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How to Raise a Hand in a Zoom Meeting

Zoom is a free and easy-to-use tool that anyone can use to host virtual meetings and digital clubs, family reunions, and even weddings.

There are however some features of the video conference software that may not be familiar to everyone, such as Zoom breakout areas and custom zoom backgrounds.

The little digital hand is one of the most confusing features in Zoom. The digital hand lets you interact with your meeting host and let them know that you would like to share a concern or contribute to the topic matter.

You may feel like you’re raising your hand every time you use Zoom, even though you know exactly where it is, and you might not be noticed by the host, especially in large meetings.

We will walk you through how to get involved in a Zoom meeting from your mobile device or computer.

How to raise a hand in a Zoom Meeting

You can attend a Zoom meeting using your Windows or Mac computer. Follow the below instructions to raise your hand to request a chance.

Zoom in on Windows PC or Mac

  1. Launch Zoom via your browser or app and choose to Join A Meeting to get started.

Note – You cannot access the Raise Hand option if you are the meeting host.

  1. You can select participantsfrom the meeting controls at your screen’s bottom.
  2. Choose a Raise hand from among the many options available in the Participants panel.

Note – To raise your hand in Zoom, there are keyboard shortcuts that you can use on either your Windows PC or Mac. To toggle the Raise hand option to On or Off, on your Windows PC press Alt+YWhen the option has been enabled, you’ll see a little blue icon next to your name.

Note: If you are using Chromebook, refer to our guide on how Zoom works on Chromebook.

Zoom on Android and iPhone

Zoom can be used from an Android smartphone or iPhone. You can also raise your hand with the Zoom app for mobile devices.

  1. Open the Zoom app on the phone and select Join A Meeting(as a participant) and then tap More from the meeting controls to the lower right of the screen.
  2. Tap Raise Your Hand in the popup menu. The meeting host will then be notified that you have raised your hand.

Note – When your digital hand is raised, you will see a small blue icon next to your screen. The host will also see your hand. Zoom determines the order in which participants have raised their hands.

Zoom Dial-In calls: How to raise your hand

You can join a Zoom meeting by dialing in using a number. The steps to raise your hand will be slightly different.

After you have joined the meeting, dial *9 from your phone’s dial-pad to raise your hand and lower it.

What to do if you can’t see the Zoom Raise Hand option

The reason why the Raise Hand option doesn’t work in your Zoom meeting is that either the meeting host has disabled nonverbal feedback, or you are in fullscreen mode.

The bottom toolbar in full-screen mode is minimized. However, you can bring it up on your mobile device or computer by moving your mouse over the screen or tapping on the screen. After the toolbar is displayed, tap Participants, and the Raise Hand option will be available.

You won’t be able to see the Raise Hand option if the host has disabled nonverbal Feedback. You can request that the host enable nonverbal feedback in this case to enable Raise Hand.

You can enable the Raise Hand feature for your participants if you are the meeting host. This is done via the Participants panel.

  1. Sign in to Zoom using your browser. Select My Account.
  2. Select Settings under the Personal
  3. Scroll down to the Nonverbal feedback
  4. To enable nonverbal feedback, toggle the switch at

How to lower your hand in a Zoom meeting

Either you raised your hand accidentally or it could have been raised. No matter what the reason, you can lower your hand during a Zoom meeting.

  1. Select Participants on your Windows PC/Mac, and then select Low Hand.
  2. By tapping Moreand selecting Lower, you can lower your hand on an Android phone or iPhone.
  3. To lower your hand with a keyboard shortcut, press alt+Yon on Windows PCs or Macs. Then toggle the Lower Hand option to off.

Note If you are the meeting host, lower participants’ hands by selecting Participants from the meeting controls. Then hover over the participant’s name to select Lower Hand. Tap on your Android or iPhone to open the Participants tab. Next, tap on the name of the participant and choose the Lower hand from a popup menu.

Meeting hosts can view all participants who raised their hands in the Zoom meeting by clicking on the raised hand icon or looking for the Raised Hand icon in the Participants menu.

Attention Meeting Hosts

The Zoom host will notice you raise your hand to get their attention. We hope that you found the feature on your device, and are now able to use it to your advantage.

You can find more Zoom guides, including 7 Zoom tests you can perform before your next meeting and what to use if your Zoom microphone stops working to assist you in navigating the application.

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