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Minecraft is much more than simply a game. It’s an entire phenomenon. Although the basic game (or “vanilla” Minecraft) can be an enjoyable experience If you’ve played the game for thousands or hundreds of minutes, then you could need something different.

Here are the five most effective Minecraft mod packs that make it into a new game.

1. R.A.D. Roguelike Adventure and Dungeons

Minecraft creates a vast universe that is full of monsters, ore, and caves, yet there isn’t much benefit for exploring further than an arbitrary point. Once you’ve found the materials you require and set up a base on which to build, you’re good to go. Even the treasures found in mine shafts that are old and strongholds have little attraction.


Roguelike Adventure and Dungeons, or R.A.D., solves this issue by shifting the focus of the game away from building to exploration and battle. It features multiple levels as well as dimensional doors, as well as numerous new enemies, many of which can be extremely dangerous even for players with high levels.

In reality, enemies get stronger as you play playing. The ground, too, is secure. The plants like the Cinderbloom could ignite your house just by walking on them. R.A.D. is a complicated Minecraft mod pack that introduces all the challenges of its name to the realm of Minecraft.

It’s a great pack to get lost in however, it’ll take time to understand how different mechanics function. Thankfully, R.A.D. provides comprehensive guides in a game that which you can consult when you’re confused about the way things are done.

2. Sky Factory 4


Sky Factory is one of the most popular Minecraft mod packs on the market. The mod pack is built on the “skyblock” premise, players begin with only one piece of sky, and have to expand it outward. Sky Factory 4 is a game where Sky Factory 4, trees are the main method to gather resources. the game features a variety of different trees like coal trees, sand trees iron trees, etc.

They use the trees to collect the necessary resources until their base grows to the extent that additional game-related resources can be added. Mods such as Mekanism, Tinkerers, Better Advancements, and more comprise the entire collection of the mod pack and allow Minecraft’s Minecraft universe to life through innovative ways.

The main objective is to go through the vast list of accomplishments. This list can also serve as a sort of guide that orients players on the actions they need to take in the next. But, Sky Factory 4 isn’t an easy Minecraft mod pack. It’ll require many hours until you get to the mid-game point however, each stage of the mod is completely distinct.

The initial part of Sky Factory 4 is focused on gathering resources, but players are able to automatize the majority of this process and begin exploring new realms, improving their armor, and more. There’s a reason Sky Factory 4 is commonly seen on Twitch streams-it’s plenty entertaining to play and equally enjoyable to observe.

3. Stoneblock 2


Stoneblock is a type of mod pack that is akin to Sky Factory. Instead of starting on one stone in the sky start in a room that is below the earth, and with walls of stones. Without any tools other than your fists, you need to construct equipment and go through a series of challenges.

Similar to Sky Factory, there are numerous modifications that are included in Stoneblock. Every time you complete a quest you will receive rewards. A majority of these are random, and frequently you’ll receive items that you do not have any need at the moment (although they may be useful later on.) Another mod pack that is focused on progression can be sometimes a bit mind-bending.

There are many levels to discover, enemies to battle, and treasures to hunt. While a journey underground may appear boring, there’s plenty of variety in the game that you’ll forget you’re so far away from the sun.

Stoneblock offers a unique challenge that will keep you engaged late into the night. A word of advice: purchase torches before. Underground is dark and mobs appear in dark areas. Nothing says “Welcome to Minecraft,” as much as the surprise of a Creeper at the center the base.

4. RLCraft


If you’ve got the hang of the basics of Minecraft and are looking for something different, RLCraft is the way to start. This Minecraft mod pack offers a brutally challenging challenge, especially when you first start. It is focused on survival, and you’ll need to control your food and water, as well as temperature and many other aspects.

If you discover water, you need to cleanse it. Food must be cooked. RLCraft does not utilize the traditional Minecraft health system either. Everybody component is equipped with its own health system and an overall system to protect your head and body. Falls can cause injuries to your feet, as an attack from the enemy could damage your arms.

If an area of the body is injured, the person could end up dying regardless of the health of the rest of the body. This puts greater importance on protecting yourself with armor and making sure that the soft areas of the body are secured.

The mod pack also comes with an extensive system of skills that players can increase their skills with time, selecting the best abilities for their style of play. There are numerous new mobs as well as non-hostile ones to be discovered along with an entirely different crafting method. The ability to auto-pick up items is deactivated Instead, you need to manually take each drop.

craft isn’t the most suitable mod pack to start with due to the steep difficulty level however, it’s an excellent option for experienced players who are looking for an exciting new adventure.

5. Pixelmon


Pokemon? In Minecraft? Who would have thought of it? This is exactly the nature of Pixelmon, but. You pick a starter Pokemon and begin your quest. This sounds simple enough, however, you’ll find that the Pixelmon mod pack is a bit difficult. The first task is to locate the town since there is absolutely a Pokemon Center. The starter game will die quickly.

Pixelmon should be enjoyed with friends instead of single-player The good thing is the fact that you have a variety of servers to pick from. It is possible to build or craft your own items in Pixelmon the same way as in normal Minecraft and, in actual fact, you must. You can buy Pokeballs from Pokemarts but at the beginning of the game, they’re expensive.

You’ll find a vast range of Pokemon that are presented in a way that makes them appear as massive as they’re supposed to appear. For instance, Kangaskan and Suicune are enormous, as opposed to Patrat or Ekans which are both tiny. Take them all to gyms, or take a ride with Pokemon all over the world.

If you’re a fan of Minecraft and Pokemon you should find a local server and start playing Pixelmon. Although there are some odd glitches, it’s an enjoyable experience worth trying to see if you like it.


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