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Intro: Best Discord servers; Although gaming-related communities remain at the forefront, however, their offerings are increasing. With the numerous active communities on the internet, Discord is the go-to platform for conversations about any subject, place, or subject that lets users unwind chat, socialize and enjoy themselves. It can also be used to video chat, stream your screen, play music, and much many more.

While you may be able to set up a personal Discord server, however, there aren’t assurances that you’ll be able to build the community you’d like to join. It takes time to locate new members, and it might be simpler to join an established server. If you’re having difficulty finding the top Discord servers to join, here are a few tips to start your journey.

Where to find public Discord servers

Discord is one of the various public and private servers users are able to join. If you prefer to chat privately, you should stick to an individual server (or use the channel via Direct Message rather). But, finding a public Discord server to sign up to is another option to make new friends using Discord, provided you locate them.

To assist you in it, Discord offers a directory that you can browse through to locate public servers that may meet your preferences. The directory lists servers that relate to music, gaming, science, education, and general entertainment. The servers listed are managed via Discord as well as (usually) of high quality.

It is possible to access this directory through the Discord web app, or the desktop application for PCs or Mac. It is not possible to use this feature via the mobile application for Android, iPhone, or iPad devices currently.

  1. To open for access to the Discord servers directory launch the Discord web application or desktop application and log in to your computer or Mac.
  2. After you’ve signed in, click then the Browse public servers icon on the end of your server icons to the left.Discord-Web-Explore-Servers 23. Through the Discover menu in the Discover menu, you’ll have the option to search and join the public Discord servers. Make use of the menu left side to switch between the preset categories or the Explore Communitiessearch bar on the top to search for communities that align with your preferences.Discord-Web-Server-Directory-Menu-34. When you’ve located the server you want to join, click on the server’s name to open it. It will provide you with an overview of the channels and server options that are available to you. To join the server, click the Join button on the top menu.Discord-Web-Join-Public-Server

Utilizing the Third-Party Directories for Discord

Discord Server Directory Discord server directory contains a list of the most popular public servers that support Discord However, it doesn’t include every publicly accessible server listed. If you’re looking for the top Discord servers not listed on the list above, then you’ll have to utilize an external Discord directory.Disboard-Website-6

A variety of websites can assist you in finding public servers on Discord that aren’t available through Discord’s official directory. This includes Disboard which allows you to find servers by their tag category (e.g. music, gaming, etc.) or through its search engine.

Another alternative can be Discord Me A third option is a discord. It (like Disboard) offers a search function that allows you to locate servers by name or topic of interest. If none of these platforms work for you, try giving top. g an attempt that lets you discover server options to sign up with and also brand new discord-related bots that you can install for your servers.

There are other sites that can be easily located on Google with a variety of servers available. If you discover a server you like on a directory site that is a third-party choose the Join option to access the invitation link for that server.

How to Locate Discord Servers using Google

If you’re having trouble finding the most reliable Discord servers that work for you, you might have to put on the Sherlock Holmes hat and utilize the superior Google search capabilities to find the servers on sites that are related to your interest.Discord-Invite-Google-Example-7

Games development websites Community hubs, community sites, or Facebook groups–whatever you’re interested in it, chances are there’s a Discord server invite button online for you to click and join. It’s just a matter of finding stairs.

For instance, if searching for public Discord servers that are related to Call of Duty: Warzone You could use Google searches and search using this question: “warzone” + “discord. gg” to find servers associated with this game, with a link, which is the domain that is typically used to create Discord invitation hyperlinks.

You can also utilize “warzone” and “Discord invite” to find web forums, pages as well as Reddit content that have relevant Discord invitation hyperlinks. This is applicable to any topic so long as you follow the formula ( “interest” + “discord. gg” or “interest” + “Discord invite”), although you could try other searches.

After you’ve found the right link, you can click this link and join it on the server. If the link doesn’t work or has expired, you might have to repeat the steps to find a new one.

Connecting to Discord Servers Private Discord Servers

Sometimes, the most popular Discord servers are those you already know about. If you know that your colleagues or friends are Discord members who are on private servers, you might want to request details on how to join, to ensure that you don’t miss the excitement.Discord-Invite-Example

Participating in privately Discord servers is more difficult as compared to joining the public one, however. If you don’t have an invite code and don’t have an invite link, there’s no option to join. It is possible to follow the above steps to locate and utilize an appropriate link to an existing server however, you’ll have to talk to an existing member of the server to obtain a link in the event you’re not able to get it working.

Only administrators, owners of the server, and select moderators are able to make Discord links. If you’re able to obtain access to a private server It’s easy to join: select the link and follow the on-screen directions to join. This is typically as easy as choosing “Accept invite” at the bottom of the screen.

But, you might need to take additional steps once you have joined the server according to the rules of the server or rules.

Friendships in Discord Servers

No matter if you’re joining a brand new public Discord server or have found an online community that you want to join and participate in, you’ll have the ability to utilize Discord’s features for a chat or play and meet people who share your interests across the globe. Be sure to create your own customized status on Discord to notify your new friends that you’re available to talk.

If you’re experiencing problems having issues with Discord do not fret, the majority of issues are fixable. If you’re stuck at the screen for connecting or you’re experiencing problems with other aspects, such as the RTC connection issue or robotic voice problems You should be able to fix the issue. Try changing the settings, switching between clients, or making use of Discord Canary instead.

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