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Google Maps

Google Maps has long usurped satellite navigation providers and has become one of the top mapping apps and planners of journeys for desktop and mobile devices, competing with Apple Maps and Bing Maps in the process.

It can be used to search for a location that you’ve been to or, however, when you’re trying to locate the address of the location you see on Google Maps and you want to know the address, place a pin there. This will bring up pertinent information on the location and also aid you in finding directions, photographs, and much more.

How To Drop a Pin In Google Maps On Android



While you may be able to look at the Google Maps tracker history to locate a place you’ve visited before however, this won’t help in finding information about a place you’ve never been to previously. The best method of doing this via Google Maps, both on Google Maps mobile apps and desktop is to add an icon on the Google Maps location.

If you’re an Android user and want to add your pin on Google Maps using the Android application.

  • Start the app and utilize your search feature to navigate you to the area you’d like. You can also manually move the map by using your fingers.


  • When you have your view of the map set you can press a specific place in the map and hold it for a few minutes and a red pin will pop up. The pin will be displayed in real-time for any location that you type within the search bar. Clicking on the pin will open the details of the location within the app.Google-Maps-Android-
  • Find directions to your pin that you dropped using the Directions button. Click Save to save the location for later use, label it to include it in the category (eg. work), or share a place to post the location of your pin via email or text messaging, or on social media.
  • It is also possible to view precise information regarding the pin’s location (including the address and coordinates on the map). Based on the pin’s location you might also be able to see reviews, photos, or updates on business activities by clicking the Reviews, Updates as well as photos tabs.Google-Maps-Android-Pin-Details
  • Once you’re done, go back to the view of maps and press once. The pin will disappear unless you’ve added it as a location on your personal account. You can also hit the X within the search box to erase the pin’s view.

How To Drop a Pin In Google Maps On iOS

  • If you own an iOS device such as the iPhone or iPad You shouldn’t have difficulties in completing the steps above in order to drop the pin on Google Maps, as the interface for Google Maps is almost identical to the interface on iOS the same way as for Android devices.

This is what you have to do to place a pin into Google Maps on iOS devices

It is necessary first to download and starts installing Google Maps from the App Store for iOS first. To manually drop a map simply press long-press on the map in order to release it. If you type in a search term for a particular area, Google Maps will drop an automatic pin on the exact spot. When a pin appears on the map, you can click on it to open more details on the location.


  • Similar to Google Maps on Android, Google Maps on iOS allows users to find directions to their location by pressing Directions including a label such as home or work using Labels or sharing your pin with other users through the Share LocationAdditional information, such as coordinates of the map or postal address, will be available in this section, as will photographs and reviews of the location with the various tabs on the top menu.Google-Maps-iOS-Pin-Details
  • To erase an unneeded pin (eg. not saved) off your maps, simply tap one time on the map in view or click the button to remove it. Or press the button on the search bar located at the top.

How To Drop a Pin In Google Maps On Desktop Devices

A number of features featured within these Google Maps apps on Android and iOS were made available in Google Maps for desktop. Google Maps. It’s the web-based version of Google Maps which you can use in any modern browser for any operating system including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

While you don’t require an account with a Google account to access Google Maps, however, you’ll be required to sign up to one to save locations or pins to your Google account for use in the future.

  • If you want to add a pin to Google Maps on a desktop device, visit Google Maps. Google Maps website. The procedure is similar to mobile devices. You can either look up a place to immediately drop pins or press a manually-clicked area within Google Maps’ Google Maps map viewer to drop it yourself.
  • In the web-based version of Google Maps, unless you choose an old marker (like the marker for an address) every pin that you drop will show in a tiny, gray icon. By clicking on it, the marker blue allows you to find other places (like restaurants) nearby, or to locate directions to the location. An informational box (with coordinates and links to photographs) appears at the bottom of the page. Click on the name of the location to display additional information via a menu on the left.Google-Maps-Desktop-C
  • Similar to those mobile applications, click Directions for the directions to this pin from your current place of residence (or another location that you have specified). You can also share it with other people by pressing “Share” or make it a saved location by clicking save. Click Add Label to add an additional label (eg. Work) on the pin.Google-Maps-Desktop-Custom-Pin
  • You can send a pin via this web application of Google Maps to a mobile device connected by a Google account. Google account. Select “Send to” on your mobile to send this information.Google-Maps-Desktop-Send-Pin-Options
  • You can either send an email to Google Maps app directly, or you can send the pin’s location using text messages via SMS or via email. Select any of the options to move on.

Planning Trips With Google Maps

Once you’ve learned how to place the pin on Google Maps, you can begin to use the map to organize your trips. If you’re keen to get the most value from Google Maps, use it to support the local community through Local Guides for Google Maps.Maps Program that rewards you for your reviews, photos, and responses you write about places you’ve visited.

If you’re concerned about your family and friends and family members, you can convince them to provide their address using Google Maps in the event of trouble. And you can too! Share your suggestions and suggestions for using Google Maps in the comments below.

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