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Zoom has the upper hand even in the face of virtual meeting apps like Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Google Meet GoToMeeting, and many other businesses. It was among the first apps that offered breakout rooms. That feature is among the most popular reasons for people to use Zoom. Zoom continues to roll out new features for breakout rooms such as giving attendees the ability to change among breakout areas.

Similar to small group sessions in meetings in person, breakout rooms on Zoom permit subsets participants to meet in smaller groups of as many as 50 participants. Based on the way in which the organizer of the meeting sets up the breakout rooms, attendees can either return to the main meeting space or change rooms. breakout space.

We’ll show you how to switch between breakout rooms within Zoom depending on regardless of whether you’re the organizer or attendee.

Zoom’s self-selecting breakout rooms

It’s been less than one year since Zoom launched its self-selecting break room feature. Prior to this, the host of the meeting and the co-host (if given the option) had been the sole persons that could assign attendees to a breakout space. With the latest update, the host is now able to activate the self-selecting breakout room option, which allows attendees to be able to move between various breakout rooms without assistance from the host or co-host.breakout-session

It is important to note that both the attendees and the host need to be using Zoom Version 5.3.0 or higher for self-selecting breakout rooms. The launch of this option has opened the way for online conferences and meetings which allow participants to choose the location they would like to meet.

Imagine that you’re at an online meeting in which employees debate various aspects of a new product’s launch. There could be multiple breakout rooms devoted to product design and sales, marketing, and customer service. If the self-selecting breakout room option is activated and you’re able to shift from room to room to be part of every discussion.

Set up Self-Selectable Breakout Rooms within Zoom in the role of Host

The person who hosts the Zoom meeting is in control. If you’re a meeting organizer ensure that you’ve created breakout rooms in your account prior to scheduling the meeting. To allow breakout rooms:

  1. Log into the account you have created with your Zoom login at
  2. In the administration menu on the left choose Account Management,>> Settings for your account.
  3. In the Meeting (Advanced)section, mark the box to the hosts to assign attendees to breakout rooms during planning.
  4. Then, from the menu on the left side, near your profile picture, choose the Meetings to be scheduled

Once you’ve disabled breakout rooms generally you are able to schedule your meeting the same way usual. After the meeting has begun you can activate the auto-selecting breakout room feature. Here’s how:

  1. Choose the Breakout Roomsbutton on the toolbar of meetings. If you don’t see it you may have to click more. more (…)
  2. Within the Create Breakout Rooms popup menu, choose Rooms for participants to choose..
  3. Click on the Create

Being the hosts, this is the only thing you have to do to permit participants at your event to choose their own breakout spaces. You’ll be able to let them select a room after you have opened your breakout spaces.

How do I switch between Breakout Rooms in Zoom while an Attendee

If you’re part of a Zoom meeting that features self-selecting breakout rooms, you are in charge of the breakout room you choose to join. When you’ve opened the breakout rooms, an announcement stating Join the breakout roomwill be displayed over that Breakout Rooms button on the toolbar for meetings.

Click the Breakout Rooms button. From there you can choose the breakout room you would like to join. A pop-up window will pop up where you are able to select your Join button in the break room you prefer.

In the event that you’re currently in a break room and would like to join a new one, click breaking out Rooms button located in the toolbar for meetings. You’ll find a message just above the button which reads: Select another break-out room.

Click the Breakout Rooms button then you’ll be able join an additional room.

Nothing has changed in the way of attending the breakout room. You are still able to mute yourself or turn off your camera or on and enter your username into the chat box if your hosts have enabled chat.

How to Switch between Breakout Rooms in Zoom while the Host

Before self-selecting breakout rooms were available meeting hosts were able to join breakout rooms and switch between them to ensure all is going well. This is still the case. As a host, when you’ve opened your breakout room, you may select to join a particular breakout room by using your breakout room panel.

Start the panel by clicking the Breakout Rooms button. Choose a breakout space and click to join the panel by clicking the Join button.

You, as the hosts, may exit a room with a breakout using two options.

  • If you’d like to move to a different group of breakouts then you should click from the breakout rooms button once more and choose the Join link to join an additional breakout room.
  • Alternately, you can click the Room button or the Room button after which you can click to leave the Breakout Room to be put back into your main conference.

Be aware not to select the option to End the Meeting or end the meeting for all!

What happens to co-hosts, you might ask? If you’ve chosen co-hosts, they will also be able to create and to open or join a room, as well as change among breakout rooms.

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