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Amazon order or purchase

Amazon is a popular online retailer that allows you to shop online. You can shop online with ease and get the items you need or want. You might not be aware that Amazon keeps track of your past purchases. If you have a shared account, you can see what others have bought.

It’s impossible to remove an order you have placed on Amazon. However, you can hide your purchase history to make it harder to find. This will help you keep your purchase history private and provide some security.

How to hide an order on Amazon

After you have logged in to Amazon, you will need to make sure that the purchase you wish to hide is also associated with your Amazon account. To hide your order, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Account and Lists from the main screen.account
  2. Choose Order.yourorder
  3. Choose the time period that you wish to have hidden from the dropdown order
  4. You’ll see an option in the bottom left corner of the order that you wish to hide. It says Archive Org. Select Archive order from the pop-up window.archive

This will hide the order from your purchase history. However, it can still be found under Archived Orders in Account. You have other options to hide your purchase history so that no one can find your order.

Use Amazon Household

You can also use Amazon’s Household feature if you have Amazon Prime. You can share Amazon Prime benefits with others, but your accounts remain private and separate. You can add up to four children’s accounts to your account, as well as fourteen adult accounts.

Amazon information can be kept private by adult accounts, but it is not possible for teen or child accounts to keep this information private. You can also choose not to share certain digital content with your child and teen accounts through Amazon.

Amazon Household gives you privacy and allows you to share Prime benefits with your family. You don’t even have to worry about the cost of setting up a Household.

Hide Browsing history

Your browsing history will still show your order even if you archive it. If someone looks at your browsing history, the item will still be there. This can be used to hide any trace of your purchase. This is how to delete your browsing history.

  1. Go to Account and List, then click on Browsing history.
  2. Select the item that you wish to delete, and then click Remove from View at the bottom right.
  3. You can also click Manage History in the top menu, then choose to Remove all items.

You can choose to disable browsing history at the top of your browsing record page. This will prevent Amazon from tracking your searches and the items you click on. This will make it easier to hide future orders.

You should also delete your internet browsing history. This could mean that items you have viewed and orders you made may still be visible there. This method may vary depending on which browser you use, but you should be able to access your history through the options of the browser. You should see a link to clear your history back up to a specific date. You can also find a page to delete.

How to hide an order on Amazon App

It will be more difficult to archive an order with your mobile phone because you cannot archive orders via the Amazon app or mobile site. You will need to visit the desktop website on your smartphone browser and follow the same steps as for the desktop site.

iPhones running Safari can be tapped on the icon at the top of the screen and select Request Desktop Site. You can also use Android with Chrome by tapping on the menu options. Check the box next to Desktop Website.

You should now be able to access the entire Amazon site. Here you can view your order history and archive it as if you were on a computer. Even if you don’t have a computer, you can still hide your Amazon order.

You can’t hide orders from the app but you can still manage your browsing history. You can navigate to Your Account page by tapping on ahead. Scroll down to locate your Browsing history.

Tap on Manage in the upper-right corner. To hide your history, you can choose Removing all items from viewHere you can also turn on or off your history.

Hidden Amazon Orders

It is easy to hide your Amazon order, whether you are looking to conceal your gift purchase in a shared family account, or simply want extra privacy. You can hide your order on Amazon and make it difficult to find, even though there is no way to delete it completely.

Follow these tips to ensure your order history is safe. You can also disable browsing history tracking with Amazon Household and quickly archive your orders to make your purchase history more secure in the future.

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