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How to Use Google Docs in Dark Mode

The default setting for Google Docs is Google Docs uses the light theme. However, the dark mode is recommended when you use your device in the dark or in low light. The dark mode is one option of lessening eye strain in addition to employing the blue filter or changing the brightness of your display without taking the battery out of your device..

This guide will show you how to utilize Google Docs in dark mode for mobile and desktop devices. Make sure to enable dark mode in Online Tech Tips by clicking the toggle on the top right!

How to enable Dark Mode on Google Docs

Google Docs lacks a built-in option to enable and utilize dark mode or a night-themed desktop. If you’re using the Chrome browser Dark mode is a feature that is hidden behind the Chrome flag that allows you to access different settings for your browser, and also test the upcoming Chrome features.

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Notice: Chrome flags may not be accessible to all users and may alter the browsing experience.

Additionally changing this flag will impact each website you visit, so be aware. Each site will be forced to go into the dark mode, regardless of whether it supports the site or not. Personally, I found it somewhat overwhelming for me, as it rendered Gmail completely black, as well as several other websites I use. Below, I’ve included two alternatives purely to using Google Docs itself.

  1. Enter the address chrome://flags within the address field in the Chrome browser, and then hit
  2. Enter “Force Dark Mode within the search bar.force-dark-mode2 force dark mode2 1
  3. Choose “Enabled” in the dropdown menu beside the option to force dark mode for web Contents.dark-mode-enabled3
  4. Keep any work saved in your browser and choose Relaunch to apply the modifications.04-how-to-use-google-docs-in-dark-mode-relaunch4
  5. If Google Docs reopens Google Docs site reopens, it will be in dark mode and the font’s color will be

Alternately, you can install an extension for your browser from a third party to activate dark mode in Google Docs. Dark Mode and Google Docs Dark Mode are among the top Chrome extensions that allow dark mode on desktops because they’re simple to use with no complicated configurations. For those using your Firefox browser, you could use this darkdocs browser extension to make dark Google Docs.

  1. To open the Chrome browser, navigate through the Dark Mode Chrome extension page, then select the option to add it to
  2. Choose Extension to be
  3. Choose the white toggle button on the right-hand side of the display to switch off or enable the dark

Allow Dark Mode to be enabled on Google Docs on Android Devices

Its Google Docs app on your Android device lets you change between dark and light modes. You can turn on a dark mode that is system-wide across all applications that run on an Android device, however, If you want only dark mode for Google Docs, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to Google Docs and tap the
  2. Make sure to tap the Settings.10-how-to-use-google-docs-in-dark-mode-dark12
  3. Tap Select the theme.10-how-to-use-google-docs-in-dark-mode-dark
  4. Select Dark to use Google Docs in dark

Allow Dark Mode to be enabled within Google Docs on iOS Devices

You can also utilize Google Docs in dark mode on your iPhone or iPad. Google has added dark mode to G Suite on iOS and iPad, which also includes Google Sheets and Google Slides.

Everyone G Suite users, both personal or professional can now access the dark setting on iPhone and iPad devices that have the most recent versions of Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

  1. Start the Google Docs application on your iPhone.
  2. Tap the Menu on the left corner of the display.
  3. Make sure to tap the Settings.
  1. Tap Theme.
  1. Choose the Dark.

The dark theme will automatically alter your documents to conform to the theme, which improves the way you look at your work.

Allow Dark Mode to be enabled to Make it easier to read

Once you’ve got Google Docs in dark mode look up more information on making use of Google Docs, like adding the signature or changing the orientation to landscape to format larger documents such as presentation slides or posters.

If you prefer Google Docs in dark mode then you should check out our guide on how to activate dark mode on Windows 10, dark mode on macOS, dark mode for YouTube, and dark mode for lots of Google apps on Android.

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