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How to Use Copper in Minecraft

Long-time Minecraft players know the various kinds of building blocks found in Minecraft such as stones, wood and sand, iron, and much more. The 1.17 update introduced a new kind of material called copper. Copper isn’t a suitable material to create tools such as swords or axes. However, it provides a wide range of options for both functionality and aesthetics.

Copper is the first block to make use of the weathering component. Although its uses are very limited, there’s plenty of potential for this block and Mojang is likely to increase the use of copper as the game develops.

Where to Find Copper In Minecraft


Copper isn’t an uncommon substance found in Minecraft. It’s more prevalent than iron and is produced everywhere in the Overworld however it is typically located between Y47 and Y48. In the Java version of Minecraft, Copper ore tends to be found six times in veins that range from one to sixteen blocks.

Copper blocks are able to replace other blocks in the course of a generation. If a copper vein is born inside a deep slate, the block will become a deeper slate block of copper. Despite the distinct names deep slate and regular copper function identical.

If it is mined, a block can drop from 2 to 3 pieces raw copper. If you mine using an enchanted pickaxe Fortune the block could drop as many as 12 pieces of copper in a block.

How to Use Copper In Minecraft

Raw copper has to be melted down like every other raw ore, using a furnace or Blast Furnace. One piece of raw copper produces one ingot.

Copper is a great material for the creation of these three major objects:

  1. Spyglass
  2. Lightning Rod
  3. Copper Block

The latest items serve different roles:

  • Utilizing the Spyglass with the Spyglass, you can focus in on an area that you can view in your field of vision this can be useful in the search for an Nether Fortress or village. It’s important to note that it won’t erase the fog however. If you’re trying to find something near the edge of your vision The Spyglass will not help you see blurred objects.
  • Lightning Rod Lightning Rod diverts lightning to one area within a certain distance. The rod also produces a signal in redstone which means that if you are looking to build a machine built around lightning then it is the Lightning Rod is the best option. Its range of operation is 128 blocks in the Java edition, or 64 blocks x 64 x 64 within its Bedrock edition.
  • Copper Blocks Block of copper Block could be described as a beautiful object that you can put down to construct structures. It is unique in the sense that it will oxidize over time. When exposed to the elements, it’ll gradually turn green until it completely green. It is possible to place Beeswax paper over the copper to stop the oxidation.


It is also possible to place the four Blocks of Copper in a 2 x 2 grid on the Crafting Table to create Cut Copper. It’s a decorative block and it’ll be oxidized over time at the same rate as an actual Block of Copper will.

How to Craft a Spyglass

Making Spyglass Spyglass requires the Crafting Table, one Amethyst Shard, and two copper ingots.

Put these two Copper Ingots in the bottom-middle and middle section of a 3-by-3 crafting table. Place an Amethyst Shard at the top middle.

How to Craft a Lightning Rod

The process of making a Lightning Rod requires a Crafting Table and three copper ingots.

Within a three-dimensional crafting grid, put Copper Ingots on a grid from the top to the bottom.

Lightning Rods are able to be placed on top of objects or underneath them, or on the blocks’ sides.

How to Craft a Block of Copper

To make the Block of Copper, you will require a Table for crafting, a Crafting Table, and nine copper ingots.

Fill in the crafting grid ingots. You can make multiple Copper Blocks at a time when you have enough ingots.

If you are planning to use Copper Blocks as decorative features, remember that it will take between 50 and 82 game days for the copper to become oxidized completely. After a block is oxidized it is possible to change it back to normal by using an Axe in order to “scrape” it clean.

Copper-Related Achievements

If you’re one who likes to chase the highest levels through games Minecraft has added one achievement that is copper-related during an update recently. It’s known as Wax On and Wax Off. The words are a bit unclear: it says that you need to apply and then remove the wax from all copper blocks.

This means that you have to remove and apply the copper block’s wax at each stage of the process of oxidation. There are four phases that are clearly defined in the game:

  • Block of Copper
  • Exposed Copper
  • Weathered Copper
  • Oxidized Copper

Blocks of Copper left to oxidize gradually change between one and one of them as time goes by. If you’re interested in achieving the goal create three Blocks of Copper. Put them on the outside, then apply the wax to the first and then remove it. The block will keep on becoming oxidized. Take note of each time you apply the wax until it has reached each stage.

It is necessary to have three blocks since when you remove the wax from one of them, it will be restored to its original condition and you’ll have to start over.

There is no use for copper in Minecraft, however, many players are asking for Minecraft and Mojang to incorporate copper tools into the game as an alternative other than stone, wood iron, diamond and. What happens next? It’s unclear — however, given the fact that a lot of updates are being planned for Minecraft, it’s worth keeping in mind the notepads for patch notes.


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