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How to Change the Background in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams, similar to Zoom lets you create video calls between devices and also hold virtual meetings. This app is especially helpful for remote teams that want to hold meetings with coworkers located in different places.

Background effects that are available in Microsoft Teams allow you to cut out the distracting elements of what’s going on in the background of a video conference and create an attractive image. In addition, it helps participants focus on the message they’re delivering and not on the objects that are behind them.

If you’re looking for an office space or a room that is elegantly decorated or has a funny background, we’ll teach you how to alter the background of Teams.

How do I change the background on a computer or Mobile Device?

It is possible to change the background of the Teams meeting prior to beginning the meeting or after. Teams allow you to blur, pick a pre-made background like a serene park, or upload a custom image that resembles your logo to be your background. Be aware you can change your background and will not conceal sensitive information such as your name or number from the other participants during the meeting or call.

How do I change the background on a Computer?

If you own either a Windows PC or Mac, follow the steps below to alter the background of your computer.

How do I change the Background before a Meeting begins

You can alter the background in Teams prior to the meeting begins to prevent interruptions.

  1. Choose background filters right below your video within the same window, while selecting the audio and video settings.
  2. There are options for background on the right-hand side of your screen.
  3. Choose the Blurto softly hide everything surrounding you.
  4. You can also pick one of the pre-designed pictures available.
  5. Click the Add New option and then select the image (JPG PNG, BMP, or JPG) you wish to download from your personal computer to upload a customized image of your preference.

How do you change the background in teams during a Meeting

Follow the steps below to alter the background if you’ve attended a meeting.

  1. Select Additional Actionson the meetings control.
  2. Click on the BackgroundEffects.
  3. Choose blur or pick to use an already-created image to use as a background.
  4. Select the option to add a new then and upload the custom PNG BMP or JPG image file via your PC.

Note the new background you select will be applied to all of your meetings and calls until you switch off the background or switch it once more.

How to turn off Background Effects for Teams

Follow the steps listed below if wish to turn off the background effects of Teams.

  1. Choose the non-background symbol (circle within an oval)
  2. Choose the Preview option to check how your background appears in the absence of any effect. If you’re satisfied, choose to apply.

Note Note: If you’re a Linux user, or you use Teams using the optimized virtual desktop infrastructure and you’re not able to utilize the Background feature.

Change the Background of Teams for Android and iOS Devices

Here’s how to alter the background of your Android smartphone or iPhone.

How do I change the Background before a Meeting Begins

Here’s how you can do it using your smartphone.

  1. Click Effects for background on the upper right of the screen while setting your preferences for audio and video.
  2. Background options are displayed right below your photo.
  3. Use the blur to discreetly hide everything in front of you.
  4. You can also select any of the images available.
  5. Click +(+) to upload an individual BMP, PG or PNG image or file on your device.
  6. Press Down the middle of the screen to add backgrounds to the meeting.

How to Change the Background of the course of a meeting

Here’s how to change the background for a conference or phone call.

  1. Click Additional choices from the meeting or call controls.
  2. Select background effects and choose an image to be your background. You can also upload a custom photo for your background.

To switch off background effects simply tap the no background icon (circle inside the rectangle) to turn off the background.

Keep Your Mess Private in Meetings

In a video call or meeting, you’ll want to be focused on the work at hand and not worry about whether others will be able to see what’s happening that is happening behind you. Through the feature of background effects of Teams, it is possible to bring some professionalism or enjoyment to your video calls.

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