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The prospect of getting Microsoft Word for free sounds like something you’d like to do. It’s an amazing program and is used in many offices, homes, and school settings however, it typically costs you each year that you’d like to use it. It’s not necessary to shell out for Microsoft Word when there are numerous ways to utilize it at no cost.

When you need to open a Word document, alter one, or simply browse the document, these no-cost Microsoft Word tools are exactly the tools you require.

If Microsoft Word free-use strategies aren’t the answer you’re looking for There are many other methods to make use of the Microsoft Word document without ever having to download or purchase Microsoft Word. Look at the bottom of this page to learn more about the options available.

Microsoft Word Online: Free Version of the Browser

The best method of using Microsoft Word free is by using Microsoft Word online. Simply sign in using an existing Microsoft account to start.


You can modify Word documents at no cost that are stored on your OneDrive account. You can also add new documents to your personal computer, and even create brand new Word documents without having to download MS Word offline. MS Word.

Word Online saves all your work for you automatically, so that you won’t need to hit the Save button again. You can upload your document online using an appropriate link, allow others to collaborate with you, or embed documents on your site and then download your document when you’re finished, in Word format, PDF file, or an ODT file.

Word Mobile: Free Microsoft Word For Windows 10

Another method to download Microsoft Word for free via Word Mobile it’s an application for mobile phones by Microsoft that runs with the following Windows 10 devices:


  • Windows 10 Mobile v15063.0 or higher.
  • Windows 10 v15063.0 or higher.

However, there’s a caveat the full functionality (viewing editing, modifying, and making documents) is available only on smartphones, specifically those with screens that are 10.1 inches or less. It is possible to make use of Word Mobile on larger laptops as well as tablets, desktops, and laptops however, you’ll only be able to view documents at no cost.

Microsoft Word for Free Application: Android & iOS

To run Microsoft Word for free on your Android or iOS device, download Microsoft Word, the Microsoft Word official Microsoft Word app. Download Word for the Android Word version from here and Microsoft Word on iOS is available here. Full editing capabilities are available and you can access the most realistic version of Word directly from your smartphone.


It is possible to pin document files on your desktop to have them available for quick access, share files via an email attachment or a link or search for documents, and open files from a variety of locations such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox.

No-cost Microsoft Word Trial: Anyone is eligible to apply

Another method to obtain Microsoft Word for free is by signing up for the Office 365 trial. Microsoft lets anyone access Office 365 absolutely free for one month, so you can try all of the options before deciding if would like to purchase it.


The trial can be utilized to its maximum capacity during the trial which means that you are able to edit and read Word documents, as well as create your custom version from scratch or from a template.

It is possible to try the Microsoft Word free trial even including other Office software: Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, and Publisher.

Tip Check out our collection of most helpful Microsoft Word tips and tricks.

free Microsoft Word for Students: EDU Email is required

If you’re not satisfied with a trial for you because you’re a student that requires Microsoft Word throughout the year It is important to know that Microsoft provides Office 365 at zero cost for educators and students.

Go to the Office 365 Education page for more information. You’ll be required to enter your school’s email address to confirm that you’re working in the field of education. You’ll need to view an email to the address by Microsoft Then, enter the code contained in the message into the form in order to create your account for free.

In the event that your institution isn’t listed, it will be able to apply for access, however, it won’t be a quick procedure like that for the schools that are included on the list.

Other ways to use Word Documents

If you’re looking for low-cost methods to make use of Microsoft Word, however, it’s not necessary to install Microsoft-approved software. Also, Word files like .docx and .doc can be edited, opened, and shared with other programs as well.

Google Docs is one of the most effective web-based alternatives for Microsoft Word. It is an alternative to MS Word because it lets you edit and view Word documents using your browser, or the mobile application. Find out what Google Docs compares to MS Word to highlight every difference worth taking note of.

Another option to access Microsoft Word documents without needing Word is to install OpenOffice Writer. Find out how you can create it to look and work as Word to help you move.

A few people who want to use Microsoft Word for free really need a simple word processor. That is a program that lets users write their own documents and then save them to their computers or any other device. There are a variety of programs that can do this in addition to those mentioned above, such as LibreOffice, WPS Office, AbiWord along with FreeOffice.

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