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How to Find Your Steam ID

Steam is a wildly well-known game distribution service with a platform for gaming that connects game players across the globe. But, it’s more than an online marketplace for purchasing games for PC. Steam is a site that allows players to gather and create communities. This is the reason why Steam ID comes in. Steam ID has a role to take on.

Steam ID is an identifier that is unique to you given to you at the time of creating an account. It is comprised of 17 digits that function as the name of your account, which also means that you cannot alter it.

Locating your Steam ID could be difficult because it’s not located in the most apparent location. It’s available throughout the Steam application. It’s first important to be able to recognize the Steam ID. This is why we’ll help you locate the Steam ID. Steam ID.

What is the Steam ID?

As the name implies, Steam ID is an identifier. It can be used for linking other people with your account. So, they don’t need to look for you by name and browse through the thousands of John Smiths. In addition, you can utilize the Steam ID to connect your Steam ID to link your Steam profile to third-party apps.

But Steam IDs can come with other benefits as well. For instance, you can determine if an account is banned by VAC. It is the Valve Anti-Cheat System (VAC) includes more than 100 well-known games, such as Call of Duty and Counter-Strike. This allows you to identify if someone is cheating prior to inviting them to an online group.

Where is Your Steam ID?

Follow the steps listed below to find the Steam ID you have:

1. Log into your Steam application on your PC or Mac.

2. Log into your account by clicking the name of your account and then selecting the option Profile in the drop-down menu.2-steam-profile

3. On the right-hand side of your profile page there’s an editing profile button. Click it.3-edit-profile

4. When you visit your personal page, click general and then look for the URL in your custom URL section. There will be 17 numbers at the bottom of the URL.


These 17 numbers represent the number of your Steam ID. You’ll always have access to the Steam ID even if you have a customized URL. It isn’t possible to edit the original ID.

You can also access your account’s page and locate your Steam ID on the same page.

1. Click on your Account name at the top right-hand corner of the app and then select the details of your account in the drop-down menu.5image-

2. On the page, you’ll find your Steam ID underneath your user name on your account.


It is also possible to find your Steam ID in your iOS or Android mobile applications by going to your account similar to. The issue lies in the gray font that is barely visible in addition to the fact that the font is subtly displayed. It’s difficult to see.

For unknown reasons, Valve can be a bit frustrating to locate something as basic as the unique account identifier. We hope we’ve made this a bit simpler for you.

Show the URL Address Bar for Steam

If you use to access your Steam ID frequently, you could make it permanently visible on your account page. To do this it is first necessary to visit the Steam settings menu:

1. In the upper left corner, click SteamSettings.7-image-

2. Click on click on the Interface menu, then make sure to check the box saying display URL bars for web addresses when they are accessible. You’ll begin to see URLs for nearly every single page on Steam.8image-

3. Check your profile page now. There’s an orange Steam URL on the right side of your page. Your Steam ID is located near the bottom of your URL.9image-

Are you having difficulty getting your Steam ID? Tell us in the comments section, and we’ll be happy to help!

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