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The Snapchat score, also known as Snap Score, is a measure of points earned based on interactions with other users via the messaging and social networking app. We’ll be highlighting the components of Snapchat’s scoring system in this post.

Learn how to check and increase your Snapchat score, as well as how to check the Snap Score of your friends, and fix Snap Score-related problems.

How to check your Snapchat score

You can see your Snap Score right from your Snapchat profile page. Your Snap Score can be viewed anytime by you and your mutual friends. This is how you can check your Snap Score on the Snapchat app for Android and iPhone.

  1. Open Snapchat by tapping the profile icon and Bitmoji at the top-left corner.
  2. Your Snapchat score is the number below your Snapcode and profile name.To see your total Snaps sent and received, tap the Snapcore.02-check-your-snapscore

How to check your friend’s Snapchat score

Snapchat allows you to check your friends’ Snap Scores, just as they can do for yours. Unfortunately, there is no single scoreboard that unifies all your friends’ Snap Scores. To check your friends’ Snap Scores, you will need to go to their profiles.

  1. Open Snapchat and tap the profile image in the top-left corner. Next, tap My Friends under the “Friends” section.03-see-full-friends-list-snapchat
  2. Click on the Snap Score that you wish to verify. To open their profile screen, tap on the display photo.04-check-someone-snapchat
  3. Their Snap Score is the number that’s below their Snapchat username and display photo.05-check-snapchat-score
  4. To see a larger view, tap the Snap Score and then tap Close.05-check-snapchat-score

If you don’t have mutual friends, you won’t be able to see the Snap Score of a user. This means that you are following the user, but they aren’t following you back. Oder, they might have removed/deleted your name from their friend list.

How to increase your Snap Score

Engaging in more one-on-1 interactions with Snapchat users is the key to increasing your Snap Score. These are some tips to increase your Snapchat score.

  1. Snaps to send and receive: The faster your Snapchat score grows, the more Snaps (i.e. videos and pictures) you send and get from friends. Snapchat streaks with your friends are a great way to increase your Snapchat numbers.
  2. Share and View Stories Regularly. Stories (including private Snapchat Stories), you share and see can also have an impact on your Snapcore. Watch your Snapchat score rise by posting more stories and viewing the Stories of your friends.
  3. You can watch more Discover videos: Seeing random videos from creators and publishers in the Discover section could also help you increase your Snapchat score.07-check-snapscore

Your Snap Score will increase faster if you interact more with Snapchat users. You can’t directly influence your Snapchat score by exchanging messages.

These are the key elements that contribute to your Snap Score growth. It is impossible to tell if all of these elements have an equal impact on your Snapchat score, or if one element is more important than the other. Snapchat is the only one that knows how to calculate users’ Snap Scores using its “super-secret special equation” scoring algorithm.

What does Snapchat Score do? What purpose does it serve?

What is the purpose of a Snap Score? Are Snapchat users who have a higher Snap Score able to enjoy premium Snapchat features or specials? What if your Snapchat score is low?

Snapchat score is a fun concept that keeps you on the platform. This is a non-functional metric that shows how active you are on the platform. An award you get for being an active Snapchat user. This score will also position your profile as an engaging and active user.11-snapchat-score-calculation-algorithm

No matter how high your Snap Score is, it will not unlock any secret or special feature. It will not grant you any privileges over users with a lower Snap Score.

Snapchat Score not Updating/Increasing

If you don’t interact with your friends often, your Snapchat score could stagnate. You may even find that your score doesn’t increase if you continue engaging with friends. There is a simple trick to increase your Snapchat score: Log out of Snapchat and then reconnect to the app.08-snapchat-score-not-updating

Follow these steps to log out of Snapchat and log back in. Make sure that all snaps in your Memories have been backed up before you start. You could lose important photos and videos if you don’t back them up.

  1. Open Snapchat on Android or iOS and tap the profile image or avatar at the top-left corner.
  2. To open Snapchat’s settings menu, tap the gear icon at the top-right corner.09-snapchat-score-settings
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of your settings menu and choose Log out.
  4. A notification may appear advising you that your Memories are not yet backed up. To back up your snaps, select Backup Now so that you don’t lose any of them. To proceed, you can choose Log out Anyway.10-logout-snapchat
  1. Before you sign out of Snapchat, make sure your snaps have been backed up to Memories.You could lose your Snaps if you fail to do this.
  1. Snapchat can be closed and reopened. You can also sign in to your Snapchat account and do activities that will increase your Snapchat score.

Are Snap Score points worthless?

Snapchat scores cannot be lost. Your Snap Score won’t drop if you stop using the app for a few days or weeks. It’s important to note that Snap Scores can sometimes drop in very rare cases. This could be caused by software bugs or glitches within the Snapchat app.12-snapscore-not-updating-increasing

If you notice a drop in your Snap Score, go to your phone’s app store to update Snapchat to the most recent version. This should resolve the problem. To report an issue, you can use the Snapchat app’s Report a Problem form to make a complaint.

Get More Snapchat Points

Snap Scores can be summarized as points that you earn by engaging with other Snapchat users or using the app more often. It’s a game-changing technique. Previously, a high Snap Score will unlock Snapchat Trophies–celebratory emojis for special milestones. But Snapchat Trophies have been defunct so they don’t offer any practical or functional benefits.

Be wary of any third-party apps and websites that claim to boost Snapchat scores. They can’t genuinely increase your Snap Score, so it’s a waste of money. This could also result in your Snapchat account being banned or locked. Increase your Snapchat interactions and increase your Snap Score. This is a more genuine and effective way to increase your Snap score.


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