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Where Does the Acronym PAWG Come From and Can I Use It in Work Emails?

Nowadays it is very common to use abbreviations and acronyms instead of using complete phrases and sentences. Every day, people come up with more and more abbreviations of phrases. So as every day with more and more abbreviations, it is very difficult to tell which abbreviation is appropriate to use. PAWG is the latest addition to these abbreviations that became very popular in a very short time. But what is the meaning of PAWG? and is it appropriate to use this acronym?

What Does PAWG Mean?

What Does PAWG Mean

The meaning of the abbreviation “PAWG” is “phat ass white girl”. This slang is mostly used on the internet on different media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, and it is used to describe a big butt white woman. People also use another acronym of PAWG that is called PHAT. The meaning of Phat is “pretty hot and tempting” and it is used to show someone that the person is pretty hot and tempting.

These acronyms are supposed to be a compliment for someone but in the perspective of many people, these phrases are often considered to be offensive and sexist.

Where Does PAWG Come from?

People around the world are using this slang for almost twenty years. In recent years, this slang has become famous super steadily. There is no record of its origin but according to the records from the Urban Dictionary, this slang was first used on July 29th, 2004.

In many people’s opinions, PHAT and PAWG are both identical words and both of them have the same origin. PHAT got popular because of its usage in rap music in the late 90s and it is also said that PAWG also got the same start.

Nowadays, PAWG is used very commonly used in the adult film industry and it is also used for celebrities or models with the same physical features as the slang meaning. Kim Kardashian and her sisters are very famous as PAWG. Many people also uses this slang for their favorite Instagram models.

Can we use this slang in an official Work Email?

As know, we know the meaning of PAWG, this slang should never be used in any type of professional work. If you want to get terminated or at least want to get a warning notification from the HR department, then you can use it in your professional email otherwise don’t do it. We recommend you to use this slang only in an unofficial setting, like in casual conversations in friends gatherings, etc. You should not use it in conversations with your colleagues even if your relations with your colleagues are good but still, you are in a professional place. This slang can easily hurt someone, for example, never use this slang on a female coo worker otherwise it will cause you some serious problems.

When is PAWG Acceptable to Use?

You can use the PAWG plan in your friend circle. Some people also believe that this type of slang should never be used anywhere and anytime because of its sexist feel toward females. This word is mostly used on social media platforms where people didn’t know each other or on adult websites.

If you are planning to use this slang then you should be very causious because who knows maybe that person gets angry and gives a bad reaction to it. Make sure that you know that person very well and you should also know about their behavior. If you really want to use thing slang then use it on that person who also has used this word before or that person uses similar meaning slang.

You can use this phrase freely at that place that creates this type of phrase. One of these places in social media.

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