It gives the sense of governing the world in ‘world series’ of fighting. This is a simple logo design effective and creative one. 


You can also use an online logo maker for martial arts logos and create amazing and attractive logo designs with ease. 

  1. Shoyoroll

Shoyoroll has a round badge style logo which has used text much more than images. They have told their story through the logo by using a strong and short name. The words Shoyo- a Japanese word or name and ‘roll’ is used in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This gives a sense of Japanese values mixed perfectly with BJJ training and applications. 

  1. De Been Jiu-Jitsu

The look and design of the logo are very impressive and cool. It uses the snake which is wrapping itself around the logo and is about to attack. The use of snakes in such a waa is so similar to art Jiu-Jitsu itself. It has elements like controlling, wrapping, and attacking before submission. 

  1. Smash League

This is also a badge-style logo design which is great for martial arts clubs. It uses simple text and tells about itself saying, ‘Fantasy Mixed Martial Arts. The style of the logo is a strong, metallic look which is quite unique. 

  1. Close Quarter Combat Self Defense

Skulls are being used as a symbol of death or danger for a very long time. Close quarter combat self-defense used the skull and has also added the American flag to it. This builds a patriotic feeling and also conveys that you can kill your enemies. This is in great relation to the hard style of defense. 

  1. The Cellar Fight Team

The cellar fight team is not about defense but moving away from the defense. They have clearly used a skull and merged it with a glove. It is an obvious sporting context and the logo is cleverly portrayed. 

  1. Samurai Bears

Samurai Bears is a baseball league that got disbanded a decade ago. They have an excellent logo design. It is simple and has clearly drawn samurai with a baseball in the front. It is quite simple to understand without any hidden meaning but it is effective. 

  1. Cage Warriors

Cage Warriors has used its initials quite nicely. The ‘W’ of warriors is placed inside the ‘C’ from Cage. The ‘C’ from Cage is in the shape of an octagon. They have used a mixture of icons and words to portray their meaning.

  1. Bullshido 

Bullshido is a website that portrays ‘No BS’ Martial Arts information and news. They use the ‘No BS’ tagline which relates to the name perfectly. It has an O at the end of the word which has a clear stop signal with horns on it. The elements are combined nicely to create an effective and meaningful logo design. It also has a Japanese style of the text. 

  1. Bushinkan 

Bushikan has combined Japanese elements with a modern layout to give modern-day traditionalists look. It gives the impression that Aikido teaching is traditional but it also has adapted to modern-day realities. 

  1. Titan Martial Arts

Tidal Martial Arts have a smart-looking badge-style logo design. The name is pretty obvious and it clearly indicates the institution is all about martial arts. The image is of a traditional martial artist who is wearing a gi and bumping fists together. This symbol suggests that they are a traditional club that teaches karate or other martial arts. 


You can check out these amazing and popular martial arts logo designs which are brimming with inspiration. So, get some inspiration and create a spectacular one for yourself with an online logo maker martial arts logo. 

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