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How to Play Minecraft with Friends

Minecraft is an absolute phenomenon however, what improves the game is playing with other players. Multiplayer is a great way to make your game experience much more enjoyable. Because of crossplay features players playing on PC mobiles, desktops, and consoles can come together to create stunning worlds or fight each other in PvP battles.

There is a way to enjoy Minecraft with your friends by creating a special server (called a Realm) within Minecraft or playing a basic peer-to-peer game via the menu for multiplayer. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options, as well as various ways to connect with your players based on the platform you’re using.

The best method to Play Minecraft on PC is through the Multiplayer Menu

When you start Minecraft on your computer you have the option to play in Singleplayer, Multiplayer, or Minecraft Realms.

  1. Select Multiplayer. Once you’ve done that the game will start searching for games that are available on your network.
  2. If there’s a game that is available, choose it and then click “Join” Server.
  3. If there is no game available, then select Direct Connect.
  4. Enter the server’s address and then click Connect to Server.
  5. If you host the game, choose the server to add.
  6. Enter the server’s name as well as the server’s address. Then, choose “Done.
  7. Then, select the server that you have added, and then click to join the Server.

How do I Connect to A Realm on PC PC

Joining the Realm via the use of a PC is simple since it’s a separate menu option rather than a tab under a tab that is separate from the main menu.

  1. Choose Minecraft Realms.
  2. Choose the server you want to join, then select Play.

It’s a simple procedure. The game will start after a short load time, and you can begin building from the moment you join, or meet your friends and family members with scorched lava on their rooftops.

What is the best way to Play Minecraft With Friends on a Mobile

In the event that you’re using Minecraft using your smartphone, you can quickly join the Realm or play with a friend.

  1. Play. Tap. to play.
  2. In the Worlds tab simply tap a Realm and you’ll automatically be a part of it.
  3. In the Friends tab under the Joinable Friendsheading click the game you wish to join.

It’s all you have to do. The game will be added to your game, provided there’s enough space (not over seven players.)

If you want to play in a Realm All you need to do is open the game under the  Joinable Realms heading and you’ll instantly become a part of the gaming.

How do I join Minecraft on a Mobile?

It is as easy to join the Minecraft server the same way you would play multiplayer games. There are advantages to this also. Servers are more popular with players’ numbers and typically have a variety of customization options that aren’t available in a basic vanilla game.

  1. Play. Tap. to play.
  2. Click to open the server tab.
  3. Select the server you would like to join from the left-hand side of the screen. Tap to join the server.

If there are any external resource packs that are needed the server will download them automatically. It could take a few minutes dependent on your connection speed however, it will connect you to the game without any further steps are required.

What is HTML0? How to Play Minecraft Multiplayer on Console

In the Minecraft game with your friends on a console will be no different from joining on a PC or mobile.

  1. Choose the option to play.
  1. Go towards the Friends tab. Friends tab.
  2. Choose the game you wish to join and then press to confirm on the controller.

It’s basically like playing a multiplayer game on another platform.

How do I join a Minecraft Server on the Console?

Join a Minecraft server and play Minecraft with your fellow gamers (and create new ones) right via your gaming console.

  1. Choose the option to play.
  2. Connect to the servers tab.
  3. Select the server you would like to join and then press”confirm” on your controller.

Servers with higher numbers of players are typically designed around specific events however, you can have sandbox-style servers where you create and explore as you would in a typical game.

Troubleshooting Minecraft Multiplayer

Like any game that requires multiple connections from various sources, Minecraft will sometimes have issues. You may be booted by a server, lose connection, or experience a range of other issues. Here are some actions you can take in case you experience one of these problems.

Restart Your Computer/Console

A primary action you must take is to restart your console or computer. Damaged data or other issues could hinder you from connecting with your friends and playing in the way it was intended to be played. However, restarting your computer quickly can resolve many issues.

Check Your Type of NAT

It is important to note that your type of network is a major factor in the way you connect with other players. If the type you have chosen is closed or Moderate, you will not be able to connect with other players. It is necessary to switch your NAT to open, though the procedure for doing this differs based on your internet provider.

Make sure you are logged in to your privacy settings

If you’re using Xbox the security settings could limit your ability to play Minecraft with other players. You can alter these settings inside the console or alter the settings on


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