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The 9 Best Calorie Tracking Apps for iPhone and Android

Everything about weight management indeed boils down to one factor the calories you take in and calories you take out. There are a variety of ways to use that to help shed or gain weight, but you’ll need to keep track of calories. With smartphones everywhere, tracking calories have never been simpler. Let’s take a look at the top applications to track calories for iPhone as well as Android.

1. MyNetDiary

Available on: iOS, Android

Highlights: Over 1,117,000 foods complete nutrition information barcode scanner, built-in GPS tracker for workout tools for grocery shopping, dark mode, ad-free base version, and diabetic version.

It’s the most popular overall tracker of calories on this list. MyNetDiary offers the options anyone could need, and the most reliable and verified food and diet libraries. Like the other best applications, MyNetDiary works with almost any fitness tracker, or application, including Apple Watch.

The inbuilt tracking device for your activity on GPS for running, walking and cycling will assist you to reach the fitness targets you have set. MyNetDiary also works with healthcare professionals to provide MyNetDiary services to patients. Ask your doctor about MyNetDiary. The site also offers a version designed for diabetics to use as a food diary, making it simple to enter your insulin.

2. Lifesum

Available on: iOS, Android

Price:$49.99/year or $9.99/month

The top features include barcode scanning, calorific macro, vegetable, and seafood tracking, and meal plans

Even without a cost-free option, Lifesum is enjoyed by more than 45 million users. Lifesum is compatible with nearly everything Apple or Android including Fitbit or Withings activities trackers. It also works with other apps, such as Google Fit and Samsung Health. Install your Lifesum app on the home screen to have quick access.

3. Lose It!

Available on: iOS, Android

Price: Basic – Free, Premium – $39.99/year

Highlights: barcode scanning, millions of food items in the database DNA insights, a thriving community

There’s a name you’ve come across: Lose It! With its vibrant community and a desire to be at the cutting-edge of technology, Lose It! is a cutting-edge app. Lose It! app for calorie counters has helped more than 40 million people shed over 90 million pounds in the last year. It’s among the first applications for calorie counters. Connect Lose It! via Apple Health or Google Fit as well as through the Premium plan, you can, sync it to most fitness trackers, or maybe even with smart scales.

4. ControlMyWeight

Available on: iOS

Price: Basic – Free, Remove Ads for $14.99/year

The best features: verified food database, no Internet needed to search for food items

Although not the most feature-rich, it’s not even available yet available on Android as of yet. ControlMyWeight is a product from CalorieKing that is available due to the quality and reliability of the 150,000+ food database. Other apps permit users to add food items but the accuracy of the nutrition data could be off.

ControlMyWeight lets dietitians review their information. The capability to search for information on nutrition and calories even without being connected to the Internet could be of interest to those who enjoy camping and backcountry hiking.

5. Calorie Counter by FatSecret

Available on: iOS, Android

Price: Basic – Free, Premium – $58.99/year

Highlights: Food image recognition, diet calendar, the ability to share information with your physician, trainer, and any other health professionals, large and supportive community

The app is from a company named FatSecret You’re aware that it’s an extremely effective weight loss application that will help you reach the habit of consuming fewer calories. It’s also great for all kinds of weight management and food monitoring. The free version isn’t without advertisements, but they’re not too bothersome.

With all the features that most people require with the basic version Calorie Counter can be an excellent calorie tracking tool for the budget-conscious person. The premium version comes with monitoring of your water intake and a dietetics-designed meal planner and unlimited access to the recipes.

6. MyFitnessPal

Available on: iOS, Android

Price: Basic – Free, Premium – $79.99/year

Highlights: 11,000,000 food item database, you can add your own food items forum, diet profile, forums menu programs, recipe, and coaching.

With the most extensive nutrition database that any of the other calorie counter applications, MyFitnessPal is great for a wide range of dietary requirements. However there are lots of duplicates, and there is no way to verify all food items. The basic plan provides all of the databases and the option to include your recipes.

MyFitnessPal’s meal plan, healthy recipes, and training come as part of the Premium plan. MyFitnessPal is compatible with more than 50 health-related apps which include Garmin, Fitbit, Apple HealthKit, Under Armor MapMyRun as well as Samsung Health.

7. Cronometer

Available on: iOS, Android

Price: Basic – Free, Premium – $44.99/year

The top features are Track macros and micronutrients 82 barcode scanner exporting data and fasting timer, as well as custom biometrics.

Cronometer is the calorie tracking software of choice for food and data enthusiasts. With the capability to set macronutrient goals for carbs, fats protein, and fats, it’s the preferred choice of keto and low-carb as well as other diet experts.

To get the most value out of Cronometer, make use of their instructional videos to learn how to use the application. Cronometer also has versions that you can be used with your trainer, as well as one that is HIPAA compatible version to use by health professionals.

8. FitBit

Available on: iOS, Android

Price: Basic- Free, Premium – $109.99/year


Highlights: Water intake tracking barcode scanning, customized food items, and integration with all FitBit devices.

Aren’t FitBit activity-tracking? Yes, it works with an app called the FitBit app. However, you don’t require a Fitbit device to access the application like a calorie calculator and tracker. The food log feature does not have the same features as the dedicated calorie tracking applications, but it has a simple logging feature and can help you keep track of your food habits.

Tracking macronutrients is also beneficial for keto and paleo diets. If you’re using a FitBit that you own, then you can quickly monitor calories burned and compare your calories against your intake. Because it’s a full health and wellness health application as well as sleep, weight water, and heart rate monitor.

9. Fooducate

Available on: iOS, Android

Price: Free

Highlights: Food grading (A B, and D) as well as macronutrient tracking. other food suggestions Barcode scanning

The only app that is completely free on the checklist, Fooducate is about educating users about food. Through its food-grade method, Fooducate can help you make better food choices. It can help the novice recognize the number of calories they consume and the benefits it offers.

Fooducate can help anyone understand the importance of healthy eating. The system of grading is based on the density of nutrients and was created by nutritionists as well as registered dietitians. Information on nutrition for packaged food originates directly from the manufacturer. If you’re not familiar with calorie and nutrient monitoring, Fooducate is a great choice and can help you reach those weight reduction goals safely and securely. Once you can understand your food habits and eating habits more thoroughly, you may decide to switch to another app or even not.

Take Charge of Your Calorie Budget

Our top 9 apps for counting calories will meet your requirements. Choose the one that interests you the most. If you discover that it’s not working for you, consider a different one. Many are completely free at the basic level, even though they may offer in-app purchases. The majority of them integrate with popular fitness trackers like Apple Watch or FitBit, and a majority of them are compatible with web browsers too. We wish you the best of success on your journey to health and we are proud that we helped discover the right calorie tracker.


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