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How to See and Share Your Spotify Wrapped

Have you ever wondered how often you listen to a particular song or artist? This information is available at the end of each year for Spotify users. Spotify Wrapped is the music app’s collection of listening habits.

Social media has made it very easy to share your Spotify Wrapped so that your friends can see the music you listen to the most. How do you view it and share it?

How to see your Spotify Wrapped

Spotify’s Wrapped website allows you to find your Spotify slideshow. This website can be accessed from any device as long as the Spotify account for which you want to view your Wrapped slideshow is logged in.

How to See and Share Your Spotify Wrapped

During the promotion period, in the end, you can find your Spotify Wrapped within your Spotify mobile app. It should appear as a collection of playlists that are based on the music you listen to. You can see the whole Wrapped collection by tapping on the header. To access your slideshow, tap on the banner at the top.

If it’s not found within the app, tap on the Search icon at the bottom bar. Scroll down until you find the Wrapped icon. It is also possible to search for “(Year Wrapped”)” in the app.

Share your Spotify Wrapped

It’s simple to share a portion of your Wrapped with your friends or to share it on social networks. It all depends on how you watch your Wrapped.

You’ll find a share button on each slide if you are using Spotify on your smartphone. You can easily share the slide to multiple platforms by tapping on this button. You can also share the slides with your friends by tapping MoreTo share the Copy link, you can also choose Copy.

How to Find Your Past Spotify Wrapped

You can’t access any past Spotify Wrapped stories because they are only available for a limited time. Your Wrapped will be available starting in December. After January, it will no longer be accessible.

Spotify Wrapped playlists can still be found no matter what date. These playlists are created by Spotify based on your top songs throughout the year. These playlists can be found on Spotify by going to the search screen. Type the year you’d like to see it on the search screen. It should then appear in the search results.

How is Spotify Wrapped Created

Spotify tracks your listening habits between January 1st and October 31st to create your Wrapped content. This includes artists, songs, and genres that you have listened to on Spotify.

To receive a Wrapped you must have created a Spotify Account before November 1st, have listened to at least 5 artists and 30 songs, and have listened to music for at least 60 mins. Your Spotify Wrapped may not be showing up. This could be due to your account being too new or you’re not listening enough.

There could be several reasons why your Spotify Wrapped isn’t what you expected. Your Spotify Wrapped could be affected by your friends and family using your Spotify account.

If you ever transfer your data to another account, any history of songs that you have listened to will be reset when you create the new account.

All data from Spotify is collected and analyzed once October 31st arrives to create your Wrapped. Spotify creates a playlist with your top songs, sorted by most listened to least to most.

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