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Snapchat Trophies Are Gone But This Snapchat Charm List Will Help

Snapchat is among the most engaging online social networks. It’s so well-liked by users due to two reasons. One reason is Snapchat’s visual features such as filters and text that you can add when you send an email. Another factor is its reward program which provides you with rewards as you send messages to other users.

The two Snapchat friend Emojis, as well as Snapchat Trophies, were part of the system. It’s now apparent that the awards have been replaced by something known as Snapchat Charms. Let’s examine the meaning of each Snapchat Charm means, as well as how to obtain them, and what’s happened the Snapchat Trophies.

What happened to Snapchat Trophies?

Snapchat had an extremely popular feature known as Trophies. It was basically a secret reward system that allowed users to unlock badges after you completed a task within the application.

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Snapchat offered more than 50 “locked” emoticons that were the Trophies. In order to unlock these, users needed to send a set number of messages, join new acquaintances, or just confirm that your address is valid. Each user was able to access their Trophy via Snapchat’s Snapchat Trophy case.

In the most recent update Snapchat changed Trophies to something similar to Charms.

Where to Locate your Snapchat Charms

You can locate your Snapchat Charms in your friend information to other Snapchat user.

  1. Click on Snapchat on the camera’s screen.
  2. Utilize your “Search”tool to enter a particular friend’s name or visit Chat. chat
  3. Select any of the Snapchat acquaintances and then click their username.
  4. In the upper right corner locate the user’s icon or Bitmojithen click it.
  5. Scroll down until you look for the Charmsat the lower right of your friend’s profile.

Have you opened an online chat with a friend but not see numerous Charms? Here’s how you can get more.

How Do I Find Snapchat Charms

Your friends and you can have different Charms, based upon your connection. This is based on the frequency and number of snaps you send one another and how comprehensive your Snapchat profiles are.

Snapchat will award you with Charms every time you meet certain criteria. There are Charms to be awarded to your birthday, usernames, friend’s emojis, or Bitmoji.

You aren’t able to control what kind of ones or how many you’ll receive. If you’d like to discover new ways to attract attention within your circle of friends, make sure to keep snapping frequently and ensure that you keep your Snapchat profiles updated.

Complete Snapchat Charms List

Like Trophies, Charms are more individual and depend on the relationship you have with a person. They provide more information regarding the type of connection that you have with your friend such as your compatibility with astrology.

While Snapchat promises to bring additional Charms in the future but there are around 30 available currently available on the app.

Snapchat Happy Birthday Charms

As we have mentioned, certain charms can be unlocked by simply filling in with your Snapchat profile.

Astrological Signal

If you along with your friend have entered their birthdays on the birthday fields on your Snapchat accounts, you’ll receive an Astrological Sign Charm with your zodiac sign.

Astrology compatibility

Snapchat will give the charm to you when your zodiac signs match. Snapchat will also highlight your personality qualities and characteristics that are shared by both of you (according to the astrological system).

Happy Birthday Twins

When you and your friend share birthdays within this same week you can gain access to this charm called Birthday Twins. The year doesn’t matter only as you’re less than seven days apart.

Half Birthday Twins

When you and your best friend are celebrating birthdays six months apart, you receive an Half Birthday Twins Charm.

Coming Birthday

This is a gimmick that you’ll find as the birthday of your friend is near.

The Birthstone of a Friend

You’ll also find that friend’s Birthstone Charm on the list. It’s a tiny keyring that Snapchat offers to all users according to the month they were born in.

Snapchat Friendship Charms

The largest out of Snapchat Charms are the Friendship Charms. They’re those that have some connection to how frequently and how often you stay in touch via the app.

New Friends

If you’ve just created a new Snapchat account but do not have a single top acquaintance you may be eligible for the Friends Charm. Friends Charm. The charm will be displayed after you have added the new person to your list of friends.


Like the emojis for friends, you can purchase these charms with three distinct variations based on how long you’ve been a most trusted friend on the app.

Mutual BFs

In the event that you and your friend have the same best friend from the Best Friends section, you will be able to see a mutual BFs Charm show up in your profile.

Mutual Besties

This one’s a little awkward. If you’re able to get this charm, it indicates the two of you are the same top spot as Best Friend in the app. However, it’s a charm you could get accidentally.


When you begin sharing photos with your friends every day without failure, you will receive an Snapstreak Charm that has the number of days that are on it.

Snapchat Keep in Touch Charms

It’s likely that you’ll find a large number of them on Snapchat since they’re given even if you’re not in contact with anyone in any way.

The Shy Guys

If you add a person to Snapchat but don’t talk with them, you’ll notice that Snapchat Charm appear on the list.

“In Touch”

If you share photos regularly you’ll receive an In Touch Charm.

It’s been a second, it’s been a Minute and It’s been a while

Three charms that will pop up in the event that you are disconnected from one. Based on the amount of time it has been since the last contact, it’ll tell you “it’s been just a second, minute, or even a long time”. It’s Snapchat offering you a tiny cue.

This has Been Forever

In the event that you and your acquaintance on Snapchat haven’t communicated for more than a year you’ll receive this sad, It’s been Forever Charm.

Snapchat Earn Charms

When you use the app every day to share photos and stories, you can improve the Snapchat Score. If both you and your friends’ scores are at an amount that the app can award you with a Score Charm.

They are available in five different tiers , like five stars. Snap rookies, with just one star Sophomores, Masters, Heroes as well as Snap Legends with 5 stars .

There are two other special charms that aren’t suitable for all. The Snapchat Originals Charm is reserved for users who been using Snapchat since in 2013 and The employee charm is exclusive to Snapchat employees.

How To Hide and Restore Charms

You can keep your Snapchat Friendships Snapchat are not public and are just as private the Charms. You can block or restore these to the profile of your choice at any point. Learn how to remove Snapchat Charms.

  1. Locate the charm you’d like conceal.
  2. Click to one of the 3 dots in the upper right part of your Charm.
  3. Select Hide Charm.

To get the Charm back you must go into your Friendship profile. Within the Charms list, you’ll see a brand new hidden button. Click it to view all your hidden Charms and select the one you’d like restore.

Time to Make Them Feel Alluring

Snapchat is among the apps that are popular with kids, and which you must be aware about as an adult. If you aren’t a part of any of those categories but it’s still enjoyable to try an app that is new and unique.

Have you checked out these latest Snapchat Charms already? Are you satisfied with the new Charms and do you like Trophies instead of them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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