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How to play Wordle

Do you want to play Wordle? We are all searching for something enjoyable to take our minds off the mayhem at this stage of the epidemic, even if it is just for a little period of time. This may be the reason why the simple, uncomplicated game Wordle has become so well-liked. It’s a web-based game where the goal is to guess a brand-new five-letter word every day in no more than six attempts. People posting the grey, green, and yellow square patterns on Twitter may have shown their performance on that day’s Wordle without disclosing the answer (more on that in a sec).

Josh Wardle, a software developer who created Wordle, created the game as a present for his boyfriend Palak Shah, who enjoys word games and crossword puzzles, according to a nice New York Times article of him. In 2020, the two reportedly became avid players of the NYT Spelling Bee and daily crossword games, and Wardle sought to create a brand-new game that Shah would enjoy. The player feels deprived since there is just one task to solve each day in the game.

How can I access Wordle?

Since the game is web-based, there isn’t an official app to download (although several imitations have tried). Visit to play on a desktop or mobile device. You have till midnight to guess the word before it resets and a new word becomes available. I often begin a game, leave the browser tab open, then return later while I search for the right term.

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Just how do I use Wordle?

Everyone approaches the first blank grid of squares with a different way. It’s a good idea to choose a term with many vowels as your first guess; as you rule out the different vowels, it drastically reduces the list of possible words (and no, I am not telling you my secret starting word).

Enter your term once you’ve typed it. When this happens, the letters in the word that are in the right place will become green, the letters in the word that are in the wrong place will change yellow, and the letters that aren’t in the word of the day will be grey. It should be noted that a green or yellow letter may occur in a word more than once. For instance, if you get one green “a,” there may be another “a” somewhere in the word.

Additionally, no made-up words are permitted; if you attempt to input AEIOU, for example, the game will prompt you with the warning “Not in word list.” The keyboard is shown in the screenshot below with the letters you haven’t yet guessed in light grey and the letters you have incorrectly guessed (i.e., those that are not in the word) in dark grey or black. When all the letters are green and a positive comment, such as “Impressive,” appears, you’ve won.

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What are these squares that everyone on Twitter is sharing?

Wardle didn’t intend for the game to have a sharing feature, but after observing users on Twitter sharing their results using green, yellow, and black square emojis, he decided to include one. The share button allows you to copy your results after you’ve finished the game without disclosing the day’s word to anyone who hasn’t played it yet. So, as you can see in the grid below, I utterly misjudged on my first attempt, got two proper letters in the appropriate positions on my second guess, and accurately identified the word on my third chance (not bad!).

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Any other information I should know?

You may switch between a dark mode and a high contrast “colour blind” version by clicking the gear icon to the right of the word WORDLE. If you’re feeling very fortunate, you may switch to “Hard Mode,” which necessitates include any clues in the subsequent word. For instance, in the first screenshot, in order for RADIO to have worked there, I would have needed to include the R, the T, and the O in my third attempt in hard mode.

It should be noted that persons who use screen readers online, such as those with limited eyesight, may find this display choice challenging. Your findings may now be easily accessed thanks to a method developed by creator Cariad Eccleston (thanks to Liam O’Dell for this advice). You can receive a written summary of how you fared by pasting the results you got from the Wordle site into the translator at Here is the summary for today:

Naturally, given that we’re online, Wordle’s grids have been turned into memes, used to spread political messages, and marketed to by several companies. But Wardle assured the BBC that he had no intention of including advertisements in the game and that he is not gathering or otherwise engaging in questionable practises with regard to user data. On the internet, anything nice? We deserve it.

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