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Oculus has taken the decision to cut the price for their (formerly) most popular VR headset The Rift S. It’s currently priced at the exact price as the basic Oculus Quest 2. 64GB Oculus Quest 2.

If you’re planning to venture into VR this can be complicated. In the end, if they’re both at the same cost, which do you pick which one? It’s not a simple decision, however, there are some crucial points of comparison that every person trying to decide between the two options must be aware of.

The Quest 2 has More Options

The Oculus Quest 2 features a significant differentiator over its predecessor. It was developed as an individual VR headset. It is also designed to be the only one available from Oculus sales.


If you purchase the Quest 2 you not only have access to an amazing collection of well-curated and curated VR experiences but also gain access to a world of the best-connected PC virtual reality experiences. With a USB connection with sufficient performance and quality, the Quest turns into what’s basically the Oculus Rift. Quest 2 (and Quest 2 (and Quest 1 in particular) are also equipped with controller-free direct hand tracking. This is a completely novel and unique method to experience VR.

It’s the Oculus Rift S in contrast is only able to function as a PC VR tethered headset. It shares an inside-out tracking system like Quest 2. Quest 2, but other than that, they don’t have many things in the way of features. In contrast to Quest 2 can go anywhere and do anything, the Quest 2 can go anywhere and do whatever it is not able to travel anywhere. Rift S is chained to a PC.

The Advantage of Specification Is Mixed

The specs of the VR headset aren’t telling all the story of making use of it, there are a lot of similarities in the specs of these two headsets.


The Rift S has a slightly larger resolution display, however, Quest 2 has newer, more sophisticated displays and lenses. The view field between both headsets is similar and also, however, the controllers on the Quest 2 are more sophisticated and modern.

Overall the headsets will be able to provide the same VR experience in general in the event that we confine ourselves to the basic elements of hearing, sight, and control.

The Quest 2 will likely get New Features

When the first Quest was launched, the developers at Oculus continued to develop new features. We received as well features like the Oculus Link and hand tracking features in software updates. It appears that the same is true with Quest 2. Oculus promises to release an update that will increase the panel’s speed to 120 Hz and substantial enhancements are being made to the software on a regular basis.

It’s true that the Rift S isn’t likely to discover any new tricks. Of course, any new technology within the PC VR arena can improve it easier to make the Rift S experience better. Don’t forget the fact that Quest 2 will share in the rewards of any PC VR software enhancements.

The Rift S is a promise of additional Relaxation

The most notable difference between these two models is the way they connect to your face. For instance, the Rift S uses a halo band, which you’ll be able to see on other headsets like the PlayStation VR and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. It’s a durable and comfortable way to connect a VR headset, and we recommend this whenever we can.

The head strap and the face cushion in the Quest 2 are a significant improvement over the original model, however, there are some compromises. Because this Quest 2 has to remain lightweight and compact the idea of a solid halo-style headband will not work.

However, there are many alternative straps available on the market. The Oculus-designed Elite Strap is a solid strap that provides more cushioning and balance. However, it also means it is more expensive as compared to the Rift S. Then again you’ll need to buy an entire PC along with a Rift S, so perhaps it’s not an unfair comparison.

The Rift Price is The Beginning of the Rift

If you purchase the Oculus Quest 2 you don’t need to spend any additional cash on hardware. Simply log in, purchase several games and play. It’s a comprehensive, all-in-one device. It’s possible to connect it to the PC and then play PC VR titles, but If you’re not interested and don’t want to, you’re not required to connect it.

When you purchase a Rift S, you also require a complete gaming computer to accompany it. If you own a gaming computer that can play it’s a non-issue issue, but if do not, it will add hundreds or even thousands in dollars cost of owning.

There’s a reason why the Rift S Is Being Discontinued However, is it really that important?

A crucial fact to be aware of before purchasing either of the headsets mentioned above is Oculus has already thrown out every model of the headset, except for their Quest 2 headset. Quest 2. It appears that each new version of the Oculus headsets is going to be one of the Quest.

It doesn’t mean Oculus has decided to end its support of Rift S, however. Rift S however. In fact, the Quest will be able to work with that same computer VR software So you can be sure that you’re getting the Rift S will keep working for years to come.

There is always a degree of risk when you purchase the latest model However, we do not believe in this particular situation that it’s a major aspect. The Rift S is a peripheral and not an all-in-one gadget. If all you want is PC VR, then it’s the Rift S will stay relevant much longer Quest.

If the internals of Quest 2 becomes too outdated the only use it will have in the future will be as a PC VR headset, which will place it on a level playing field with Rift S. Rift S.

Both have Facebook bags

Whatever headset you pick for your headset from Oculus or not, you’ll need to face the controversial choice of creating the requirement of a Facebook account compulsory for every Oculus user. What’s the issue for you is up to you.

If you have an existing Facebook account, you might not be concerned. But, be aware of this change! A few users have succeeded in over the Facebook requirements on Quest 2, but this could lead to getting your account blocked or your headset removed from the store.

In the case of Rift S, Rift S things are a bit better since it’s possible to utilize the Open Source HMD driver. However, this has its drawbacks in regards to performance and stability.

We agree with Oculus

After Oculus realized its potential in Oculus Link and the Quest 1, the writing was written in the sand. We believe they made the right decision by combining their headsets into a single unit that converges. The majority of people, the majority often, will go with using the Quest 2 over the Rift S in our opinion. Even with the expense of the premium Strap accessory Quest, 2 is more affordable. Quest 2 offers a better overall value. If you don’t really care about standalone VR and locate a Rift S for a significantly cheaper price than the Quest 2, only then can we recommend it.

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