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How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 83

These steps should solve the problem. Many streaming services will display error codes when something isn’t working properly. When your device is unable to communicate with Netflix servers, Netflix will show the error code NW-2-5. Disney Plus also displays error codes. Each one has a different cause.

If your device cannot connect to Disney Plus’ servers, you’ll see the “Error code 83″ message. It could be caused by a variety of factors, including server downtime, poor internet connections, compatibility issues, and so on. Let’s look at some possible solutions.

1. Check Disney Plus Server Status

If the streaming service goes down, you might not be able to access Disney Plus. Before you try to fix the Disney Plus “Error Code 83” issue with your browser or devices, make sure that Disney Plus isn’t experiencing any server-side downtime.

Check Disney Plus’ service status using tools offering real-time website monitoring services–DownDetector and IsItDownRightNow are reliable. If these platforms show problems with the streaming service’s server, you will need to wait until Disney Plus resolves the issue. To report any server problems, you can contact Disney Plus Help Center.

These platforms will report that Disney Plus’ servers work correctly. Close the Disney Plus tab in your browser and then visit the streaming service’s site. If you still get the error code 83, visit Disney Plus using another browser.

2. Test a different browser/Check your browser compatibility

You can try another browser to access Disney Plus if your preferred browser is not able to load it. To access Disney Plus, you will need to verify that your browser meets the system requirements.

Disney Plus does not support browsers on smart TVs, game consoles, or devices running Linux or Chrome OS (i.e. Chromebooks). Make sure your browser is compatible with the device you are using, whether it’s a laptop or a desktop computer.

Disney Plus supports Google Chrome (version 75 and newer), Mozilla Firefox 68 (version 68 and newer), as well as Internet Explorer 11 for Windows and macOS devices. Microsoft Edge is compatible with Disney Plus but only for Windows 10 devices. To learn more about the system requirements for Disney Plus, visit the Disney Plus Help Center. To access Disney Plus, make sure you update your browser to the latest version.

3. Internet Connection

Slow connections can cause the video to skip or buffer. It can also trigger the Disney Plus error code. Disney Plus recommends an internet speed minimum of 5.0Mbps for HD content and 25.0Mbps for 4K content for the best streaming experience.

To test your internet speed, you can use web-based tools such as and If your internet speed is below the recommended recommendations, you can move your device closer to the router to try again. Internet speed can be improved by disconnecting unrecognized or unused devices from the network. If your connection does not change, restart your router or turn off your VPN app.

This troubleshooting guide for fixing slow Ethernet will help you get the speed that you require. To optimize your connection for uninterrupted streaming, we recommend this article on fixing intermittent Internet speed.

4. Clear Disney Plus Site Data

Your browser saves certain elements of a webpage when you visit them. This information can sometimes cause problems and improve website performance.

If Disney Plus is not working for you, but you are getting the Disney Plus “Error Code83”, clear your browser’s site data and re-access the website.

Clear Disney Plus Site Information in Chrome

Follow these steps to close any Disney Plus tab:

  1. Click on the three-dotted icon to select Settings.                                                                   Alternatively, copy chrome://settings into the address bar and hit Enter.
  2. Scroll down to the “Privacy & Security” section, and choose Cookies or other site data.
  3. Select View all cookies and site data.
  4. To delete all site Disney plus cookies related to Disney Plus, type disneyplusinto the search box at the top-right corner.
  5. To proceed, click Clear All

Check if the alert for “Error Code 883” has stopped by visiting Disney Plus in a different tab.

Clear Disney Plus Site Information in Firefox

Close all Disney Plus tabs, and go to Firefox’s Privacy & Security menu. Type or paste about: preferences#privacy in the address bar, press Enter and follow the steps below.

  1. Scroll down to the section “Cookies & Site Data” and click on the Manage Data
  2. Enter disneyplusinto the search bar. Click Remove All Shown and then click Save changes.

This will delete all Disney Plus data in Firefox. You can stream content by opening a new tab.

Clear Disney Plus Site Information in Microsoft Edge

Clearing the date on Microsoft Edge might help you get rid of the Disney Plus Error code 83.

  1. Paste edges://settingsinto the address bar, and then press.
  2. Scroll down to the section “Cookies & site permissions” and choose Manage and remove cookies and site data.
  3. Select View all cookies and site data.
  4. Enter disneyplusinto the search bar, and then click the Remove all
  5. To proceed, click Clear

Clear Disney Plus Site Information in Safari

Start Safari, close any Disney Plus tab and follow these steps.

  1. Select Preferences from the menu bar by clicking Safari.
  2. Click Manage Website data on the Privacy tab.
  3. Enter Disney into the search bar. Click Remove all to save the changes.

When you visit Disney Plus, you should be able to stream content. If not, you can try the troubleshooting tips listed below.

5. Disney Plus: Update or Reinstall

You may get the error code 83 on Disney Plus. To fix it, go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You can delete the app from your device if it is up-to-date and reinstall it.

6. Clear Disney Plus’ App Data

  1. Connectivity issues can be caused by corrupt cache data. Clearing the cache data in the Disney+ app could fix the issue if you get the “Error code 83” message on your Android device.
  1. Tap App Info by long-pressing the Disney Plus icon
  2. Choose Storage and cache.
  3. Tap the Clear Cache Icon.

When you relaunch Disney Plus, the error code should not be displayed. Restart your device to see if it displays the error code again. This is also a good idea for devices that are not mobile. This error could be displayed by the Disney Plus app on your smart TV or console. You can power-cycle the device(s).

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