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How to Find Your Phone Number on iPhone and Android

If you purchase a brand new SIM card the unique identification number (i.e. the numbers) associated with the SIM card is typically found on the packaging. However, certain carriers do not give phone numbers out for SIM cards until they’ve been activated or registered.

If you’ve lost the SIM card’s packaging or you can’t remember the number that was associated with the SIM card. How do you locate your phone number? Locating your phone number is fairly simple if you’re using an Android or iOS device.

The steps depend on the model of your phone and operating system, as well as the user’s interface (UI) and so on. This guide will help you understand how to locate how to find your number for Android handsets, iOS devices, and even feature phones. Learn how to locate your number using the computer Mac as well as a Windows computer.

Locate Your Number using iPhone and iPad

When you connect your SIM card to either your iPhone or iPad, Siri will auto-detect your phone’s number using the settings menu, and then connect it to contacts on the card.

Open your Phone app, go towards the Contacts tab and then select your phone number in the “My Card” section. Or, you can start your contact app and tap on your name card to view your number.


You can delete the phone number if not correct. Press on the “phone” card. Then, choose Do Not Suggest Phone Number and then choose “Don’t Suggest Phone number” at the prompt for confirmation.


Siri will separate the number with your personal contact number and stop presenting the phone number as your own.

You can also locate your number within the iOS setting menu. Launch your Settings app, choose Phone and then check you’re My Number row to find the number of your phone.


You are able to edit or modify the number of your phone if it’s not correct. Select My Number Enter the correct number and then select save.


Be aware that this number could be different from your Apple ID number–i.e., the number that is associated with the iCloud account. Apple ID phone number is utilized for Two-factor authentication for sign-in verification, resetting your password for your account as well as other things.

To verify you Apple ID phone number on iPhones and iPads, simply open the Settings app, then select the Apple ID name and tap Name and Phone Numbers. Then, click Email and then check your phone number in the “Reachable at” section.


To add an additional number to your Apple ID account, tap Edit on the right, then Add Phone Number or Email then select Add the Phone Number in the pop-up.

Find iPhone Phone Numbers on Mac

When you’re running a Mac connect an iPhone or iPad to the Mac via the USB cable, and go through the instructions below. You may be required to enter the passcode for your device.

  1. Launch the Finder and choose the device you want to use, such as your iPhone or iPad in the “Locations” section of the sidebar.find-iphone-phone-number
  2. Choose Your iPhone’s model numberserial number, or information about storage until your number is displayed in the list.find-iphone-phone-number-mac-finder
  3. The phone number of your iPhone will be displayed alongside the IMEI number.find-iphone-phone-number-mac-finder-
  4. Do you want to save the number to your clipboard on your Mac? Right-click or control-click on the number and choose to Copy the Phone Number.find-iphone-ipad-phone-number

Find iPhone Phone Numbers on Windows

All you require to view your iPhone’s number on the Windows PC will be a USB connection as well as the iTunes application. You can download iTunes through Microsoft Store. Once you have downloaded iTunes from the Microsoft Store, plug your iPhone into your computer, and follow the instructions below.

Notice: When you plug your iPhone into your computer, you might get a prompt to allow your computer access to your iPhone’s data. Click the Trust button and then enter your passcode on your iPhone when you receive the prompt.

  1. Open iTunes and select the phone icon in the toolbar, precisely next to the “Music/Movies/TV Shows/Podcasts/Audiobooks” dropdown menu.find-iphone-phone-number-windows-itunes

It will redirect you to a brand new page with your device’s details.

2. Click on go the “Summary” option on the sidebar. Check the phone Number row to find the number on your iPhone’s handset.


You’ll see two addresses on this webpage if are using two SIM iPhones and you want to know the phone numbers” phone number 1″ is for SIM 1 or “Phone Number 2” for SIM

 The iTunes application allows you to transfer your iPhone’s number to your clipboard. Right-click on the number and choose the option to copy.


Lookup Your Mobile Number using Android

The steps for checking your phone number on Android will differ based on the model of your device as well as the operating system you are using. However, Android also has several integrated mechanisms to check your mobile number.


You can find the number of your phone associated with your SIM card through the Settings menu in the messaging app, and by using specific carrier USSD codes.

Find the Phone Number in the Android Settings Menu

Launch your Settings app, choose the About phone option and look at the phone number rows to find your mobile phone’s number.

If you do not use the default Android Interface (e.g., Samsung and LG for example) go into Settings > About Device (or about the phone) > Status > My number.

Android will show different phone numbers when your phone is using several SIM portslotsslot. When your telephone number appears with the status “Unknown,” restart your phone and verify. You could also try taking out and inserting the SIM card.

If your phone’s number is in the list in the form of “Unknown,” check if you’re running the latest Android version. In other cases, visit settings > System > Advanced > System Update and make sure that your phone runs the most current Android version.update-android

Find Phone Numbers in the SMS App

The Messages app’s settings menu is another convenient way to locate your numbers on Android. Launch the Messages app, click the menu icon located in the upper-left corner, then select settingsAfter that, click advanced and look at the lower right-hand corner to find your phone’s number.find-your-phone-number-android

Utilize USSD Codes or call your Network Carrier

Certain cell phone networks have exclusive shortcodes that allow you to verify the number of phones. These codes are generally free and the result is immediate. Call the shortcode and the number associated with the SIM card in your phone will show on the screen in the form of a service message. Certain cellular providers may forward your phone number an text or an SMS.

A quick Google search will reveal the carrier’s USSD code to verify the phone numbers. It is also possible to call your network’s provider via phone calls, particularly if you own a feature phone and aren’t able to connect to the internet.

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