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The Insta360 One X2 Camera Review

Action cameras have changed their role from one that was specifically associated with extreme sports, to a gadget that can be used to capture any physical sport. If you’re hiking in the mountains or practicing yoga at home, you can utilize an inexpensive and compact action camera to capture quality footage of your own and then share the videos online.

If you’re using a normal camera, it is still necessary to adjust the settings and place your camera in order to ensure you’re recording at the right position, with your subject properly focused, and that sort of thing. Insta360 One X2 One X2 from Insta360 is a great example of a brand new type of action camera that takes the entire process for you.

The Insta360 One X2 Camera Review (1)

If you’re looking to have fun with your life without stress and capture the perfect video, in the end, check out the Insta360 One X2 review and look into the Insta360 One X2 as one of your action cameras.

Insta360 OneX2 First Impressions

It’s the Insta360 OneX2 is a 360-degree camera equipped with two lenses that enable users to take every aspect of their surroundings and then transform it into one image that is spherical. Here’s a list of the principal pros and negatives of this model.


  • 5.7K 360-degree capture
  • Easy-to-use LCD touchscreen
  • Steady mode for cams
  • Voice control
  • Excellent image stabilization
  • IPX8 waterproof (up to 10m)
  • The large capacity battery of 1630mAh
  • Long duration of run time between 80 and 90 hours (when filming at [email protected]) per hour.
  • It is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Compatible with both iOS and Android
  • A great value-for-money (standalone prices on Amazon starting at $389)


  • Spherical lenses are susceptible to scratches.
  • The size and shape don’t work for cameras that are small enough for pocket size
  • Insta360 apps may be slow at times.
  • A lengthy editing process that takes a lot of time

The first thing that you’ll be able to see about this action camera is its sturdy build. Due to its rectangular form and convex lenses, the One X2 looks quite different from the GoPro or other common action cameras. But, it’s still small enough to fit into your pocket in your jacket.

It is worth noting that the One X2 comes with a Neoprene case to help you shield the camera’s lenses. Although the camera appears sturdy but the fisheye lens is the one you need to be extra cautious with. Every tiny scratch can result in tiny black dots appearing in your video. The only method to eliminate this is to frame the shot to ensure it’s not evident. It’s impossible to replace the lens on a single camera, so you’ll have to buy a completely new camera if you need to repair it.

In addition in other areas, the One X2 is waterproof up to 10 meters, has a huge battery, and a variety of shooting options. In comparison to its predecessor, the Insta360 One X, the One X2 improved a lot. But, it’s not without the issue of a complicated editing procedure, which can likely confuse you if do not have prior experience with vlogging apps and software.

Setting-up Procedure

If you’ve never used an action camera previously it’s not a problem to get started with the process with your Insta360 One X2. All you need to do is recharge your One X2 via the USB-C port and then insert a microSD memory card. The last thing to complete before you start recording is installing the Insta360 application on your phone to turn on the camera. The process is fairly simple and you shouldn’t have to encounter any issues at this stage.

After that, you are able to begin shooting. It is possible to use your One X2 as it is and shoot videos using your hands, utilize a normal mount for action cameras to put it to your helmet to record hands-free or Insta360 accessories, such as the invisibility selfie stick. The latter is the ideal alternative if you’re looking for drone-like footage. Install your camera to a selfie stick and shoot your footage, and then you can watch the stick disappear once you begin creating your film.

Video Quality

Overall, the quality of video that you receive with The One X2 is great, particularly when you consider the camera’s broad capability. No matter what you want to capture you want to record, you can be sure that the Insta360 One X2 has you covered.

The Insta360 One X2 Camera Review (1)

The superior FlowState stabilization ensures that all hand-held images are smooth and with clarity, and the horizon lock lets maintain the same horizon when rotating the camera. Therefore, if you’re planning to take a video of yourself walking or running, or snowboarding, you don’t need to worry about keeping the camera in place.

The 5.7K video in 360-degree mode is sharp and vibrant. However, the quality decreases slightly in low-light conditions. If you’re planning to shoot during dark conditions, we recommend making use of HDR mode. HDR mode. In HDR One X2 is the best camera for you. One X2 delivers photos and videos that have a higher lighting, dynamic range, natural light and more details.

It is also possible to make use of this Insta360 One X2 as a normal action camera. It’s known as the Steady Cam option. Although the quality of video in Steady Cam is good you’ll only be able to get the equivalent of 2.7K video when using a wide-angle lens. This means that the One X2 is no competitor with the latest GoPro Hero or GoPro Max. It’s One X2 makes up for it with the capability to capture all the surrounding footage simultaneously in one video and then re-frame it after editing.

Another option for video shooting is MultiView which uses AI face-tracking. It divides your screen into two, allowing you to film the narrator of the video and the background surrounding you simultaneously and then have a picture-in-picture movie in the process. In the event that you’re a Vlogger, it lets you cut down on the amount of time and effort you invest in post-production.

Image Quality

The One X2 is capable of creating stunning images, particularly when you’re using one the different photo modes. One of these is PureShot which allows you to create vibrant and precise images under low light conditions. It also increases the ISO up to 3200.

The other option for photos is InstaPano which lets you create 360-degree panoramic images without the need to stitch multiple photos. Both of these modes are excellent to get those great photos to share on social media accounts.

Audio Quality

It is the Insta360 One X2 has a four-way microphone that can record surround sound to complement the 360-degree video. This is ideal if you don’t need to connect any external microphones and simply utilize the audio recorded by the camera in conjunction with the footage. It is also possible to use the Apple Airpods in order to capture audio on your own and make use of voice control.

We have tested The One X2 audio recording abilities in various weather conditions, such as heavy rain, strong winds, and snow. We were able to obtain clear audio on our recordings, even while skiing during a storm. One thing which altered the sound in any significant way was the fact that we put the camera underwater. The camera returned to normal within just a few minutes when it was dry. One X2 dried off.

Due to the good high-quality audio that The One X2 delivers, you are able to make use of it as a webcam for live streaming to different platforms without needing to separate record your audio.

It is the Editing Software

Insta360 editing software. Insta360 editor software can be the greatest and the most annoying feature of this camera. It’s likely that you’ll have mixed opinions about it, just like we did. The app for smartphones is dubbed”the Shot Lab and the PC software is known as Insta360 Studio. Insta360 StudioLet’s begin with the mobile application.

On the other hand on the other hand, on the other hand, Shot Lab is an absolute delight. The app for smartphones lets you edit more images than you’d ever imagine, from time-lapses to hyperlapses, to freezing frames and intelligent tracking powered by AI.

On contrary, it can appear complicated for users who are who is using it at first. There are some bugs to be addressed. It is for instance, at times it takes a couple of tries before you are able to join the One X2 to your smartphone through Bluetooth and WiFi to transfer files and other things. It’s important to remember that you should have one of the latest phones to avoid annoying delays while using the application. Anything that is above iPhone 8 should do, or an Android phone that has Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 or its equivalent. Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset, or an equivalent.

For those who don’t wish to spend time learning amazing editing techniques, Insta360 thought of a solution. Within the app, you’ll discover a variety of tutorials that explain the editing procedures for every video trick. Pick a template, and follow the instructions. Some of our top creative edits created by Insta360 are Stop Motion Mix, Clone Trail as well as Flash Dash.

If you were uncomfortable with the variety of tools and options for editing available in the mobile application There are some negatives about Insta360 Studio. Insta360 Studio. The PC app is 5 times more challenging to use and even more difficult to finish your editing. It is not as similar to that of Shot Lab and even has the same editing capabilities which the Shot Lab offers. The process of importing and exporting your video is more complex than it ought to be. In addition to the fact that your computer doesn’t have plenty of storage space, you’ll have a hard time saving your 5.7K videos because of their large file size.

The bright side is that Insta360 appears to be working to update the apps on a regular basis. So, the new version 4 of Insta360 Studio comes with both timeshift and auto-frame features that users have been seeking on forums such as Reddit for quite a while.


Insta360 comes with plenty of awesome gadgets to use with the One X2 camera. Certain of them are more beneficial than others.

For instance, there’s an underwater case that can make you and your One X2 camera fully waterproof up to 45m (or 147 feet) and guarantees seamlessly stitched footage while underwater. But if you’re not going to go diving using the One X2 but still want to capture some water-related activities like rafting or swimming you’ll be able to do so without this feature since it’s the One X2 is already waterproof up to 10 meters.

It is possible to purchase The Insta360 One X2 as a standalone camera, but there are accessories that will definitely make your experience more enjoyable. The first thing to note is that we’ve mentioned before that the lenses in the One X2 are sensitive to scratches. It’s a good idea to buy some lens protectors to shield camera lenses in case you’re planning on recording any sporting activity.

The other must-have item is the selfie stick that disappears. It provides a wide range of shooting angles and points. It will certainly impress your family and friends as they are able to see the stick disappearing on an editing screen.

The handgrip for the tripod is bullet-time which lets you twirl your One X2 around your head while shooting, and also doubles as an ideal tabletop tripod. You can locate the other accessories for the Insta360 on their official website, and decide if you’d like to add them to your purchase.

Should You Purchase the Insta360 One 2 Camera?

The Insta360 One X2 isn’t an all-purpose camera, and it isn’t supposed to be. If you’re seeking the highest quality image and audio quality, you may prefer the most recent GoPro. If, however, you’re tired of using standard action cameras and want to play around using the 360-degree camera format The One X2 is an excellent choice for a camera.

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