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The 7 Best Sites to Read Comic Books for Free

You can start right away. It may also be difficult to find certain issues, especially if they are rare or old. You can read comic books online for free if you’re looking to get your hands on some comics. These sites won’t allow you to collect comic books, but they can be a great place to start new series or catch up.

Here are seven great sites where you can read comic books free of charge.

1. Digital Comic Museum

This site contains a lot of comics from the Golden Era. They are all in the public domain so they are easily accessible. To find the comic you are looking for, or to discover new titles, you can search across several comic book publishers.

You can either download any comic from the site and enjoy them at your own pace or preview them to view them online. It is easy to use and clean, so you can quickly find what you need.

2. Extra

Comic Extra is a great resource for comic book fans looking for popular series, especially those from Marvel and DC. This site has tons of scans of comic books, both old and new, so it’s likely that you will find what you are looking for.

This site has scans of high quality. It’s also easy to navigate through the comics, making it as enjoyable as possible.

3. Comixology

Comixology is one of the most popular sites for free comic books. It offers tons of different types of comics including graphic novels and indie comics. Although the site is primarily designed to sell comic books online, you can access hundreds of them by going to the Free Comics section.

You just need to add the comics that you would like to read to your cart and you will receive a digital copy at checkout. You don’t need to pay anything. Comixology Unlimited is a monthly subscription that allows you to access more comics from the site. You can also use the Comixology App.

4. Dark Horse

Dark Horse is the third-largest name in the comics industry after DC and Marvel. You can get licenses for many franchises including Stranger Things and World of Warcraft. You can find a lot of comics on their website, but there is also a large section dedicated to free comics.

Sign up now for a free account. You can then read Dark Horse comics online. If you want to read the comics offline, you can download them to your mobile device.

5. Full Comic

You will find a wide selection of comic book issues on this site, regardless of what topic you are searching for. You can just enjoy your favorite comics with no distractions.

Scans are also of high quality and can be viewed in any browser without having to download anything. If you don’t like reloading the site for every page, all the pages are on the same page.

6. Graphite Comics

This site allows you to read well-known comics, as well as a wide range of obscure or indie titles. This site is great for discovering new series or if you don’t find the right series on any other comic sites.

Browse through the collections of creators and comic publishers or browse by genre. You can subscribe to Graphite Premium for as low as 2$ per month to get even more comics and no ads. The site also has an app available for both iOS and Android.

7. Read Comics Online

Read Comics Online is another great site that offers a vast collection of comics. Browse comics alphabetically by the publisher or pick up a random comic to enjoy if you are looking for something different.

You can register on the site to have access to all it has to offer. Weekly comic book scans are posted. Each scan is high-quality and has a reader-friendly format, making it easy to read every comic.

Enjoy Comic Books Online

There are many free online comics you can choose from so that you don’t run out. No matter if you’re looking for comics from the big publishers, old-school comics, or indie comics you will be able to access them online for free on your preferred digital device.

What is your favorite comic book series? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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