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How to Make a Glitch Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro

The glitch effect is a popular effect that you can imitate in video editing. This effect is easy to use in your project in a variety of ways, including as a storytelling device or artistic effect. This effect is also very fun to create because you can play with the look of the glitch.

We’ve provided a step-by-step guide to creating a glitch effect using Adobe Premiere Pro. This can be used for any project. This tutorial can be used as a starting point and you can experiment with it to create the look that you desire. You’ll find suggestions for taking your glitch effect to the next stage in this article.

How to Create a Glitch Effect

These effects are often created using After Effects and plugins. It is possible to create a stunning glitch effect with Premiere. These steps will help you create a basic glitch effect.

  1. Place the clip that you would like to use in your timeline.
  2. To cut the footage in and out, divide the clipart where you want the glitch to begin, then spread them out as shown in the screenshot below.How to Make a Glitch Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro
  3. Right-click to select all split-up clips and then copy them. Next, paste them onto your V2 timeline, above your original clips, to create a duplicate layer.How to Make a Glitch Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro
  4. Select one of the duplicated clips to go to the ControlsSet Opacity to 50%Next, in the Motion dropdown change the Location values to make the overlay duplicate clip slightly different from the original. You can do this with all duplicates. To create variety in the glitch, you will need to adjust the position and scale values. Blend Mode can be used to create different looks.How to Make a Glitch Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro

This will suffice for a basic glitch effect. You can add more customizations to make it even better.

Customizing Your Glitch Effect

A few effects can be added to Premiere to make your glitch effect appear even more real. These effects can be used to create the glitch effect you desire, depending on what you are trying to achieve.

RGB Effects

You can create a great glitch art effect by playing around with the RGB values in duplicated video clips. This will give you a more glitched-out VHS effect or camera effect. This is how you can use the Arithmetic effect.

  1. You can search the Arithmeticeffect in the Effects panel or go to Video Effects > Obsolete > Arithmetic.
  2. It can be applied to clips that you have duplicated from the original clip.
  3. To achieve the RGB glitch effect, go to the Effect ControlsYou can also change the Operator dropdown into DifferenceTo get a cleaner look, change the blending option.

The saturation of the color will be affected by changing the Red value. This is known as the “glitch effect”. You can experiment with other colors to achieve different looks. To add to the overall glitch effect, you could use keyframe animations to cut the RGB effect in and out.

Wave Warp Effect

Wave Warp distortion is another way to make your footage look sloppy. Wave Warp distortion will create a wave-like effect similar to a VHS scan line effect. However, you can make it look more glitch by using Effect Controls.

  1. To apply the wave effect to duplicated clips, first, add an adjustment layer. Select New Item in the bottom-right corner. Drag the layer you created from the Project panel onto your V3 timeline, above the cut-up clips.
  2. Navigate to the effects Next, go to video effects > distort > wave warp. Drag it to the adjustment layer.
  3. Go into the Effect ControlsPanel and then open the wave warp You can adjust the effect to suit your needs. You can achieve a truly glitchy effect by using the Square option from the Wave Type dropdown.
  4. To change how fast the wave warp moves, you can use the Wave Width. To make the wave warp look more glitchy, you might also consider using keyframes.

You can create a glitch that suits your video by playing with the options above.

Create an Exciting Video with a Glitch Effect

YouTube and TikTok videos have become more visually appealing due to the glitch effect. You can use it to create the illusion of a malfunctioning camera or any other device.

While creating a glitch effect in Premiere might seem difficult at first, because there isn’t an easy way to create one, it’s not hard if you try some of the existing effects.

What would be the best place to use a glitch effect for your video projects? Please let us know your thoughts below.

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