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Errs and customers alike to have their Amazon accounts locked. Customers could lose their Amazon orders or be locked out of other services, such as Fire and Kindle. Sellers can suffer as their business isn’t able to function until the problem is fixed.

You’ve found the right place if you are looking for a way to unlock your Amazon account. This article will explain why your Amazon account was locked and how you can fix it.

5 Reasons Your Amazon Account Was Locked

If you receive the “Your Amazon Account is Locked, and Orders are On Hold,” don’t panic.

Amazon accounts are locked to prevent fraud and unauthorized transactions. Amazon has put up a system to detect certain suspicious activities immediately. Here are some reasons why your Amazon Account might be locked.

1. False information to Amazon

Fake information is the number one reason Amazon accounts are locked. Amazon offers many ways to verify that you have not provided false information, such as shipping address, billing address, or name.

2. Unusually high order volume for a new account

Amazon’s anti-fraud system detects unusual activity, such as high orders for new accounts. Limiting your order volume to 30 per day during the initial weeks of activating an account is one way to avoid this safety net.

3. Returns in high volume

Amazon also monitors the average return rate of its products. Amazon charges for shipping, although returns are generally free to buyers. Please be mindful of the time it takes to return products and work to reduce those times.

4. Unusual gift cards activities

One of the most effective ways that stores can attract customers is through gift cards. Amazon is strict about gift cards and attempts to regulate them as much as possible. It’s best not to purchase a gift card if you just created an Amazon Prime Account until you have a track record on this platform.

5. Use Different IP addresses for different locations

If you open an Amazon account from different locations and use different IP addresses, Amazon may assume that your account was hacked. This is especially true if you receive orders from outside your normal operational area. Don’t share your Amazon account with anyone else.

How To Fix Your Amazon Account Locked Issue

Amazon will usually give you the reason your account was locked. If you find out why your account was closed, you can prove that you didn’t do anything wrong to unlock it.

These are the steps to contact Amazon and upload relevant documents to support your case.

1. Email Amazon to Contact Us

When your account is locked, the first thing you need to do is check if Amazon has sent you any emails. You can respond to an email sent by an account specialist directly via email.


Attach all documents and information requested by the account specialist. You can continue with these steps if you have not received any email regarding the matter.

  1. Navigate to your preferred browser and go to the Amazon
  2. Click Need Help?
  3. Next, click on Other issues to sign in.
  4. Next, choose Account & login problems.Next, click on I cannot sign into my account.
  5. Send an email detailing the problem and asking for it to be reopened.Amazon should reply within 24 hours with details about the next steps.

2. Call Amazon to contact them

If you are from the United States, call +1 (206) 266-2992. For those who live in other countries, call 1-888-230-4331. If you are a Prime member, the answering machine will ask you which account type you use.

Next, follow the instructions of the supervisor during verification. You can also explain the situation and explain why locking your account was wrong.

Most cases, the supervisor/account specialist will require the customer to submit certain documents or information.

  • Your Amazon account number.
  • A bank statement containing the debit or credit card used for payment. You may be asked to provide your Billing Address.
  • If you had to have your account closed due to a gift card receipt,
  • You must provide proof of your default shipping address, such as your water or electricity bill.

3. Chat Live with Support

  1. You can contact support via an online chat if you need an alternative method to reach Amazon. This is how you contact Amazon via this channel.
  1. Log in to Amazon. After logging in, click the Contact Us button.
  2. Next, click on the Start chatting now button. You can then create a message detailing your problem and the time it occurred.
  3. Amazon will then send you an account specialist who will request verification details.
  4. You can directly type the requested information. You can send documents as an attachment, or by email.
  5. After your case has been reviewed and verified, your account should be reinstated within a few hours or days.

4. Amazon allows you to upload documents directly

You can unlock your account by providing the documents necessary to prove your name, shipping address, billing addresses, and other pertinent information. Before you send these documents, ensure that you are using an Amazon-registered email address.

  1. Enter your credentials to open your email.
  2. Look for the confirmation email from your last order dispatch.
  3. To temporarily access your account, click the link.The order details should not be displayed.
  4. You can open one of the product pages to purchase it.If the “Your Amazon Account is Locked, and Orders are On Hold” message appears, you have done well so far.
  5. Click the Add button.
  6. All documents are required.

Chat and phone calls are the best ways to contact Amazon as there is always a customer representative available. Although it is faster and can take up to two working days for a response, email is still a viable option.

We don’t recommend that you fax your concern as it could not be sent to the right department. Your account can be unlocked within a few days or weeks depending on the severity of the violation and the channel through which you communicated with Amazon.

How to Avoid Amazon Account Locking

Here are some best practices to reduce the chance of Amazon locking down your account in the near future.

1. Avoid Using Prime Service

Dropshipping businesses should not use Amazon Prime. Amazon pays for shipping fees, so they take it more seriously than other services.

2. Buy Low-Cost Products Only

After creating your account, don’t purchase expensive items immediately. To minimize your losses, you should start with low-cost purchases.

3. Limit gift card transactions to $200 per day

Amazon does not want to see too many gift card transactions especially from new accounts. Limiting the amount of gift cards that you can redeem will help you avoid triggering Amazon’s anti-fraud detection system.

4. Use VPN to create backup accounts

Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN), if you need to access your account from outside of your country of origin.

Multiple accounts can reduce the chance of your business being temporarily shut down if one account is locked. Delete your old account if it remains locked.

Amazon Account Unlockable No More

You must comply with the terms of service of Amazon once they have restored control of your account. If you are an Amazon seller, it is important to inform your customers about this issue and assure them that it has been fixed.

To ensure everything is correct, make sure you double-check your billing information, billing address, and linked credit card.


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