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The 15 Most Popular Google Doodle Games in 2022 (1)

A game is the best way to spend your time on your computer. You can find a great selection of Google Doodle games, whether you are taking a break from work or simply looking for a moment of relaxation.

These games don’t require sign-ups or installations. This fun Google Doodle games are a great way to get out of your report or spreadsheet.

1. Doctor Who

The 15 Most Popular Google Doodle Games in 2022 (2)

Celebrate Doctor Who’s the 50th Anniversary is a game where you can manipulate your environment to win.

First, pick your character. Next, strategize how you will move your character towards the goal. Pick a place on the path that you wish to move. To create more paths to your goal, you may have to use levers.

To spell “Google”, move through each lettered level as quickly as you can.

2. Champion Island Games

The 15 Most Popular Google Doodle Games in 2022 (2)

Champion Island Games offers mini-games such as table tennis, skateboarding, and rock climbing on an island.

To explore the island, use your arrow keys and your Space key to interact with characters and objects. For game controls, you can use the same keys from your keyboard. As a cat who wants to have fun, you can join a team and meet new people.

The ultimate goal of the mini-games is to defeat the champion and collect the sacred scrolls.

3. Halloween 2020

The 15 Most Popular Google Doodle Games in 2022 (2)

Magic Cat Doodle Academy developed a Halloween Game in 2016. This one is an incredibly fun and entertaining follow-up.

You’re once again a cat being attacked and possessed by ghosts. To defeat the ghosts, use your touchpad or mouse to draw the symbols above their heads. For a happy meow-loween, you will get a score for every successful defeat of a ghost.

Be careful. The cat has only five lives and not nine. You might enjoy playing spooky games such as this cat.

4. Quick, Draw

Quick, Draw is a great game that will improve your drawing skills.


In 20 seconds, you will be asked to draw six pictures one at a while. As you draw each picture, the “neural network” will attempt to guess what you are drawing. The “neural network” will challenge you to draw every thing from a snake and bulldozer. Be quick, but do your best!

After you are done, you will see both your drawings and the ones that you correctly guessed. For some social love, you can share your masterpieces on Facebook or Twitter.

5. Baseball


This Google Doodle game, the Baseball Challenge, is open to all levels of sports fans.

You can reach the plate by stepping up to the plate and waiting for the pitch. Then, try to hit a home run. The opposition team is made up of peanuts, while the batters consist of everything from lemonade and ice cream cones. The spectators are popcorn boxes. This makes it a pleasant day at home.

Check out how many runs you can score in a row before you say “You’re out!” Tip: Be on the lookout for curveballs!

6. Pangolin Love


Pangolin Love, a platformer for Valentine’s Day 2017, is adorable

Your arrow keys will roll your pangolin, and your Space key will jump over obstacles. As you travel through this charming adventure, collect musical notes and flowers to make a love song.

You can travel to every location, such as China or the Philippines, but you should enjoy the experience.

7. Pony Express


2015 was the 155 anniversary of Pony Express. To celebrate, you’ll get in your saddle and pick up the mail.

Pony Express is a side-scrolling adventure. Use your up and down arrow keys for the envelopes. Be aware that there will be many obstacles in your path, including trees, rivers, boulders and other obstacles.

Pony Express can help you collect as much mail as possible.

8. Basketball



This Google Doodle Basketball game will show you how many free throws it takes to score 24 seconds.

To make each shot, you’ll need your Space key. It takes some practice to get the key right. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to sink every shot and score big.

9. Garden Gnomes



Who doesn’t love a good gnome toss? This Garden Gnomes game will see you toss your gnome as far and high as possible.

To get started, choose one of the colorful Gnomes. To launch the gnome, press the Space key and then again to release it. As your gnome moves through the air, watch for bounces. You’ll see how the numbers increase the further it flies.

What distance can you throw a gnome? Only one way to find the answer!

10. Coding for Carrots

You are a rabbit looking for juicy orange treats in Coding for Carrots.


The goal is to get each carrot to the rabbit by placing the directional marker in the tray. It is important to place the markers in the right order. Loops turns and arrows are all steps in a larger process just like programming. To make your rabbit jump and navigate through each level, press Play.

Coding for Carrots was developed during Computer Science Education Week. This game marks 50 years since programming language for children was introduced.

11. Ludwig van Beethoven Puzzle


Enjoy the genius works of Ludwig van Beethoven through a music puzzle challenge.

Each piece of broken sheet music should be moved to the correct place. Once all the pieces are in their correct places, the music will start. If all pieces are correctly placed, you’ll see a checkmark and a red cross. You can also listen before placing the pieces.

You can switch the pieces until you have solved each puzzle. Then, enjoy some of your favorite Beethoven classics while simultaneously.

12. Cricket


Another Google Doodle favorite is Cricket versus Snails in an entertaining game called Cricket.

Get your bat and get on the pitch. You’ll be able to score big if you hit a long shot. You can hit a quick shot and then run between the wickets until the ball is caught. You will be amazed at how many shots you can score before you miss one.

This Google Doodle game was created in celebration of the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy.

13. Pac-Man


In the classic Pac-Man game, you must eat the dots to avoid being snatched by the ghosts.

This Google Doodle Pac-Man game will have you navigate the maze, eating up dots. You can use your arrow keys for movement and to avoid ghosts. There will also be power pellets and fruit mixed in, much like the 80s arcade game.

This game was created in celebration of the 30 th anniversary of Pac-Man. You can find similar games on websites.

14. Swing Dancing in the Savoy Ballroom


You can go back to the Swing Era in New York City’s Harlem at the Savoy Ballroom.

By pressing the correct key at the right moment, you can keep in time with the music. Pay attention to the direction of each musical note, and press the key whenever it hits. As you continue to score, keep up with the big band’s music.

Do not get distracted by the dancers, keep your eyes on the note and try to avoid getting distracted!

15. Loteria


Celebrate Loteria, the traditional Mexican game of cards.

You will be competing against four other players until you find the winner. You can search your cards to find the same picture card as each other. Place a bean on the card if you have it. You must create the pattern shown. When someone matches the pattern, the game is over.

Loteria is a game of total luck and bingo that’s similar to Bingo.

It’s your turn! What Google Doodle game will you be trying first? You can also play more games right from your browser by visiting our best FPS games.

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