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simon konecki net worth

A British entrepreneur and philanthropist named Simon Konecki are thought to be worth $2 million. He is a co-founder and the CEO of the water relief organization Drop4drop. England’s London is where Simon Konecki was born.

He graduated with a business administration degree from the London School of Economics, where he studied. He subsequently spent a few years working in the City of London before helping to co-found Drop4drop in 2006. A charitable organization called Drop4drop helps underdeveloped nations with access to potable water.

More than 1.5 million individuals in need have received clean water thanks to the organization. Simon Konecki serves on the board of directors for the UK charity WaterAid in addition to his work with Drop4drop. The Teenage Cancer Fund counts him among its trustees. Adele, a singer, and Simon Konecki are parents to one kid. The wealth and sources of income of Simon Konecki will be covered in this article.

How rich is Simon Konecki?

Simon Konecki has a substantial net worth. He is the company’s founder and CEO. E-Co Energy offers sustainable energy to homes and businesses.

He is on the Climate Change Solutions Fund’s board of directors. Konecki engages in both corporate and philanthropic endeavors. He has made significant financial contributions to several organizations, including the Red Cross and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Simon Konecki Net Worth

English entrepreneur Simon Konecki co-founded the water conservation organization Drop4drop. He is well-known for having been the singer Adele’s previous husband. Simon Konecki has a net worth of $1.8 million as of 2021. Simon Konecki will have a $2 million net worth in 2022.

It is a result of investments in additional businesses and ongoing success with Drop4drop. Adele is anticipated to give Konecki a sizable portion of the divorce settlement.

Simon Konecki, who has a $2 million net worth, will keep supporting charitable causes through Drop4drop. He also plans to continue living the high life, with residences in Beverly Hills, London, and Ibiza.

Early Life

Simon Konecki, a British philanthropist and entrepreneur, is most known for being Adele’s husband. Simon Konecki was raised in a working-class home and was born on April 17, 1976, in Lewisham, England. His mother, Rosemary Konecki, worked as a secretary, while his father, Andrew Konecki, was a cab driver.

Konecki finished his education in a neighborhood comprehensive school before enrolling in the University of Sussex’s Economics program began his career after graduation by working for Goldman Sachs in the City of London.

Afterward, he made a career change and co-founded the nonprofit organization Drop4drop, which delivers clean water to people in underdeveloped nations. Konecki and Adele started dating when she first met him in 2011.

In 2016, the couple secretly wed, and they are parents to one kid. Konecki is a low-key individual who would rather stay out of the limelight than concentrate on his charitable endeavors. He has spoken out on the need for businesses to be more sustainable and is a fervent supporter of social and environmental causes.

Simon Konecki is committed to improving the world. He raises money and exposure for significant causes through his work with organizations and his marriage to Adele. He is a motivating illustration of the impact one person can have.


The Thecco-foundCEOdCEO of the water and sanitation nonprofit Drop4drop is Simon Konecki. In addition, he has experience in investment banking, having held positions at Lehman Brothers and Nomura.

Konecki was reared in Sussex after being born in London Before attending the University of Bristol to study politics and economics, he attended Dorset House School. He worked in investment banking at Lehman Brothers and Nomura after graduating.

Konecki co-founded the water and sanitation nonprofit Drop4drop in 2010. The nonprofit offers hygienic facilities and clean water to underserved people all around the world. Almost 1 million individuals have received clean water via Drop4drop to this point. Konecki is a passionate philanthropist as well.

He gave £1 million to The Prince’s Trust in 2013, the organization that hats that young person in finding employment. Together with these organizations he has donated money to Save the Children and WaterAid.

Personal Life

Adele’s husband, businessman Simon Konecki, is also a singer. Together, they have a son named Angelo who was born in October 2012. After completing his schooling at Eton College, Konecki enrolled at the University of Bristol to pursue studies in economics and history. After graduating from college, Konecki spent a few years working in the City of London before starting his own company, Eco-Age, which offers advice to businesses on how to be more environmentally friendly.

Also, he has worked as a producer for movies and documentaries. Adele and Konecki began dating in 2011, and they made their engagement public in September 2012. In 2016, they were wed in secrecy.

Konecki is a quiet parent and spouse who likes to avoid the limelight. He frequently appears tatAdele’s performances and award ceremonies since he supports her work.


The British businessman and philanthropist Simon Konecki. He is a co-founder and the CEO of the water real relief organizationop4dropp. Ecover is the name of his range of green cleaning supplies.

In 1976, Simon was born in London. Rosemary Konecki is his mother and Andrew Konecki is his father. He received his education at several tables’ institutions, including the London School of Economics and Eton College. Simon worked in a variety of fields after graduating, including banking, music, and fashion.

He ultimately made his way into the philanthropic and social entrepreneurial fields. Simon co-founded Drop4drop, a nonprofit that helps people throughout the world have access to safe water, in 2010.

About 1 million people have received clean water because ofeoffDrop4drop’s assistance in nations like Ethiopia, India, and Nepal. In addition to his work with Drop4drop, Simon serves as the CEO of Ecover, a manufacturer of environmentally friendly cleaning supplies.

Simon Konecki’s Income Source

Adele’s spouse, Simon Konecki, is thought to be worth $2 million. Konecki makes money in several ways. His wife is a best-selling artist and he has a prosperous business career.

Adele is thought to be worth $180 million. Her album sales exceed 100 million, and she has received countless honors including 15 Grammy Awards.

In addition, Simon Konecki makes money through his real estate holdings and investments. He is the owner of many homes in the US and the UK, including a $5 million Los Angeles residence. He also has shares in several companies, including a winery and a clothing brand.

Konecki makes money from his charitable endeavors as well. Via We Are Here and Drop4drop, he has raised millions of dollars for charitable causes. Also, he has taken part in well-known charity events including the One and Red Nose Day Campaigns.

Simon Konecki may lead a lavish lifestyle thanks to his money. He and Adele have multiple residences, including a $7 million Beverly Hills estate. They also have a fleet of vehicles, which includes a Bentley, a Porsche, and a Range Rover.

Konecki’s money enables him to generously contribute back to the community. He has given millions of dollars to charity and is a tremendous philanthropist. Also, he actively supports issues like clean water and education.

Simon Konecki Financial Journey

Simon Konecki Net Worth In 2022

Simon Konecki began his profession as a trader at the age of barely 17.

He was then employed as the director of EBS, a division of the trading juggernaut Icecap, after managing the senior broker team at Lehman Brothers.

With his business, he collaborates with Bear Grylls and Tom Parker-Bowles. He chose to partner with his college friend Lucas White in 2005 when he realized he wanted to launch his own company.

They both founded the nonprofit organization Drop4drop, which works to provide clean water in the world’s most impoverished nations.

And afterward, in addition to his talent for philanthropy, he developed an interest in other commercial activities.

Assets of Simon Konecki

Simon Konecki is a man with a lot of priceless possessions. His residence is the most well-known of these.

The home of Simon Konecki was situated on 30,000 square feet of property in London, California. There were fifteen bathrooms and nine bedrooms in the residence.

Simon Konecki enjoys the newest movies and has a nice collection of cars. He does not, however, actually purchase each automobile he likes.

Why Simon Konecki is Wealthy?

Simon Konecki is a wealthy and successful guy thanks to his numerous investments, business endeavors, and other activities.

Simon Konecki has several investments in all the areas where a guy may make money. His firm provides him with a sound cushion to test out his other business ideas.

Thus, it makes sense that this man is rich.

FAQs on Simon Konecki’s net worth

What did Simon Konecki do for a living?

A global water charity called Drop4drop is led by Simon Konecki. Also, he was a founding member of the Adele charity effort, which helped countless organizations by raising millions of pounds.

After completing his studies at Eton College, Konecki attended the University of Bristol to study economics and history. He briefly worked in the City before helping to co-found the popular online retailer of apparel in 2000. He founded numerous additional enterprises after leaving the organization in 2006, including a social media platform and a green investment fund.

Konecki has now mostly disappeared from the public spotlight, yet they continue to be active in several enterprises. He also enjoys giving back to the community and founded the organization Drop4drop to help people across the world get access to clean water.

Is Simon Konecki remarried?

Fans have questioned if Simon had remarried after the news of Adele and her husband Simon Konecki’s separation broke. Simon has not remarried, is the response. It doesn’t necessarily imply that he isn’t involved though.

Recently, Simon was seen out and about with model Lara Stone, his new love interest. The two have been sighted out on dates several times since they were first pictured together in January. It appears that Simon has moved on from Adele and is content in his current relationship even if he may not get wedded.

Conclusion on Simon Konecki’s net worth

The artist Adele’s ex-husband, Simon Konecki, is thought to be worth $2 million. The majority of his fortune stems from his prosperous career in business as the co-founder of the water conservation organization Drop4drop. In addition to his commercial endeavors, Konecki has a large number of luxury vehicles and investment properties.

Simon is a driven social entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is committed to changing the world, and he is always considering fresh approaches to do so.

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