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How To Ensure You Can Locate Your Phone Even If Lost or Turned Off

There’s nothing more frustrating than losing the phone or getting it stolen. This article will discuss the essential items to enable to find the lost phone which is off. Additionally, the phone might require electricity and internet access.

In all of these ways, it is necessary to activate the recovery functions before losing the phone. If the phone is already missing, you may still be in a position to locate it. Create a strong password on the screen of your phone so that a burglar will be unable to reset the phone, or remove you from the accounts you are a part of.

If someone resets your phone factory-wide then it’s likely that you’ll be able to recover it.

Google Find My Device

It is possible to use Google’s Find My Device to locate any Android phone, provided that it has an internet connection and the phone is logged into the Google account. If your phone goes missing the phone can be found by using Google’s Google Find My Device App which is available in the Play Store free of charge or through the web.

Enable Find My Device:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Scroll down, and then click Google.
  3. Select Find My Device. If the device is off, switch it back on.
  4. You must allow it access to your home.

To locate your phone by using Google Find My Device on another device (phone or computer):

  1. Go to the Play Store Search for Find My Device, and install the application.
  2. Open Google Find My Device.
  3. Log in to the Google account you have created. Google account.
  4. If the device that was lost is logged into your Google account the app will display the location of the device.
  5. Choose the Secure Device and enter an informational lock screen and the number of your phone to ensure that anyone who has possession of your mobile can call you.

TIP: You can also utilize Find My Device to erase your data from your lost device remotely.

Google Timeline

If your device has gone out of battery and you’re not sure, you might be capable of locating the phone you lost that’s been turned off through Google Timeline. For this to be effective, make sure that these settings are turned on before the device gets lost :

  1. Log into Google to sign in with a Google account.
  2. Internet access should be enabled.
  3. Local Reporting and Location History is turned on.

To Turn on Location Reporting:

  1. Open SettingsApps.
  2. Select and search for maps and then select them.
  3. Choose permissions and make sure that the Location is turned on.

To Turn on Location History:

  1. Open Maps.
  2. Choose Your User icon in the upper-right corner of the page.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Select Google location settings.
  5. Scroll down, and then look up the Google Location History. If it’s not on make sure you select it, then choose your Google account.
  6. Scroll down, and then look up the Location History to turn it off.

If your phone is lost then you’ll be able to see the last location it was in. Sign in to Google on your Google account on a different device, launch Maps, and choose the Timeline option.

If the phone is active, you’ll be able to view the current position. In other cases, you’ll know where it is before going off the power or being removed from the Google account.

Samsung Find My Mobile

Samsung offers a personal Find My Mobile feature which you have to activate before your device goes missing. To enable this feature:

  1. Open SettingsBiometrics & Security.
  2. Scroll down, and then choose the option to Find My Mobile.
  3. Make sure to turn this on it’s turned off Make sure you have a valid Samsung Account in order. If you need to sign in to the account. Samsung account.
  4. Switch on Send the last address in addition to Offline searching.

NOTE: Send the last location will download the phone’s last location before when it’s low on battery. If the phone is powered, Offline finding lets others near Samsung devices find your phone even when it’s not connected to the internet. You can also turn on the encryption offline feature to secure your data on location.

To locate your phone visit this page: Samsung Discover my Mobile website. Log into your Samsung account and then click Find my device on the left sidebar. If your device is off and linked to the web, you’ll be able to see the position. It is also possible to secure your device or erase your data from this website.

Find My iPhone

An iPhone will show its current location or the last known location before when you shut off the display. When you use a different device, such as either an iPad or iPhone you will be able to see its last location before when you have lost it.

to turn into the Find My iPhone:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Enter to reveal your Name.
  3. Choose Search My, Find Me, and Locate My iPhone, and then switch to Locate My iPhone or Search my Network and Send Last Location.

Note Send Last Location will preserve that last place on your iPhone until it is power-depleted. Find My network will allow others near iOS customers to find you and your iPhone even if the iPhone is shut off.

To locate your iPhone Simply open your Search My app on another iOS device, or log into Sign in to the website or app and choose devices and then choose the iPhone from the options.

It is possible to turn on Notify when found to receive an alert when it’s activated. It is also possible to enable the Lost Mode feature, which will lock your iPhone and permit you to display a customized messaging and phone number on anyone who discovers your phone.

Tracking Your Phone Via the IMEI Number

IMEI is an acronym for International Mobile Equipment Identity and is a 15-digit number that is unique to each iPhone. The IMEI number functions independently and is not tied to the SIM card, regardless of whether the criminal installs a new SIM or resets your phone factory. Look for the IMEI number in the upper right corner of the barcode in the phone’s packaging or the Settings General > About. General > About. More.

The police or you could trace or block your phone by using the IMEI number. You must obtain the police report of the stolen phone to prevent your iPhone by an internet service. Rules can differ between providers and even by country.

However advanced criminals have access to certain devices that could modify or disable the IMEI number.

Authorities can trace phones using the IMEI in conjunction with the provider of the network. However, this also must be connected to the network. There are numerous IMEI tracker scams on the internet that require the payment of a fee, so stay clear from them.

Third-Party Tracking Apps

Certain trusted and secure applications are designed to improve the security of your device and locate the device if it’s lost.

Avast Antivirus

Avast Antivirus is among the most well-known brands for antivirus programs It now allows recovering lost devices as well. To enable this feature:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store or Apple Store and search for Avast Antivirus.
  2. Choose it from the list select it, then click the option to install.
  3. Upon completing the installation, select Open.
  4. Complete the setup process and let it update, grant the necessary permissions, and then sign up for an account.
  5. Choose Basic security unless you’re looking for the paid version.
  6. Select Continue as free.
  7. Choose three of three vertical lines located at the top left from the top left.
  8. Select Anti-Theft.
  9. Select Set Up Now.
  10. Follow the steps below to create the Anti-Theft Account. You’ll have to create an account with a PIN, grant multiple permissions, then link your gadget to the Avast Account.
  11. Sign into Your Avast Account when you are asked.

The free version lets you secure your device and play an alarm remotely. In the paid version you can also utilize camera traps to take pictures with the selfie camera of your phone. The paid version can also allow the last location you know to be. The primary advantage of Avast Antivirus is that you can have multiple security features all in one location.

To locate a lost cell phone and input remote commands visit your Avast Account.

If you know of other suggestions for locating the phone that’s switched off, please share them with us via the comment section below!


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