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How to Play Wireless PC VR Games on Oculus Quest with Virtual Desktop

It is the Oculus Quest is an innovative fully-autonomous VR device that allows you to stroll through the virtual world without wires in the real world that impede your enjoyment. If you’re looking to experience the latest in technology, wireless PC VR games on your Quest, however, your only choice was the USB cable as well as Oculus Link. Oculus Link feature. It’s not the case anymore, with the introduction of wireless PC VR as a function in the Virtual Desktop for Quest.

What Is Virtual Desktop?

The HTML0 Virtual Desktop It is an app for the Oculus Quest that lets you view your desktop computer in a virtual reality environment wirelessly via Wi-Fi. It allows you to make your display as big as you’d like, alter the look of your office and, in general, make use of the virtual reality headset to replace your regular monitor. It’s ideal for privacy and when you travel using a laptop, it’s more comfortable than performing certain tasks on a laptop with a tiny display.

There’s also a version called Virtual Desktop for desktop computers designed to be used in conjunction with the Oculus Rift or others wireless VR headsets. This article is primarily about the Oculus Quest app by itself.

What You Need

To make your wireless VR game to work it will require the following essential components: Virtual Desktop is also available in the beta version for macOS however, it doesn’t support VR games due to VR gaming isn’t available on macOS at the moment.

The Recommended Hardware Setup

Wireless VR with Virtual Desktop on Oculus Quest can be used with an array of hardware configurations however some setups will be more unstable and smooth than other configurations. This may not matter as significantly when using the Virtual Desktop for web browsing, viewing movies, or for productivity. But when it is about virtual reality games for PCs high-quality transmission at low latency is crucial.

As stated in the list of requirements from the earlier section, it’s strongly recommended to connect the computer that runs this game direct to your router by using the Ethernet cable. In addition, it is recommended that the Quest headset must have a connection to the router via the 5Ghz wireless network. Also, you should be near enough that you can receive an unimpeded signal.

High-end routers that have more powerful CPUs will likely give you a superior experience. Alternately, you could limit other network traffic to a minimum using virtual reality.

A few users have begun connecting a dedicated 5Ghz router to their laptops through Ethernet to ensure that the whole router is dedicated to processing VR data. If you have the extra router you could find it worthwhile to try.

Getting Wireless PC VR Games on Virtual Desktop: Step-by-Step

We’ll assume you do not have the software that you have installed and configured and begin with the hardware:

  1. The first step is to visit your Oculus Quest App Store. Install and purchase Virtual Desktop.
  1. Then, visit next, visit the Virtual Desktop site then download the streaming app for Windows.
  1. Install the streamer application and launch it.
  2. You can enter the Oculus Quest username in the appropriate field. Reduce the streamer’s volume if you like, but you should leave it on.
  1. Then, launch the Virtual Desktop in the Quest. It will tell you that your computer has been detected and you are able to connect to it.
  2. Once you’re inside Virtual Desktop and can see the screen of your computer inside VR, press and hold the menu on the left side of the controller to open the app’s settings menu. When you’re tracking your hand make use of the menu gesture using your right hand.
  1. Go to the Games tab and you’ll see a list of VR games will be displayed, select the one you’d like to play and you’re to start!

It is also possible to start your VR games on the desktop as you normally would. Virtual Desktop should detect that the game requires the use of a VR headset and connect by connecting to WiFi.

Using Oculus Air Link

Up until recently there was no way to gain the wireless VR feature within Virtual Desktop is to purchase the application and then add another version that included the feature. It’s not something people are comfortable doing and it’s wonderful that you are able to enjoy wireless VR on your PC without the hassle.

But, almost at the same time that the feature was integrated into the app store versions that come with Virtual Desktop, Oculus itself has announced the official Wireless PC VR feature to Quest 2. Quest 2 is called Oculus Air Link..

We’ve written previously on the use of USB in Oculus Link and this is basically the same with no wire. The feature is in the beta stage and you’ll find it in”Other Features,” which is the section for experimental, in the Quest settings.

If you own a Quest 2, there’s no harm in trying the Oculus Air to see whether it is better than Virtual Desktop for you. We’re predicting that Oculus will likely to have a better solution at the final.

If you have the first generation Quest or a Quest II, Virtual Desktop is the only game on the market. If Oculus decides to support it on older hardware.

Playing Non-VR Games

Perhaps, you’ve seen the wonders of wireless PC VR on your own Don’t forget to play games that aren’t VR in Virtual Desktop as well! Normal games can be played with the virtual monitor similar to how you’re able to do mundane office work.

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