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The 10 Best Sites to Watch Cartoons Online for Free

If you’re young or old enough, nothing beats the joy of a great cartoon to uplift your spirits or inspire an appreciation for the world. We’ve made our top 10 top websites to stream cartoons on the internet at no cost so get ready for a fun time.

Parents searching to find some entertainment that is free for their children, be aware that some cartoons may not be suitable for children. We’ve highlighted websites that cater only to adults, however, many streaming sites offer the two types of cartoons, which is why the supervision of a parent is always recommended.

1. YouTube


YouTube provides nearly every type of content that you could imagine which includes original cartoons and uploaded versions of classic films. Certain uploads of cartoons are illegal and are likely to be removed eventually due to copyright claims. However, some of the older cartoons are no longer able to claim copyright. This makes YouTube the ideal place to keep the old cartoons.

Certain channels, like Retro Rerun, appear to have the proper permissions to provide gratuit cartoons, with no threat of them being pulled down.

2. Adult Swim (Adults Only)

_Adult Swim (Adults Only)


Adult Swim is the source of some of the most bizarre and known animations ever created. With shows such as 12, OZ Mouse, Assy McGee, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force, to just some. Recently, they’ve gained a reputation as Rick and Morty which is an amazing show.

You can watch complete seasons of the (very many adults) shows on their website or via their app. Adult Swim app.

3. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll is dedicated to anime that originates from Japan which is commonly called animation. A majority of these shows are targeted towards adults or teens Be aware in choosing entertainment that is suitable for children.

Crunchyroll is completely free to view however, you need to pay for ads. Also, you can’t stream the most recent episodes immediately after they are released which means you’ll always be a bit behind.  Premium membership isn’t that expensive, but you should take a look at paying if enjoy this library. Crunchyroll library.

4. WB Kids


Warner Brothers Kids is a wonderful website with complete episodes from old shows like Scooby-Doo and Animaniacs. The videos are uploaded to YouTube which means you can stream the videos there. The WB Kids website categorizes the videos and makes it simple to find the content you’re searching for.

The best part is that the content isn’t locked for the USA. This means that kids from across the globe have access to enjoy!

5. Toonjet


Toonjet presents classic cartoons that aren’t available other than Toonjet. You can enjoy classics like Betty Boop, Felix the Cat, and the Looney Tunes. Another site on which the videos are uploaded to YouTube.

In addition to organizing information, this website is also a host for The Toonjet website and community.

6. Cartoon Network


There’s no list of websites for cartoons without not mentioning Cartoon Network. The home of iconic shows like The PowerPuff Girls and new hits such as The Amazing World of Gumball. The CN website has complete seasons of the shows available on the site, however, you can only view “unlocked” episodes without signing into.

To sign in, you must be a member of a television provider which has an agreement in place with Cartoon Network. If you are, the entire library is available for free.

7. Supercartoons


Super cartoons do not have the most impressive website if we’re truthful, and the ads could make it difficult to locate the player’s screen. This is until you know precisely how much you need to scroll down to find the show. You may like the simple to use buttons located at the top of the website that allows you to filter content by studio, character, or series.

8. Anime dub


This cool site offers sub-titled anime with subtitles. There are also classic cartoons as well as titles from studios like Adult Swim. The collection is diverse and intriguing, but the video player on the site and stream are a bit slow.

If you’re willing to endure a few minutes of advertisements there’s plenty to see and it’s simple to get around the library.

9. Cartoon8


Cartoon8 is a website that has many cartoons, some of which are currently in production. The handful of shows we’ve tested have top-quality video and, in general, it’s enjoyable to use If you’re not averse to the endless advertisements.

If you click on a link to begin the playback will open a pop-up advertisement. By ignoring it, you can view the video in question but it’s unsettling. That’s the cost of “free” we’d guess.

10. WatchCartoon


WatchCartoon is one of the prettiest designs of all the sites we’ve reviewed in this selection. There are numerous amazing shows available, including classics such as Denver the Last Dinosaur to brand new shows like Final Space. The website will show you the shows that are finished and ongoing.

There was a problem with some episodes that weren’t shown but there’s no evidence whether this was a temporary issue. In the majority of cases, it appears that everything seems to be in good order.

As with many cartoon sites that are free Every second click for that matter, a video player will open a pop-up ad. However, this minor inconvenience might make sense if it’s the only site where you can locate that classic cartoon you’ve always loved is right here.

Rekindle Your Nostalgia

There are numerous ways to revisit the pleasure of online cartoons. Certain sites are backed by huge names like Cartoon Network, others are possibly not the most reliable alternatives, but are the only option to view old or restricted region content. In the case of the latter website, there’s typically a short duration before the content expires however on the internet, great cartoons don’t die.

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