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For several months, trying to run TikTok with a PC was a difficult task. We had to resort to odd desktop applications or to find workarounds using Android emulators however, that time is now over.

TikTok has finally launched an official TikTok PC application and it’s accessible right from a web browser. In the majority, it functions similar to what it does on mobile devices, but it’s necessary to learn how to navigate the layout of desktops which may be a bit difficult initially. Some features aren’t available and it’s an excellent starting point for those who use desktops.

If you’d rather use a computer, you could also visit our YouTube channel where we have made a short video describing how to move to the other channel to learn how how to use Tiktok on a PC and the features available.

How to Browse TikTok on Your PC

To use TikTok from your computer, go to After you’ve logged in then hit on the “Watch Now button to begin. You’ll now be able to access TikTok from your computer.

You can search by clicking on every video tab on the popular homepage to stream it and simply click explore in the very top left to access additional videos.

There is a chance that the functionality of the app is somewhat restricted. It isn’t possible to lookup certain keywords or tags however, there’s an alternative. If you’d like to find a specific tag, just click the URL bar at the upper right of this page. You can then enter the address as follows:


Unfortunately, the functionality is restricted to allow for more installations to mobile devices, which means it’s the only option to get past the typical current trending tags.

In the meantime, for now, these are the most common alternatives you’ll have to utilize to navigate TikTok on your computer. We believe that TikTok will be a limitation on the functionality of your PC for some time to come, therefore, you’ll want to save this page for the event that you’re required to follow our instructions for the second time.

How to Upload TikTok videos and access your Account on a PC

Upload videos to TikTok from your computer via the main website. The functions are similar to that of the mobile application if you follow the steps in the following. The first step is to visit and click “Watch Now” if you haven’t done so already.

Once you’ve done that, select the upload option in the upper right corner, and select the login option that you’ve previously used to sign in to your account previously. In case you’re unfamiliar with TikTok You can also make use of other social networks like Twitter and Instagram to log in and establish an account.

We strongly suggest downloading the TikTok application first, then setting up your account in the app since you’ll be able to control your account within the app itself. Download the TikTok iOS application right here and you can download the Android application here. If you’re looking to master the basics, learn how to make use of TikTok on your mobile here.

After you’ve signed in and signed in, you can begin uploading your videos. Just click the upload button located at the top of the screen any time to begin. Then you’ll be taken onto the upload webpage. Click Choose an Upload to Upload a Video to upload to take you to your File Browser on your PC. Select a video that you’d like uploading, and then double click to begin uploading.

It is important to note that the video should not exceed 60 seconds long and resolution of 720×1280 or higher. Videos that are shot in portrait mode are always more effective however, landscape videos can upload as well. If a video shot in landscape mode is played, it will display black bars that appear above and below the video.

When your video is uploaded there are a few options to change the description, add tags to users and even add hashtags. Select either the symbols @ or # and you’ll be able to type in search of hashtags.

As you type, suggestions will pop up. This is helpful if you need to locate the most popular hashtags. The results will reveal the number of TikTok videos that have been uploaded on each hashtag. It is possible to read the TikTok Marketing guide for assistance in choosing hashtags.

The most powerful TikTok editing capabilities are unavailable in the interface. You can’t choose music which is one of the most popular features on TikTok and you can’t make captions for the video. But for those who have trouble uploading regularly on their mobiles, It’s an excellent alternative.

If you’re looking to test and experience all the features of TikTok another option is to install the Android emulator on your computer. This way, you’ll be able to install the mobile application within the emulator and gain accessibility to the entire feature set.

This method has its own challenges but. TikTok frequently crashes or doesn’t respond when you attempt to upload via an emulator. The developers attempt to block using emulators so it’s not certain if it’ll work.

Will the Full TikTok functionality be available on Desktop In the near future?

TikTok follows the same approach as Instagram in the way they offer access via the browser. It is designed in order to increase the number of app downloads.

However, TikTok’s desktop users will never have the amazing video editing tools that are available for mobile users. In addition uploading content using Android emulators isn’t always successful. There is a myriad of Microsoft Store apps that claim to provide TikTok capabilities on the desktop However, through our investigations we’ve yet to discover one that truly is effective.

What is this all about? You’ll either have to accept the basic functionality of TikTok’s main TikTok website If TikTok is essential to your social or professional life, you’ll have to alter your workflow to ensure that you are able to transfer videos from and to your mobile device and upload them to the site.

Did our tutorial on using TikTok on your PC assist you? Please share your thoughts with us or get help by leaving a message below.


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