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Nail extensions are beautiful, and they say a lot about a woman’s fashion taste. The nail world keeps evolving, leaving us the opportunity to try different designs. However, not only should you bother about the nail extension designs, how about the primary nail care?

Natural-looking nails and nail care are gaining popularity alongside nail art. So, builder gel has become a thing in the industry. This allows nail technicians to strengthen their client’s natural nails and keep them beautiful for a while.

However, some people still don’t know what builder gel is, so this article discusses its purpose and how it works. Keep reading.

What is Builder Gel?

You must have heard about builder gels, but you haven’t grasped what it’s used for or their purpose. So, you might wonder, What is Builder Gel?”

Builder gel is a popular gel that we lay on the nails to create a long-lasting and strong length for our nails. Whether our natural nails or nail extensions, builder gels create a shape to the nails. Also, we can compare its strength to that of acrylic nails.

gel (1)

However, builder gel is stronger and thicker than gel polish base coats. Its leveling properties are high quality, allowing for an excellent foundation layer.

Builder gels come in different colors but two categories; the hard and soft gel types. They are both applied with a brush and cured under LED light, but they wear out differently. However, they both make gel manicures possible and easy for nail enthusiasts.

Purpose of Builder Gels

The builder gel invention aims to strengthen natural nails and make them longer. People who haven’t gotten used to fixing nail extensions can start with a builder gel to keep their nails attractive.

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Builder gels don’t dry independently; they must be cured under an LED lamp. Also, they have a tremendous self-leveling property, so you don’t have to bother about uneven nails. If you prefer to look more natural with your nails, gel builders are a better option than acrylic nails. They are also great for weaker nails, even though they are more flexible than acrylic.

Types of Builder Gels

Hard Gel

Hard gel is a non-porous gel that usually stays at the nail tip. It creates some added length to natural nails. There are different styles and colors of hard gels, making them a popular set for long nails.

The nail technician lays the hard gel on each nail in beads, then works the bead around each nail. As a result, it gives a desirable shape and length.

 hard gel


Hard gels cure under a UV lamp or LED light till it becomes hard and dry. Then, the technician files the nails to the client’s taste before applying the nail color. Hard gels last for about four weeks; however, they depend on maintenance.

When your hard gel wears out and it’s time for removal, it’s best to visit an excellent nail technician. Technicians ensure that they use the right tools, ensuring that your natural nails don’t get damaged in the removal process.

Soft Gel

Soft gel is a porous type of gel that is not as strong as hard gels, even though they have some things in common. Most people use soft gels as a nail overlay or gel polish. However, soft gels can’t form nail extensions because of their flexibility.

soft gel

Applying soft gels is easy, and we can do that without the help of a nail technician; all you need is a nail brush. After applying, we can cure them under a UV Lamp or a LED light till they get dry.

Also, soft gels are available in different colors, and they can last for about four weeks. However, they might start to fade off at the tip of the nails. So, they might need a few touch-ups sometimes.

Further, due to the porous nature of soft gels, we can wipe them off with cotton and acetone only.

How to Apply Builder Gel?

Every builder gel brand has its method of application. Some brands say you should apply the base coat before anything. However, some brands say you can apply them to the nail directly.

If you choose the latter, you can build up the nail to your desired shape and thickness. But if you only intend to extend the nail, apply the nail before the builder gel.

However, no matter the brand of builder gel you might be getting, there are general steps to follow before application. Here’s a list of the steps.

  • Clean and file the nails. Then, wipe the nails with a cleanser and cotton wool.
  • Apply a base coat if your brand asks you to. Then, cure under a LED lamp. However, you can skip this step if you won’t apply a base coat.
  • Apply builder gel. Bottled builder gel comes with a brush, but you need your nail brush if you’re taking your gel from a pot.
  • While applying, ensure that you avoid the cuticle but cover the edges.
  • After applying, the next step is to cure under a LED or UV lamp. However, it’s best to follow the type of lamp your builder gel brand recommends. Also, check for how long the curing should take.
  • Apply the second coat and recure under the chosen lamp.
  • Clean up any mess on the nail with cotton wool and acetone. Then, file to your taste.
  • Wipe the nail again, then apply the topcoat.
  • Lastly, add some cuticle oil as a finishing touch.


Builder gels give the nails another appealing look and become more popular by the day. They come in both hard and soft gels and different colors. However, builder gels must be cured under a UV or LED lamp to achieve a desirable result.

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