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The Hidden PS5 Web Browser How to Access and Use It

You might be amazed at what you can accomplish The Sony PlayStation 5 is an incredible piece of technology that is capable of showing PS5 games at 4K resolution as well as 120 frames per second. But did you know that it comes with an in-built web browser? It’s true that, just like similarly to Xbox Series X, the PlayStation 5 can browse the internet, but in a very limited way.

Its built-in PS5 web browser is great for text, however, it has issues with video and images. It’s also not as efficient as streaming music using services such as Spotify. The web browser is accessible via the PS5 system settings menu.

How to Access the Hidden PS5 Web Browser

In the future, Sony might make the web browser available directly via the PlayStation menu as it was on previous devices. At present, the only method to access it is via a workaround.

  1. Click your PlayStationbutton for your remote.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Users and Accounts.
  4. Select Link to Other Services > Twitter.
  5. Click the Link Account option when the screen confirmation displays.
  6. Click on the Twitter logo on the upper-left corner of the screen to take you to the sign-in page on your desktop and sign in to your Twitter account.

After you’ve signed in to the account you have created on your Twitter account, you are able to browse the internet to explore other websites. The biggest drawback for web browsers on the PS5 Web browser is you are unable to use URLs in the search field. That means that the only way to browse the internet is to click on links. If you’re planning to surf the web using your PS5 it is necessary to select links from articles.

It’s an unintentional method to browse the internet However if you’re required to make use of this option, put your profile with a tweet with an array of links that you’d like to have easy access to.

Although you can utilize an R3 button for zooming in on the screen, we could not discover a method for making your PS5 web browser fully-screen during our tests.

What Can You Do With The PS5 Web Browser?

It’s PlayStation 5 web browser is an interesting, hidden feature however it’s not suitable to use for browsing the internet. Inability to input URLs makes its capabilities restricted from the beginning however, it is also lacking most of the software that makes web browsers like the ones you have efficient.

With this to think about, there’s plenty you can do, some of which may be surprising you. According to test results, there’s a way to download some (but possibly not every) Vimeo videos through the web player. Because of how infrequent Vimeo video content is in the day and age of YouTube it’s not an especially beneficial feature.

It’s best to stick to specific PlayStation 5 applications. There’s an integrated YouTube app as well as a myriad of streaming alternatives. Make use of one of them instead of opening your PS5 internet browser.

One (incredible) characteristic is the capability to run emulators but only those that run JavaScript-based emulators. The emulators are run using your web browser meaning you can play your old SNES games right on your PlayStation 5. Something to be aware of is that games for the web browser which require libraries such as WebGL cannot be played with PlayStation 5’s PlayStation 5 web browser; in order to play games such as this, you’ll need to make use of a specific web-based browser.

Although there’s no reason why you should, you can utilize Google Docs using your PlayStation 5 web browser. It allows you to enter symbols, at a minimum, however, you aren’t able to write. It’s unlikely that you’ll be writing the next amazing American novel using the help of your PlayStation 5 controller, but you can use the web browser to track what’s on your PlayStation 5 backlog. Simply type in a specific name in the list to track it.

There’s an options menu that is available to you to choose from in the PS5 internet browser. You can delete web-related data, stop cookies from tracking you across multiple services, switch JavaScript off and on to disable and enable cookies, and much more. You can also erase all cookies. It’s odd to think that Sony included this menu inside PlayStation 5 if the company did not intend for users to use the internet browser.

Does PS5 Have a Featureless Browser?

PlayStation 4 PlayStation 4 had a web browser. It’s possible that the PlayStation 5 web browser hasn’t been fully implemented to its capacity yet, and Sony plans to improve its capabilities in the near future. However, Sony might prefer the PlayStation 5 to be a more dedicated gaming console that can be competitive with that the Xbox Series X.

The DualSense controller isn’t the best way to navigate the internet. The PlayStation 5 supports a wide variety of keyboard and mouse inputs, they are only compatible with certain games. Its PlayStation 5 web browser doesn’t allow mice or keyboards. However, this isn’t exactly the case – it supports a USB mouse however only if it’s connected to the PS5 web browser and has been opened by a particular method through playing War Thunder, at the very least, according to

Is There a Future For PS5 Web Browsing?

Is there a better Web browser coming in the coming? It’s unlikely. According to an interview translated with a group of Sony executives, they don’t think an internet browser is necessary for a gaming console, and that it presents numerous opportunities to hack. At present, all gamers have to do is wait for the best – and there’s plenty of that available, as numerous users on Reddit have voiced their wish for an enhanced web browser on consoles.

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