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You don’t have to pay for the content you don’t watch with Amazon Prime Video. What should you do if you wish to cancel your Amazon Prime Video subscription for TV or movie channels?

Your Amazon account allows you to manage all of your subscriptions from one page. You can cancel or modify any subscriptions you do not want.

Amazon Prime Video TV and Movie Channel Subscriptions.

Amazon Prime membership gives you access to many streaming TV shows and movies for no additional cost beyond your Prime subscription.

You may have noticed, however, that you need to subscribe to a premium Prime Video channel like AMC, Cinemax or STARZ to be able to view certain shows and movies.

Many channels offer free trials. Amazon Prime members can get free trials. However, they will still need to provide their billing and credit card information. Once the trial ends, Amazon will charge you for the subscription.

Channel subscriptions will auto-renew unless you cancel. This holds true for all subscription types, including Amazon Music or your Amazon Prime membership.

How to manage your Amazon Subscriptions

You can manage all aspects of your membership and any subscription services you have ordered through the Memberships & Subscribers page. These steps will allow you to access the page from a web browser:

  1. Register at to access your account.
  2. Scroll to the top-right corner and hover over Accounts & Lists. A drop-down menu will open.
  1. Select Memberships and Subscriptions the Your account

These steps will allow you to access the page from your mobile app:

  1. Get the Amazon mobile app.
  1. Select the User icon.
  2. Select Create a new account.
  3. Select Memberships and subscriptions under Account Setting.

The same information will be displayed regardless of whether subscriptions are managed via the mobile app or the web.

Information about your Subscriptions

The Memberships and Subscriptions page shows a complete list of your subscriptions. There are several view options:

  • Current subscriptions
  • Subscribed in the past
  • All subscriptions
  • Prime Available
  • Video Channels

You can sort your subscriptions alphabetically or chronologically by title, either by Renewal Date, Featured, or by Renewal Date, if you so desire. A search box will also be displayed so that you can quickly find the subscription you are looking for.

This page will list all subscriptions. It will also show each service’s name, description, renewal date, and link to your payment history. It will indicate if the service is paid for using your Prime membership payment method. If you wish to change your Prime payment method, you will see a link.

Subscribers who use other payment methods will see the last four digits from the credit card and a change link if they wish to modify the amount charged by their credit card.

How to cancel TV and Movie Channel Subscriptions

You can cancel your subscription to a movie or TV show by searching the list of subscribers. Select the Cancel Subscribe button. Even if you are already signed in, you will be asked to sign in to Amazon.

There are a few options available. You have the option to be reminded of your subscription renewal a few days in advance so that you can make a decision about whether you want it to end.

You can also choose to disable auto-renew. You can still watch the channel or show until your subscription ends.

You can also select Cancel Now to get a refund and end your subscription immediately.

You can choose the Keep Subscription button if you have completely changed your mind.

You can cancel your subscription to Movie Channel and TV channels.

You can also cancel your movie channel subscription via the Memberships and Subscriptions page. To cancel a channel, click the Video Settings link to the right.

Select Account and Settings to see a list of Your Channels. Next, click the Cancel Channel button to the right side of the channel that you wish to cancel.

You can also access advanced controls like:

  • Settings – Turn AutoPlay on or off.
  • Prime Video Pin: Use a PIN to authorize Prime Video purchases, bypass Parental Controls, and bypass Parental Controls.
  • Subtitle Presets – Customize the appearance of subtitles on all registered devices
  • Register or deregister an authorized device from the past.
  • View your Watch History: Switch to another profile to view items you have watched.
  • A list of hidden titles. While hidden videos will not be included in future recommendations they will still show up in search results.

These controls may be used a lot depending on your viewing habits and household.

How to cancel your Amazon Prime Subscription

You have two options if you want to cancel your Amazon Prime subscription. You can go to the Subscriptions page and use one of the above methods. Then:

  1. To the right of your Prime membership, click the Prime Member Settings
  2. Select the Update and Cancellink under Manage.
  3. Click the End Membership

You can cancel your Amazon Prime subscription even quicker. Select Prime Membership from the Accounts & Lists dropdown menu.

You can then select the Update and cancel, or more link, to cancel your Amazon Prime subscription.

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